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UFC on ESPN+ 15 live results: Jessica Andrade vs. Weili Zhang

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC On ESPN+ 15: Andrade vs. Zhang, emanating from the Universiade Sports Centre Arena in Shenzhen, China.

The Octagon heads back to China with a title fight featuring a Chinese challenger looking to make UFC history.

UFC Women's Strawweight Champion Jessica Andrade makes her first title defense when she defends against Weili Zhang in the main event. Andrade won the championship when she knocked out Rose Namajunas at UFC 237 in May. Zhang gets a title shot on the heels of 19 straight wins, including her last three under the UFC banner, as she looks to become the first Chinese fighter to wear UFC gold.

In the co-main event, it is a welterweight bout that has fireworks written all over it as Li Jingliang goes for his third straight win when he takes on Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos, winner of seven straight fights. Also on the main card is a flyweight bout between Kai Kara-France and Mark De La Rosa.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 3 a.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Karol Rosa (11-3, 0-0 UFC) vs. Lara Procopio (6-0, 0-0 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

Rosa pushing the action to start and landing all kinds of jabs and leg kicks. Procopio landing occasional jabs from distance and a few of them land flush. Procopio with a weak takedown attempt 1:15 in. Rosa with damage to her nose early but the leg kicks are showing their effects on Procopio's lead leg. Procopio with a nice punch combo at 4:00 that rocks Rosa. Procopio with a 50-43 advantage in significant strikes landed with 30 seconds left. Procopio with a takedown attempt that ends in a caget clinch with 15 seconds left. 10-9 Procopio but close.

Rosa comes out firing with more leg kicks and punches but Procopio still eating them and firing back. Procopio starting to stumble from the leg kicks. Another takedown attempt from Procopio at 1:30. Rosa stuffs a takedown attempt at 2:45. Procopio stays on her back on the ground but Rosa backs off, forcing her to stand. Rosa with a nice punch combo as well as a knee to the gut at 3:30. Prcopio fires back with a punch combo that rocks Rosa. Procopio ends up on her back again after eating some punches but Rosa stays on her feet, landing leg kicks, before the ref forces her to stand. Incredible pace through 2 rounds as both ladies have thrown over 200 strikes. Another close round, 10-9 Rosa, 19-19

Both corners rightfullly tell their fighter that it's tied up and they need this round. Rosa with a couple of really nice punch combos in the first minute, punctuated by hard leg kicks each time. Procopio follows up with a nice punch combo. Rosa knocks her down with punches and goes to the ground with her briefly. Rosa stands up but Procopio stays on her back. She finally backs off, forcing Procopio up. Rosa rocks Prcopio with a hard right and continuing to land the leg kicks. Knee to the body and a hard jab to the head from Rosa at 3:30. Rosa stuffs a takedown attempt at 4:00 and Procopio stays on her back briefly but Rosa lets her up. Rosa with a 43-25 advantage in signficant strikes landed in round 3 and a slight edge overall. Rosa with another punch combo just before the buzzer. 10-9 Rosa, 29-28

Official result - Karol Rosa (12-3) by split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)

> Alateng Heili (12-7-1, 0-0 UFC) vs. Batgerel Danaa (6-1, 0-0 UFC)

Heili opens with a nice punch combo 30 seconds in. Crowd solidly behind him, as he's relatively local. Much slower pace to this face as both fighters keeping their distance early. Daana throwing kicks from distance with a few landing. Daana with some bruising on his face with the punches that are landing from Heili. Nice punch combo from Daana at 3:30. Both guys land hard shots in a great punch exchange at 4:00. Heili pushes forward with a punch combo with 30 seconds left. Daana with bleeding on the bridge of his nose. 10-9 Heili

A slower start to the end with Daana slightly more active. Daana backs up Heili with punches at 2:00. Hard shot from Heili stuns Daana at 3:00. Daana with a 32-13 advantage in significant strikes landed. Nice punch combo from Daana but Heili connects with a hard counter that the crowd loves. Daana with a takedown but Heili right up. 10-9 Daana, 19-19 overall

