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UFC on ESPN 13 live results: Calvin Kattar vs. Dan Ige

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC on ESPN 13: Kattar vs. Ige, emanating from UFC Fight Island in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

The fights keep on going on UFC Fight Island as we have a mid-week event coming after the big UFC 251 event on Saturday. This event is headlined by a featherweight fight featuring two streaking fighters looking to get into title contention.

Calvin Kattar looks to build on a big knockout win when he takes on Dan Ige, winner of six straight, in the five-round main event. Both men are facing quick turnarounds after competing in May. Kattar knocked out Jeremy Stephens at UFC 249 on May 9 while Ige scored a close decision win over Edson Barboza a week later on May 16. Both men are ranked inside the top ten in the UFC's featherweight rankings, and the winner could find themselves right in the title hunt as the search for Alexander Volkanovski's next challenger gets underway.

Also on the main card, there is a flyweight fight between Tim Elliott and Ryan Benoit, Jimmie Rivera takes on Cody Stamann in a short-notice fight that will be contested at featherweight, Molly McCann takes on Taila Santos in a women's flyweight fight, and knockout artist Abdul Razak Alhassan returns from a 22-month layoff to welcome Mounir Lazzez to the UFC.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 7 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Jack Shore (12-0, 1-0 UFC) vs. Aaron Phillips (12-3, 0-2 UFC)

Shore takes the back early and working for a takedown. Shore forcing him to the ground while controlling his back for a long time. Shore gets him down with 90 seconds left and landing a flurry of punches to the head while still controlling his back. Shore unloading with punches while he secures the body lock. Shore gives up the body lock and Phillips gets to his feet but eats a couple of hard knees to the head. Total strikes are 29-2 for Shore with 30 seconds left. 10-8 Shore

Both guys trading kicks to start the second and Shore gets a takedown 45 seconds in. Phillips trying to tie him up with a body lock from his back. Shore transitions to the back and working for a rear naked choke. Shore landing punches to the body and head. Shore gets the choke and Phillips taps quickly. 

Official result - Jack Shore (13-0) by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:29 of the 2nd round

> Diana Belbita (13-5, 0-1 UFC) vs. Liana Jojua (7-3, 0-1 UFC)
Women's Flyweights

The immediately go to the cage clinch with both ladies fighting for control. Jojua eventually establishes control but Belbita manages a takedown despite having her back to the cage. Jojua looks to be setting up an an armbuar from her back and secures it. She just cranks it but Belbita refusing to tap. Jojua ends up on top while still holding the arm. She secures the armbar again and Belbita taps verbally. 

Official result - Liana Jojua (8-3) by submission (armbar) at 2:43

> Jared Gordon (15-4, 3-3 UFC) vs. Chris Fishgold (18-3-1, 1-2 UFC)
Featherweights* (Fishgold missed weight by 3 pounds)

Both guys throwing kicks from distance early that don't connect. Gordon gets a takedown just over a minute in. Fishgold ends up reversing into top position but Gordon secures a guillotine. Gordon uses it to get to his feet 2 minutes in. Gordon with a nice punch combo. Fishgold drags Gordon down to the mat with a guillotine with 2 minutes left. Fishgold also secures a body lock. Gordon breaks that as he's trying to work out of the choke. He does escape the choke and into top position. Gordon working for a head and arm choke from half guard. Gordon landing punches to the body and head. Gordon landing hammer punches as the round ends. 10-9 Gordon

Gordon gets a takedown early in the 2nd. Fishgold with another guillotine attempt but Gordon escapes it easier. Gordon into half guard  and then working for a Kimura. Fishgold fights that off. Gordon landing punches to the head as he is trying to advance position. Gordon with a 48-7 advantage in total strikes landed in round 2 through 3 1/2 minutes. Gordon just basically landing ground and pound while Fishgold not doing much other than defending submission attempts. Fishgold tries to tie him up with a body lock with a minute left but Gordon breaks that and lands more punches. Theyr'e not terribly damaging blows but it was constant pressure and probably enough for a 10-8 Gordon and 20-17 overall

