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UFC on ESPN 16 live results: Holly Holm vs. Irene Aldana

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC on ESPN 16: Holm vs. Aldana, emanating from the Flash Forum on UFC Fight Island in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

The Octagon remains on Fight Island for the second of five events, this time with a card headlined by a pair of women's bantamweight bouts that could have serious implications on who is next to challenge Amanda Nunes for the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship.

In the main event, former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm looks to get herself another shot at the title when she battles rising contender Irene Aldana over five rounds. Holm is looking to notch her second straight win after defeating Raquel Pennington in January, while Aldana looks for her third straight win.

In another featured bout, Germaine de Randamie looks to rebound from a title fight loss to Nunes when she takes on Julianna Pena, who is looking to break into the title picture after injuries have plagued her the last couple of years. Also on the main card is a heavyweight battle between Yorgan De Castro and Carlos Felipe, and a bantamweight fight between Kyler Phillips and newcomer Cameron Else.

In the featured preliminary bout, it will be former Interim UFC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit, who is looking to snap a five-fight losing skid, battling former TUF winner Court McGee.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Luigi Vendramini (7-1, 0-1 UFC) vs. Jessin Ayari (16-5, 1-2 UFC)

Ayari has not had a win in over 4 years but his last fight, against Stevie Ray, was a highly controversial decision loss where 92% of the media scored it for him while the judges all picked his opponent. Vendramini stuffed on an early takedown attempt. Ayari controlling the Octagon and landing occasional punches and kicks from distance. Vendramini with a great punch combo and then a head kick drops Ayari. Vendramini finishes him with punches on the ground. 

Official result - Luigi Vendramini (8-1) via TKO (strikes) at 1:12

> Casey Kenney (14-2-1, 3-1 UFC) vs. Alateng Heili (14-7-1, 2-0 UFC)

Kenney landing a lot of body strikes early and Heili with marks all over his body early on. Kenney also landing punches and he's got bruising there as well. Heili managing to land a few counter strikes but Kenney's strikes are landing hard and often. Kenney also mixing in head kikcs and Heili bleeding from the ear 3 minutes in. Heili's body is completely red. Kenney with a 34-12 advantage in significant strikes landed with 90 seconds left. Heili bleeding from the nose now. Guys who land twice this many strikes don't do the damage that Kenney is doing this round. Strike count up to 48-18 with 30 seconds left. Heili still looks fresh but taking a ton of damage. 10-8 Kenney

Kenney starts round 2 landing hard kicks to the body. Heili firing back with punches to the head but they're not landing nearly as hard. Kenney lands a great punch combo 1 minute in. Heili lands a nice punch combo 90 seconds in. Kenney pikcing him off with jabs to the head and mixing in body kicks. Kenney lands 3 brutal body kicks at the midway point of the round. Heili barely winces. Heili's body is like 3 different shades of red with some nasty bruises in there. Ref warning Heili to fight back but he's still standing and doesn't even really look tired. He's just taking a ton of damage. Significant strikes now 95-38 for Kenney with 27 body kicks landed. The damage to the body like nothing you've ever seen. 10-8 Kenney, 20-16

Kenney goes right back to the body kicks to open the 3rd. Kenney mixing in leg and head kicks as well. Kenney with a nice punch combo 90 seconds in. Heili throwing occasional punches back at him but not doing any damage at all. Punch/kick combo and then a knee to the body from Kenney with 2 minutes left. Kenney just misses a spinning elbow. This round is basically like sparring practise although Kenney seems to have let up just a bit from the first two rounds. Kenney shoots for a takedown with 30 seconds left but Heili defends it. More body kicks from Kenney. Kenney lands a superman punch and some knees to the body. 10-9 Kenney, 30-25 overall

Official result - Casey Kenney (15-2-1) by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-27)

Total strikes ended up being 142-54 for Kenney. Kenney said he wants a fight next weekend and there is a bantamweight opening on that card so it's not out of the realm of possibility he gets it. 

Media scores were all for Kenney with everything from 30-24 to 30-27. 63% had it 30-25. 