Daana backs up Heili with a nice punch combo in the first minute. Heili with a couple of takedown attempts stuffed. Heili with a nice punch combo. Daana bleeding from a cut under his left eye. Heili with a takedown but eats knees to the body and head on the way down. Daana briefly up but Heili drags him down again. Elbows to the head from Daana as Heili tries to advance on the ground. Heili takes the back  but Daana landing more elbows. Daana to his feet at 3:30 but Heili still controlling his body. Daana landing light punches to the head while being controlled in the clinch. Heili with another takedown  and lands in side control but Daana continuing to land elbows from the bottom. Heili starting to land a ton of punches from the top but Daana continuing to throw from the bottom as the fight ends. 10-9 Heili, 29-28 overall

Official result - Alateng Heili (13-7-1) by unanimous decision (29-27 x 3)

Those scores indicate a 10-8 round on all 3 cards and I don't understand that in the slightest. 

> Damir Ismagulov (18-2, 2-0 UFC) vs. Thiago Moises (12-3, 1-1 UFC)

They trade leg kicks 30 seconds in. Ismagulov with a punch combo at 1:00. Ismagulov pushing the pace early. Moises landing almost exclusively leg kicks while Ismagulov landing a lot of punches and also really hard leg kicks. Moises' lead leg is dinged up with a minute left in the 1st. Moises down after eating a punch combo . Ismagulov stays on his feet and landing hammer fists as the round closes. 10-9 Ismagulov

Ismagulov advancing to start the 2nd. Ismagulov with a 27-9 advantage in significant strikes landed. Hard leg kicks from Ismagulov continuing and they sound like a gun shot when they land. Mosies with a takedown attempt at 2:00. Moises with significant redness on his body as well. Ismagulov stuffs a takedown attempt at 2:45 and ends up in control of a cage clinch. Separation at 3:15. Nice punch combo from Moises, his best of the fight, at 3:30. Ismagulov with a takedown attempt defended at 4:30. He follows up with a nice punch combo and a spin kick to the body. 10-9 Ismagulov, 20-18

Ismagulov attempts an early takedown but then goes back to the leg kicks that have been landing all fight. Ismagulov with a hard kick to the body at 1:45. Weak takedown attempt from Moises at 2:00. Great punch combo from Ismagulov and then blocks a spin kick from Moises. Takedown attempt by Ismagulov blocked at 3:15. Last couple of minutes very slow with both guys keeping their distance but Ismagulov pretty much coasted to a win. 10-9 Ismagulov, 30-27 overall

OFficial result - Damir Ismagulov (19-2) by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27 x 2)

Another 10-8 on one of the card. I'm usually pretty liberal with 10-8's but again, I just didn't see it. Maybe the first round. 

> Da-un Jung (11-2, 0-0 UFC) vs. Khadis Ibragimov (8-0, 0-0 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

Ibragimov opens with a great punch combo and Jung is reeling but stays on his feet. Crowd is electric. Jung lands some nice jabs to the head at 2:00. Ibragimov cut on the bridge of his nose. Jung consistently landing jabs while Ibragimov seems to be watiing for the big shot. And he unloads with another nice punch combo at 3:15 that backs up Jung to the cage. Ibragimov seems to be tiring and goes for a takedown. 35-7 advantage in head strikes landed for him, all in 2 flurries. Separation after a knee to the head from Jung. Ibragimov landing hard shots but looks like he's gonna fall over every time he throws something. He's winning but he's going to collaps at this rate. Jung opens up huge cuts on the face of Ibragimov at the end of the round. 10-9 Ibragimov

Jung advancing to start round 2 as Ibragimov is clearly gassed and his corner pretty much told him that. Jung picking off Ibragimov with jabs. Ibragimov already busted open again 90 seconds in. Nice punch combo from Ibragimov lands at 2:00. Jung continuing to land his jabs with occasional left crosses to finish out the combos. Head strike count now 62-55 for Ibragimov so Jung has closed the gap. Ibragimov with a takedown attempt at 3:30 and ends up in control of a cage clinch. Ibragimov briefly takes back control but Jung lands a couple of back elbows. Ibragimov takes him down. Jung with a Kimura attempt from the bottom. Jung to his feet as the round ends. 10-9 Jung, 19-19