Fishgold more aggressive to start round 3, coming out firing with punches. Gordon blocks a takedown attempt with a front choke attempt. Gordon transitions to the back but Fishgold reverses and gets to his feet. Fishgold advancing and Gordon may have tired out in the 2nd. Fishgold lands a couple nice punch combos in the 2nd minute. Fishgold with another takedown attempt but Gordon sprawls out and lands some hard punches to the head as Fishgold is turtling a bit. Gordon controlling the back and landing hard punches to the head. Ref warning him to defend and Gordon just pounding on his head. Fishgold tries to shake him off but Gordon takes the back again with 90 seconds left and firing off more punches. Ref warns Fishgold again. Fishgold barely blocking the punches and it's in danger of being stopped with a minute left. Fishgold manages to tie up one of his hands but Gordon firing away with the other hand as the fight ends. 10-8 Gordon, 30-25 overall

Official result - Jared Gordon (16-4) by unanimous decision (30-26 x 3)

Gordon talked about how his wife had recently suffered a miscarriage and then was diagnosed with Coronavirus. 2 of his cornermen also tested positive. He passed many tests but failed one, which caused more tests. Basically went through a ton of stuff just to get here and seemed relieved to have it end

> Modestas Bukauskus (10-2, 0-0 UFC) vs. Andreas Michailidis (12-3, 0-0 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

Both guys landing hard leg kicks early. Both pretty much keeping their distance with neither establishing Octagon control. Andreas hurt Modestas with a really hard leg kick 2 minutes in. Nice punch exchange at the midway point of hte round. Modestas with a ncie punch combo and Andreas down but was probably a slip. Andreas lands a hard left that rocks Modestas. He's also starting to control the pace although it's still mostly neutral. Another nice punch combo from Miodestas with 45 seconds left. Modestas with a takedown attempt as the round ends and eats a hard elbow to the head. Very close round. 10-9 Bukauskus

The fight was stopped between rounds. The elbow that landed wobbled Michailidis. When he was going back to his corner, he almost fell through the cage and it was stopped. There was huge swelling on his head, very close to the back. 

Official result - Modestas Bukauskus (11-2) by TKO (elbow) at 5:00

> Ricardo Ramos (14-2, 5-1 UFC) vs. Lerone Murphy (8-0-1, 0-0-1 UFC)

Both guys throwing kicks from distance early. Ramos landing hard kicks to the lead leg. Ramos takes the back standing. Ramos with a knee to the head but Murphy pushes him up to the cage and establishes clinch control. Quick separation. Murphy takes the back standing and drags him to the ground but Ramos reverses into top position. Ramos takes the back as Murphy is trying to get to his feet. Murphy does scramble to his feet with 2 minutes left. Murphy gets a takedown with 90 seconds left. Murphy landing hard punches and elbows to the head. Murphy stands up but Ramos stays inhis back throwing upkicks. Murphy back into the guard and landing hard punches. Murphy just laying in the punches and the ref stops it. 

Official result - Lerone Murphy (9-0-1) by TKO (punches)

> John Phillips (22-9 1 NC, 1-3 UFC) vs. Khamzat Chimaev (6-0, 0-0 UFC)

Chimaev lands a head kick and an immediate takedown less than 10 seconds in. Chimaev pushes hiim to the cage and landing punches to the body and head. Chimaev with rapid fire punches to the head as Phillips tries to make his way to his feet. Phillips bleeding from a cut under his eye. Phillips gives up his back and eating more punches. Chimaev working for a rear naked choke and landing more punches. Phillips' face is a bloody mess and Chimaev continues to land hard punches. Knees to the body by Chimaev. total strikes are 338-1 for Chimaelv with 2 minutes left and most of them are very hard. Phillips with a huge knot over his left eye and still eating punches. Chimaev with a front choke but Phillips fights that off. Knees to the body from Chimaev. Phllips throws him off the back but Chinmaev lands more punches and right to the back. Chimaev continuing to land punches as the round dies down. 10-8 Chimaev for sure....borderline 10-7

Chimaev gets an instant takedown to start round 2. Chimaev takes the back and landing punches to the face again. Chimaev moves into side control and then secures a D'Arce choke and Phillips taps. 

Official result - Khamzat Chimaev (7-0) by submission (D'Arce choke) at 1:12 of the 2nd round 

Chimaev said that he's going to be a champion some day. He wants to fight again on Fight Island and told Dana White that he'll stay there in case they need him to fight. He normally fights at "77 kilos", which is welterweight basically. 