> Loma Lookboonmee (4-2, 1-1 UFC) vs. Jinh Yu Frey (9-5, 0-1 UFC)
Women's Strawweights

Lookboonmee throwing body kicks to start. Frey controlling the pace though. Frey clinches on the corner, which is probably what Heili should've tried doing in the last fight. Frey basically just holding there and not doing any damage before they separate 1:45 in. Frey lands a nice elbow to the head on the way out. Lookboonmee back to throwing kicks from distance. Frey clinches in the centre but Lookboonmee lands some nice knees to the body and then pushes her to the cage, landing short elbows to the head. Both ladies trading knees to the body before they separate with 90 seconds left. Significant strikes are 23-4 for Lookboonmee. Frey with a takedown attempt defended by Lookboonmee. She controls a clinch and lands hard knees to the body and elbows to the head. Frey with a cut under her right eye. Lookboonmee with a nice punch combo as the round ends. 10-9 Lookboonmee

Lookboonmee takes it to the cage to start round 2 and landing nice elbows and punches to the head. She had a 25-0 advantage in significant clinch strikes landed before that exchange. they separate 90 seconds in. Frey pushing the pace but not throwing much as she tries to stay out of Lookboonmee's striking range. Lookboonmee clinches in the centre and lands knees to the body before they separate again. Every time Frey throws any kind of strike, she's got 2 or 3 coming back. Lookboonmee lands a couple body kicks with 1 minute left. Significant strikes are 61-14 for Lookboonmee. Lookboonmee with body and leg kicks in the last 10 seconds. 10-9 Lookboonmee

Frey gets a takedown to start round 2. Frey moves into side control 1 minute in and looks to be setting up a submission. Lookboonmee escapes and to her feet but Frey takes her back standing. Lookboonmee shakes her off 1:45 in. Lookboonmee throwing kicks from distance that are clearly bothering Frey. Frey tries to clinch but Lookboonmee lands a few punches and they stay separated. Lookboonmee with nice head and body kicks with 2 minutes left. Frey continuing to advance but not throwing many strikes. Clinch in the centre and Lookboonmee lands a hard knee to the body but Frey takes it to the cage with just under a minute left. They separate quickly. Significant strike count now 81-21 for Lookboonmee and only 3 landed in the 3rd for Frey. Body kick lands for Lookboonmee right before the buzzer. 10-9 Lookboonmee, 30-27

Officiial result - Loma Lookboonmee (5-2) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2; 29-28)

Not sure how you give Frey a round there, as one judge did. She had the takedown in the final round but did nothing with it and Lookboonmee dominated on the feet. 

Media scores were 100% for Lookboonmee with all but one scoring it 30-27. 

> Jordan Williams (9-3 1 NC, 0-0 UFC) vs. Nassourdine Imavov (8-2, 0-0 UFC)

Both guys throwing leg kicks to start. Imavov with a big height and reach advantage. Williams misses a roundhouse and Imavov gets a takedown off of it. They clashed heads in that and Williams bleeding from the forehead. Williams up right away and they're clinched on the cage briefly. Imavov cut by his right eye as well. Williams takes it to the cage clinch. Williams lands a nice punch combo before they break midway through the round. Nice punch exchange with 2 minutes left. Williams hit hard with a low blow. Imavov gets a hard warning and the ref threatens to take a point if it happens again. Williams with a nice punch/kick combo. Imavov with a takedown attempt but eating punches and elbows to the head. They end up on the cage with Williams defending well. Imavov takes the back standing briefly but Williams turns it around and in control of a cage clinch. Imavov with a front guillotine and drags Williams to the ground. Williams escapes and to his feet, working for a takedown. Imavov with another guillotine attempt as the round ends. 10-9 Williams but close

Williams opens round 2 with a punch combo. Imavov with some kicks to the body. Williams looking very tired already. Williams throwing wild punches that are mostly missing but occasionally landing. Williams to the cage clinch 90 seconds in. Imavov lands a hard elbow to the head with his back to the cage but Williams stays in the clinch. Imavov breaks free and lands a great punch combo and then working for a takedown. Imavov takes the back standing but then goes to front position and landing hard punches. Williams is exhausted and still throwing the wild punches but barely standing. Williams with a takedown attempt and Imavov uses the same guillotine he did in the first. Imavov drags him to the ground and it's really tight. Williams trying to fight it but he hasn't got much left. Williams escapes but Imavov maintains top control. Imavov landing hard punches to the head. Williams throwing elbows from his back. Williams seems to be fighting on instinct now. Both guys trading hammer fists but Imavov's landing harder since he has position. Round 2 significant strikes are 25-6 for Imavov. 10-9 Imavov, borderline 10-8, 19-19 after 2