Ibragimov's corner told him that he's up two rounds. Not sure about that but the late takedown could've fooled some judges. Ibragimov with a nice punch combo 30 seconds in and backs Jung up to the fence. Ibragimov controlling a cage clinch. He gets a takedown at 1:15. Jung up quickly but Ibragimov controlling his back. Jung with standing guillotine out of nowhere (called as such by Michael Bisping) and gets a quick tap. 

Official result - Da-un Jung (12-2) by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:00 of the 3rd round

> Su Mudaerji (10-4, 0-1 UFC) vs. Andre Soukhamthath (13-7, 2-4 UFC)

Su backs up Andre with a side kick. Crowd reacting huge to everything he does. More kicks from Su but Andre controlling the pace. Head kick from Su at 2:00. Andre stuffed on a takedown attempt at 2:30. He ends up in control of a cage clinch. Andre with knees to the legs before they separate at 3:45. Nice punch combo from Su right before the buzzer to clinch the round. 10-9 Mudaerji

Andre told his corner between rounds that he broke his hand, which explains the lack out output. Andre with a takedown attempt stuffed at 1:00. Su starting to mix in punches with his kicks effectively. Su has landed 3 times as many strikes at the halfway point of the fight. It looks to be the left hand of Andre that could be broken as he's not using it at all. Nice punch combo from Su at 3:15. Andre landing occasional jabs with his right hand. He's also bleeding from his nose. Great combo from Su with 30 seconds left that the crowd loves. 10-9 Mudaerji, 20-18 overall

Su working the crowd as they start the third round. Andre misses badly on a takedown attempt. Su rocks him with punches 30 seconds in but he stays on his feet. Su catches a kick and gets a trip takedown at 1:30. Su into his guard and landing punches from the top. Andre ties him up with a body lock at 2;15. Hard elbows to the head from Su and he breaks the body lock. Su postures up and landing power shots from his feet. Andre stays on his back and eats more punches and elbows. Su back into his guard at 3:30 and continuing to land punches to the head and body. Significant strikes landed are 78-20 for Su. Su back to his feet at 4:15 but Andre stays on his back. Su back into guard and lands some more heavy punches and elbows. Su stands up and backs off, raising his hands, just before the buzzer. 10-8 Mudaerji, 30-26 overall

Official result - Su Mudaerji (11-4) by unanimous decision (30-26 x 2; 30-25)

Again very liberal with the 10-8's from the judges tonight. Mudaerji was working the crowd all fight and they loved his post-fight promo. He lost his first UFC fight and he said he's been preparing for this since that happened. 

> Jun Yong Park (10-3, 0-0 UFC) vs. Anthony Hernandez (6-1 1 NC, 0-1 UFC)

These guys are nicknamed "The Iron Turtle" and "Fluffy" respectively. Hernandez advancing to start but Park landing jabs from distance. Park with a nice punch combo 45 seconds in. Hernandez backs up Park with a punch combo at 1:30 and controlling a cage clinch. Quick separation. Park with a punch combo at 2:15. Hernandez with a takedown attempt but Park with a standing guillotine to defend it. Hernandez break free but loses control. Hernandez with a punch combo and then a takedown. Park to his feet but Hernandez still controlling his body. Another takedown from Hernandez. Park up again quickly. Park with another punch combo and has a 26-9 advantage in strikes landed. Hernandez with another takedown but eats punches on the way down. Park with a Kimura attempt from the bottom but gives it up quickly. Park to his feet at 4:30. Hernandez with a nice punch combo to finish the round. 10-9 Park but tough round to score

Hernandez advancing to start round 2 but Park landing a lot of punches. Hernandez cut under his right eye. Park backs up Hernandez with punches. Hernandez stuffed on a takedown attempt . Park lands more punches. Hernandez lands a takedown  but Park up quickly. Standing guillotine from Park again at 1:45. He gives it up quickly though. Hernandez with another takedown attempt  and completes it at 2:15. Hernandez takes the back but Park right up. Great punch exchange with both guys landing hard shots at 2:45. Hernandez gets another takedown and this time landing ground and pount. He takes the back while continuing to land punches. Hernandez landing punches to the head while trying to set up a choke. Hernandez with a guillotine attempt and gets the quick tap. Looked like a guillotine on first viewing but it was actually an Anaconda choke. 