> Abdul Razak Alhassan (10-1, 4-1 UFC) vs. Mounir Lazzez (9-1, 0-0 UFC)
Welterweights* (Alhassan missed weight by 3 pounds)

Alhassan opens with a great punch combo. Laazez throwing hard kicks but Alhaasan advancing. Alhassan lighting hiim up and Lazzez cowering on the cage 30 seconds in. Alhassan backs Lazzez up with more punches but Lazzez smiling. Both guys throwing hard leg kicks. Knee to the body by Lazzez and he follows up with a punch combo. Leg kicks are starting to bother both guys. Lazzez with a 33-28 advantage in strikes landed through 3 minutes. Alhassan still advancing and seems to be landing the harder punches though. Lazzez looking better as the round goes on and Alhassan may be tiring. Lazzez gets a late takedown that probably sealed a close round. 10-9 Lazzez

Alhassan advancing to start but not nearly as active as the first. Lazzez takes over less than a minute in and unloading on punches. Alhassan comes back and the announcers are speculating he may have been trying to lull Lazzez into a false sense of security. Lazzez gets a takedown but Alhassan grabs a choke on the way down but gives it up quickly. Lazzez right into side control. Ref warns them to work, despite Lazzez landing knees to the body. Ref stands them up even though Lazzez was in side control. Lazzez landing punches on the standup that back up Alhassan to the cage. He takes hiim down with ease. Alhassan with another choke attempt but Lazzez is advancing into mount. Lazzez landing elbows to the body and legs. Ref warns them to advance again. So Lazzez moves from mount into side control. Ref warns them again and then stands them up. 10-9 Lazzez, 20-18 overall

Alhassan advancing to start the third and throwing hard leg kicks. Total strikes now 85-54 for Lazzez. Knee to the body by Alhassan and he gets a flash takedown. Alhassan gets him down 90 seconds in. Lazzez scoots back to the cage and gets to his feet. Alhassan controlling the cage clinch. Ref warning them to advance and Lazzez takes control. Alhassan lands some elbows to the head. Lazzez with a takedown but Alhassan with a guillotine on the way down. Lazzez moves into side control while still in the choke. Ref warning them to advance. Lazzez escapes the choke and still in side control. Ref warning them again. Knees to the body from Lazzez. Lazzez with a hard elbow to the head. Ref warns them again. Alhassan trying to get to his feet. Should just wait for the ref to stand them up again. He actually lets it continue though. Alhassan to his feet with 15 seconds left. Alhassan lands a great combo right before the end of the fight. 10-9 Lazzez, 30-27

Official result - Mounir Lazzez (10-1) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2; 29-28)

Lazzez asked for a fight with Mike Perry. Might be a while before that happens, if at all. 

> Molly McCann (#15, 10-2, 3-1 UFC) vs. Taila Santos (15-1, 0-1 UFC)
Women's Flyweights

McCann throwing punch combos early. Santos mostly throwing kicks. McCann moves in for a takedown but blocked easily. Santos starting to establish cage control. Santos lands hard knees to the body. Santos warned for grabbing the hair. Santos continuing to land hard body kicks. McCann still landing punches in bunches. Santos with a knee to the head that looked worse than it was. McCann with a takedown attempt stuffed. McCann controlling the clinch but Santos lands some knees to the head while defending. Santos takes control and gets a takedown with 90 seconds left. Santos bleeding from a cut that looks like it's around the lef eye. McCann gets to her feet. More knees to the body by Santos. Elbows and punches to the head from McCann. Santos takes the back standing but McCann quickly works her back to front position. Santos gets a takedown late and lands some punches. 10-9 Santos

McCann actually had a 39-32 advantage in strikes landed in round 1. They fight for a takedown to start the 2nd and end up in a cage clinch. McCann takes the advantage but eating light punches to the head. McCann lands a nice knee but Santos takes control. Now McCann landing punches with her back to the cage. They separate on their own 2 minutes in. Santos gets a takedown off the cage. Santos moves into mount with a full 2 1/2 minutes left. McCann works her back to half guard but Santos working for a D'Arce choke. McCann defends it and working to her feet. McCann gets there  with just over a minute left but Santos takes her right down and moves directly into mount. Santos working for an arm triangle. McCann gets her back to half guard. Santos with elbows to the head. 10-9 Santos, 20-18

Santos throwing a lot of kicks early in the 3rd. McCann trying to establish cage control. McCann with a nasty bruise under her right eye and it's almost swollen shut. Santos with a takedown attempt 2 minutes in and they end up in a cage clinch. Santos gets the takedown and into half guard. Santos into side control easily. McCann escapes that and almost gets to her feet but Santos gets her back down again into half guard. Santos to her feet but McCann stays on her back throwing kicks. Santos back into her guard and grabs the neck, trying for a D'Arce choke again. McCann gives that up but takes the back. Santos secures a body lock and working for a rear naked choke. Santos into mount with 30 seconds left. Santos takes the back again and landing hard punches to the head. McCann to her feet at the buzzer. 10-9 Santos, 30-27 overall