Wil liams lands a punch combo to start the round but he's so tired he almost fell over while landing them. Williams controlling the pace but Imavov looks like he's just waiting . Williams with another punch combo and Inavov weathers it and clinches on the cage. They separate quickly. Williams still advancing and throwing punches and then he clinches on the cage. Ref warns them to work and they separate on their own. Strike count is 57-51 for Imavov but significant strikes are 51-18. Williams complaining of an eye poke and then they clash heads but the ref tells them to keep fighting. Imavov slowing down as well and they're both covered in blood. Imavov with a takedown attempt and they end up on the cage. Significant strikes are 22-7 for Imavov with 90 seconds left in the 3rd. Ref breaks up hte clinch very quickly. Williams still throwing and probably more but not much on them. They clinch again and Imavov lands some nice knees to the body. Ref warns Williams to fight back and he does. They separate and Williams throwing punches on the way out. Both guys land some nice shots in an exchange with 15 seconds left. 10-9 Imavov, 29-28 overall

Official result - Nassourdine Imavov (9-2) by unanimous decision (29-27 x 2; 29-28)

> Charles Jourdain (10-3, 1-2 UFC) vs. Joshua Culibao (8-1, 0-1 UFC)

Jourdain attempts a flying knee to start and proceeds to establish Octagon control. He tries another and Culibao gets a flash takedown. Culibao maintains control and takes the back standing. Jourdain works him to front position 90 seconds in. They separate on their own. They trade hard leg kicks. Jourdain lands a kick to the back of Culibao's knee that stumbles him. Culibao lands a high knee that drops Jourdain. He's right up but Culibao with a front choke attempt. Jourdain escapes that but Culibao controlling the clinch. Jourdain bleeding from the nose but clamps on a standing guillotine. Culibao breaks that and keeps clinch contro. Jourdain drags him down with another guillotine attempt. Culibao breaks free and both to their feet with 30 seconds left. Culibao throwing all kinds of kicks and Jourdain seems confused. 10-9 Culibao

they trade body kicks to start round 2. Jourdain back to controlling hte pace. Jourdain misses a flying knee and then eats a high kick. Nice punch combo from Culibao, who is now pushing the pace. Jourdain with a nice kick combo. Nice punch combo from Culibao 2 minutes in. Jourdain accidentally pokes him in the eye but Culibao doesn't want the time out. He claims he poked himself in the eye, which is a new one. Jourdain takes the back standing but Culibao quickly breaks free. They both trade hard  body kicks and then Culibao lands a nice right cross. Jourdain controlling the Octagon for the last half of the round, which is very close. Nice kick/punch combo from Jourdain with 45 seconds left. Culibao with a 37-18 advantage in significant strikes landed. Jourdain with another guillotine attempt and gets Jourdain to the ground. Culibao escapes but Jourdain maintains position. 10-9 Jourdain, 19-19

Jourdain lands a couple punches to start and Culibao with a takedown attempt. They end up in a cage clinch and Jourdain takes control before they break. Jourdain with a flying knee that partially lands. He's being very agressive now and lands a nice punch combo against the cage. Culibao firing back with shots of his own but Jourdain looks fired up. Jourdain hit with a low blow but doesn't want to break. Culibao with a takedown attempt but Jourdain sprawls and takes the neck. He uses the choke to establish top position. and then lets it go. Jourdain with punches to the head while moving into half guard. Culibao works him back to full guard and attempting to tie him up with a body lock. Jourdain landing punches to the body. Jourdain stands up and lands some nice hammer fists. Jourdain with a triangle from a weird angle and landing elbows to the head while tightening the choke. He transitions to an armbar while continuing to land elbows to the head. They look very close to 12-6 elbows but ref not even warning him. Culibao somehow escapes both sub attempts. Significant strikes are 54-41 for Jourdain and a 28-8 advantage in the third so it comes down to how the 2nd was scored. 10-9 Jourdain, 29-28 overall