Official result - Anthony Hernandez (7-1) by submission (Anaconda choke) at 4:39 of the 2nd 


> Wu Yanan (9-2, 1-1 UFC) vs. Mizuki Inoue (13-5, 0-0 UFC)
Women's Flyweights

Wu has a massive size advantage as she missed weight and Mizuki was moving up. Crowd solidly behind Wu as the local fighter. A lot of movement early from both fighters but neither throwing many strikes. Mizuki with a punch combo at 1:45. Nice punch combo from Wu at 3:15. Clinch in the centre with Wu landing some shots from inside. Total strikes are 25-10 for Wu with 30 seconds left. Wu closes with a kick/punch combo. 10-9 Wu

Mizuki opens with a nice punch combo. Mizuki with a takedown attempt. Wu defends with a guillotine attempt. She gives it up but ends up in control of a cage clinch. They separate quickly. Mizuki with a punch combo at 2:15. Mizuki controlling the pace midway through the round. Takedown attempt stuffed by Mizuki. Leg strikes are 21-0 for Wu but Mizuki is landing more head strikes in the 2nd, which the judges tend to notice more. 10-9 Mizuki, 19-19 after 2

Wu with a takedown attempt at 1:30 of the 3rd but defended well by Mizuki. Clinch in the center with both ladies landing some nice punches before breaking. Mizuki clinches on the cage at 2:30. Neither landing many strikes this round. Separation at 3:00. Wu with a punch combo. Mizuki continuing to control the pace. Mizuki landing some hard punches at 3;45. Wu with a 76-44 advantage in significant strikes landed. Wu with a nice punch combo. Crowd going crazy for Wu in the last 30 seconds. Great punch exchange to close the fight. 10-9 Wu, 29-28 overall

Official result - Mizuki Inoue (14-5) by split decision (29-28 x 2; 28-29)

All 3 rounds were close so really any score would've been okay. 

> Song Kenan (14-5, 2-1 UFC) vs. Derrick Krantz (24-11, 0-1 UFC)

Both guys landing kicks from distance early. Crowd chanting for Kenan. Neither guy establishiing control or landing much in the first half of the round. Krantz with a takedown attempt but Kenan defends well. Punch combo from Krantz at 3:00. Kenan  lands a couple nice kicks to the leg and body at 4:15. Great punch exchange at 4:45. 10-9 Krantz

Krantz pushiing the pace early in round 2 and gets a takedown 1 minute in. Krantz into side control at 1:30. Crowd gets excited with a choke attempt from the bottom by Kenan but Krantz escapes easily. Kenan works him back to guiard at 2:00. Krantz landing punches to the body. Kenan reverses into top position but Krantz gets to his feet and working for another takedown. He does get him down at 3:45. Guillotine attempt by Krantz as both stand up. Kenan escapes and defends a takedown attempt but Krantz persists but still completes it. Kenan with a triangle attempt from his back but Krantz escapes. Krantz briefly into side control before the round ends. 10-9 Krantz, 20-18

Kenan comes out aggressive landing a ton of punches and Krantz is feeling. He goes for a takedown but Kenan defends it. Krantz completes it 45 seconds in. Kenan to his feet at 1:15. Krantz cut and bleeding heavily from his eyebrow. Kenan with a great punch combo at 1:30 and then lands a flying knee to the head. Krantz with a takedown attempt at 2:15 but Kenan defends. Krantz completes it at 2:30 and he's in the center so it's tougher for Kenan to escape. Total strikes landed are 32-32. Krantz into side control but Kenan escapes and to his feet at 3:15. Both guys are really tired at this point. Kenan with a 21-7 advantage in strikes landed this round. Last minute both guys were moving in slow motion. 10-9 Kenan, 29-28 Krantz overall