Official result - Taila Santos (16-1) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

> Jimmie Rivera (#8 BW, 22-4, 6-3 UFC) vs. Cody Stamann (#9 BW, 19-2-1, 5-1-1 UFC)

Both guy had impressive tretches early in the first round. Stamman got a takedown and landed some damage. Rivera had what looked to be a knockdown and landed a bunch of punches on the ground. Rivera had Stamman clinched on the cage and was doing some damage but the ref stopped it. Same ref from earlier with the stoppages it looked like. Rivera with a 25-8 advantage in strikes landed with a minute left. Stamman with a nice punch combo with 30 seconds left. Rivera ended the round landing more punches on the feet. 10-9 Rivera

Stamman takes the back to get a takedown right away but Rivera gets right up. Stamman continuing to control the back. Stamman controlling the cage clinch. Rivera reverses  and gets a takedown against the cage. Stamman fighting to get up but eating punches. He does get up quickly but Rivera controlling the clinch. Stamman reverses 2 minutes in. They trade knees to the body in the clinch and then separate. Stamman seems a littel fresher but Rivera controlling the pace. They trade knees to the body with 90 seconds left and Stamman may have landed his a little low. Rivera with a 31-14 advantage in significant strikes landed with 30 seconds left in round 2 and 12-5 in this round. Rivera lands a really nice combo with seconds left. Very close round. 10-9 Rivera

Stamman with a takedown attempt 45 seconds in. They end up in a cage clinch. Rivera takes control and landing knees to the body with Stamman is landing light punches to the head. They separate on their own. Stamman with a head kick and a nice punch combo. Rivera landing hard leg kicks. Rivera with a 50-15 advantage in significant strikes landed now. Stamman with another takedown attempt defended but he ends up controlling a cage clinch again. Rivera landing some hard punches to the head and then grabs a standing guillotine. Punches to the body by Rivera as he holds onto it. Stamman escapes but eats more punches to the body and head. They separate with a minute left. Both guys landing nice punch combos. Stamman bleeding from cuts around both eyes as he took a lot of damage in the clinch. Great punch exchange to close the fight. 10-9 Rivera, 30-27 overall

Official result - Jimmy Rivera (23-4) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2; 29-28)

Rivera took the fight 10 days ago and hadn't fought in over a year before that. He said he feels fresh and would like to fight again soon, in 4-6 weeks if possible. He also plugged the fundraiser for Suzi the makeup lady. 

> Tim Elliott (#13, 15-11-1, 4-9 UFC) vs. Ryan Benoit (10-6, 3-4 UFC)

Elliott with early Octagon control. He's way less frenetic than usual. Benoit looks like he's just waiting to throw something. Elliot with his ackward movements but not throwing much. Benoit with a nice punch/kick combo and goes for a takedown but Elliot defends well. Benoit with some nice jabs. Another punch combo from Benoit. Elliott throwing stuff but nothing seems like it's landing. Elliott moves in for a takedown but Benoit stuffs it. Elliott does land a nice elbow. Nice body shot from Benoit with 45 seconds left. Elliott with a flash takedown. Benoit right up though. Benoit continuing to land jabs. Elliott gets a takedown with 5 seconds left and lands a couple shots on the ground. 10-9 Benoit, but close. Sometimes in rounds like this, the judges will give it to the guy with the takedown though. 

Elliott with an early takedown attempt and eats some hards shots from Benoit, who blocked it. Elliott looks like he's got some swelling on his cheek. Both guys land some nice punches 90 seconds in. Benoit rocks Elliott with a hard uppercut. Benoit definitely getting off more punches while Elliott is advancing. Benoit with a takedown but Elliott with a guillotine on the way down. Elliott reverses position and keeps the choke with a mounted guillotine. He gives it up but stays in full mount. Elliott also has the legs locked up. Benoit explodes out of it but Elliott maintains top position in his guard. Benoit with a kneebar and Elliott looks like he's in serious pain. Benoit tries to tighten it up but loses it in the process. He holds onto the leg but Elliott lands punches to the leg so he lets it go and they both go tothe feet. Elliott with a 49-27 advantage in strikes landed. Benoit landing some nice combos but Elliott gets a takedown with 15 seconds left. Elliott landing hard elbows as the round ends. 10-9 Elliott, 19-19

