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UFC News: UFC revamping Hall of Fame

The UFC announced today that it is revamping its Hall of Fame with specific categories to lead to an eventual physical location in Las Vegas.

Inductions will be held this year on 7/11, the afternoon of the UFC show in conjunction with the annual Fan Expo and major July show.

The ceremony will be part of the Fan Expo ticket and they will induct people in the following categories:

1) Pioneer era - Meaning career started before November 17, 2000 (the date most of the current rules went into effect)

2) Modern era - Career started after November 17, 2000

3) Legendary Fight

4) Contributor (non-fighter)

Fighters are eligible after they either turn 35, or have been retired for one year.  You don't have to be both.  Active fighters can be inducted, but they will give preference to those who are retired.

Fights must have taken place at least five calendar years prior to induction.  For this year, the fight must have taken place by December 31, 2010.

For the next three years there will be at least one inductee in each category, and after that it will be open inductions with no quota.

The UFC will make the selections with Dana White as the head of the selections committee.

For more on this, I have a detailed article