Official result - Kenan Song (15-5) by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

> Kai Kara-France (#10, 19-7 1 NC, 2-0 UFC) vs. Mark De La Rosa (#14, 11-2, 2-2 UFC)

Kara-France controlling the pace early. Kara-France landing jabs and leg kicks from distance. De La Rosa with a takedown attempts and takes the back standing at 1:30. Kara-France turns it around and gets a takedown with a slam. De La Rosa up quickly. De La Rosa with a nice punch combo at 3:30. De La Rosa with a late takedown attempt but Kara-France defends it well. Close round. 10-9 De La Rosa

Kara-France opens round 2 with a punch combo. Kara-France knocks De La Rosa down with a punch but lets him right up. Another nice combo from Kara-France and De La Rosa goes down after eating a leg kick but Kara-France lets him up again. De La Rosa with a punch combo at 3:15. Kara-France landing leg kicks. Kara-France bleeding from cuts under his left eye. Kara-France lands a couple of nice head kicks at 4:30. 10-9 Kara-France, 19-19

De La Rosa advancing to start round 3. De La Rosa with a nice punch combo at 45 seconds. Nice punch exchange at 1:30 with both guys landing hard shots. De La Rosa is definitely the fresher fighter at this point. Kara-France with a great punch combo at 2:30 including body shots. De La Rosa bleeding from cuts on his face now. 10-9 Kara-France, 29-28 overall

Official result - Kai Kara-France (20-7) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2; 29-28)

> Li Jingliang (16-5, 8-3 UFC) vs. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos (#14, 21-5, 7-1 UFC)

Both guys keeping their distance early. Li lands some leg kicks. More crowd chants for the Chinese fighter. Li catches a kick and gets Dos Santos down but lets him up at 1:45. Dos Santos with kicks to the body. Nice punch combo from Dos Santos at 2:45. Li backs up Dos Sanbtos with a punch combo at 3:45. Li knocks down Dos Santos with a punch at 4:45 but Dos Santos right up and clinches on the cage. 10-9 Li

Li opens with a punch combo that rocks Dos Santos. Dos Santos throwing occasional kicks but a lot of them aren't connecting. Dos Santos missing wildly on punches as well. Nice punch combo from Li at 3:45. Li with a weak takedown attempt at 4:00. li with a 17-6 advantage in head strikes landed. Nice punch exchange to close the round. 10-9 Li, 20-18

Dos Santos pushing the pace early. Li avoiding most of his strikes again. Takedown attempt from dos Santos at 1:15 misses badly. Li lands a nice right that rocks Dos Santos at 2:30. Li catches a kick and gets a takedown at 3:00 but Dos Santos right up. Li lands a nice punch combo. Dos Santos clinches on the cage but quick separation. Li drops Dos Santos with an uppercut at 4:45 and all over him with punches. Dos Santos up briefly and Li knocks hiim down again and the ref stops it. 

Official result - Li Jingliang (17-5) by TKO (punches) at 4:51 of the 3rd round

The biggest win of his career for Jingliang and he should be ranked and get a top 10 opponent next. His wife and child were in the Octagon when he gave his post-fight promo. Crowd ate up every word of it. He dedicated the fight to his family and to his country. 

> Jessica Andrade (C, 20-6, 11-4 UFC) vs. Weili Zhang (#6, 19-1, 3-0 UFC)
UFC Women's Strawweight Championship

Zhang throwing kicks to start. Punch combo from Andrade rocks Zhang. Zhang fires back with punches and knees to the body and Andrade in trouble. Zhang all over her and the ref stops it. Unbelievable and the crowd is going insane. 

Official result - Weili Zhang (20-1) by TKO (punches and knees) at 42 seconds. 

This was the 2nd fastest stoppage win in UFC strawweight history. Not just for a title fight but for any strawweight fight. She is the first Chinese fighter to win a UFC title as well.