Elliott again advancing to start round 3. Elliott's corner told him he's up 2. Bisping says it's 1-1. Scores on Twitter are all over the board and live betting has Benoit as the favorite. Benoit clinches up on the cage but they separate on their own. Elliott may have dislocated his finger and h'es trying to put it in place while fighting. He's also eating punches in the process. Elliott bleeding from several cuts on his face. Benoit starting to take over cage control and landing more punches. Elliott's finger still bothering him. Elliott with a 79-44 advantage in significant strikes landed and 24-8 in the third round. Seems like the strike count should be way closer than that but significant strikes are open to interpretation. Benoit controlling a clinch 30- seconds left. Elliott takes over control. Benoit lands a nice punch combo in the last 10 seconds. Great fight. 10-9 Elliott, 29-28 overall

Official result - Tim Elliott (16-11-1) by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

> Calvin Kattar (#6, 21-4, 5-2 UFC) vs. Dan Ige (#10, 14-2, 6-1 UFC)

Ige lands the first punch combo 40 seconds in. Ige throws another combo. Kattar seems to be sizing him up as he leads him around the cage. Kattar lands his first combo just over 2 minutes in and immediately takes over Octagon control. Ige with a takedown attempt. Kattar sprawls out and Ige stays on his back. Kattar stays on his feet and lands some hammer shots before Ige stands up again. Ige with a cut under his right eye. Kattar catches a kick and takes Ige down but stays on his feet, landing hammer shots again. Ige ges up and eats a body shot combo. Another punch combo from Kattar with 30 seconds left. Kattar with another great punch combo. Ige is definitely reeling. Kattar peppering him with punches as the round ends. 10-9 Kattar

Ige with the first combo of the round a minute in. Kattar landing jabs from distance. Kattar with a nice combo 2 minutes in. Neither guy with Octagon control. Ige lands a hard left to the nose of Kattar and it immediately starts bleeding. Ige lands a really nice punch combo. Kattar note the same since the shot to the nose. Ige with a nice body punch combo with 45 seconds left. Kattar answers back with a great combo and just grazes him with a flying knee. Ige reeling a bit in the last 30 seconds. 10-9 Ige, 19-19 after 2

Kattar starting round 3 more active than the first 2. Kattar landing leg kicks in addition to punches. Ige geting his shots in as well. Kattar pushing the pace for the first  couple of minutes. Ige targeting the body with a lot of his punches. Kattar seems to be going for the home run shots and just missing. Kattar lunges forward with a nice punch combo and a head kick with a minute left. Kattar looking a little desparate. Kattar with a 15-13 advantage in significant strikes landed in this round, so very close. Kattar lands a shot that hurts Ige's right eye and he's reaching for it. Kattar also gets cut around his right eye late in the round. This feels like it will be the round swing round. 10-9 Kattar in my book, 29-28 after 3

Ige gets a takedown 30 seconds in but Kattar right up and starts advancing at that point. Kattar stuffs a takedown and ends up on top, landing punches and elbows to the head. Kattar stands up and lets Ige up 90 seconds in. Kattar lands a beautiful jab as Ige is moving in that rocks him. Ige has definitely slowed down since the last takedown attempt. Kattar landing some nice leg kicks. Ige follows up with a punch combo. Kattar with a 17-5 advantage in significant strikes landed this round through 4 minutes. Ige with a couple of weak takedown attempts. 10-9 Kattar, 39-37 overall

Ige is the one who looks desparate now and throwing a little more wildly than earlier in the fight. Kattar still trying to keep the fight at his pace. Significant strikes now 80-46 for Kattar. Kattar landing nice combos and evading most of the shots from Ige. Nice punch exchange at the midway point of the round. Kattar defends a really good takedown attempt from Ige. That was his seventh takedown defence of the fight. Ige can barely see from his right eye as it's almost swollen shut. Another punch combo from Kattar backs up Ige to the cage but he breaks free and chasing after Kattar with punches. Another late takedown attempt from Ige blocked. Kattar lands a hard knee and finishes the fight landing a ton of punches on the ground after stuffing another takedown attempt. 10-9 Kattar, 49-46 overall

Official result - Calvin Kattar (22-4) by unanimous decision (49-46 x 2; 48-47)