Official result - split draw (30-27 Jourdain; 29-28 Culibao; 28-28)

> Carlos Condit (30-13, 7-9 UFC) vs. Court McGee (19-9, 8-8 UFC)

McGee throwing kicks from distance early. Condit trying to establish Octagon control. Condit also throwing kicks to the body. Neither guy with much in the way of sustained offence in the first half of the round. McGree definitely throwing more though. Nice punch exchange with 2 minutes see both guys land hard shots. McGree with Octagon control in the last minute. McGee eating a lot of leg kicks with his lead leg showing damage by the end of the round. Condit dropped McGee with a punch as the round ended. Was about to score for McGee but that may have stole it. 10-9 Condit

McGee had his nose broken with that last punch. Condit with a nice punch combo 30 seconds in and McGee's nose is leaking like a faucet. Condit landing strikes from distance. Nice punch exchange 90 seconds in. Condit with a nice punch combo midway through the round. McGee going back to the leg kicks and they're bothering Condit as he keeps switching stances. Condit lands a couple body kicks. Head kick from Condit and follows up with a punch combo with a minute left. McGee continuing to land the leg kicks. 10-9 Condit, 20-18 overall

Condit with body kicks to start the 3rd. McGee landing leg kicks. McGee actually landing more strikes overall but Condit's have done more damage. Condit catches a kick and drops McGree with a kick to the back of the knee but he gets right up. Condit with a nice punch combo midway through the round. Condit stepped funny and may have rolled his ankle coming out of that. Condit with a 28-15 advantage in head strikes landed. Condit with kicks to the body and leg but McGree still landing a lot of leg kicks. McGee with a punch combo and then lands a hard punch to the head before eating a nice counter from Condit. Condit throwingg a lot of strikes that are being blocked and McGee landing unchecked leg kicks. McGee with a nice punch combo to close the fight. 10-9 McGee, 29-28 Condit overall

Official result - Carlos Condit (31-13) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)


> Dequan Townsend (21-11, 0-3 UFC) vs. Dusko Todorovic (9-0, 0-0 UFC)

Todorovic pushes Townsend back to the cage with a series of punches but Townsend quickly takes clinch control. Todorovic leads him away from the cage and separates but they go back to the cage with Todorovic in control. They move out to the centre, fighting for control, before Todorovic goes back to the cage. They separate on their own 2 minutes in. Townsend lands a nice punch combo when Todorovic moves in for a takedown. Nice punch combo from Todrovic backs up Townsend to the cage. They break and Todorovic lands another combo. Todorovic with a 35-8 advantage in significant strikes landed with 90 seconds left in the round. Todorovic with another great punch combo and Townsend is reeling. Townsend fires back with punches, though. Todorovic controlling the pace and doesn't seem to want to clinch anymore. Todorovic with a combo before the horn. 10-9 Todorovic. 

Nice punch exchange to start the round and Townsend is way more aggressive, pushing the pace. Todorovic gets a takedown 1:20 into the round. Todorovic landing elbows to the head and trying to advance position. Body punches from Todorovic as he moves into side control and briefly moves to mount but Townsend works him back to half guard. Todorovic advances again into side control and then easily into mount. Todorovic teeing off with punches and Townsend covering up. Townsend gives up his back but Todorovic flips him back over. Todorovic teeing off and the ref has to stop it. 

Official result - Dusko Todorovic (10-0) by TKO (punches) at 3:15 of the 2nd round

> Kyler Phillips (7-1, 1-0 UFC) vs. Cameron Else (10-4, 0-0 UFC)

Phillips throwing hard leg kicks to start. Less than a minute in there is severe reddening around the knee on the lead leg of Else. Phillips lands a hard body kick 2 minutes in. Phillips with a nice punch combo at the midway point of the round. Phillips with a takedown with 2 minutes left. Phillips stands up and Else stays on the ground throwing upkicks. Phillips back into his gard and moves into side control. Else escapes that and Phillips stands up again. Else still on his back, again throwing upkicks. Phillips with hard kicks to the leg and then back into Else's guard. Phillips again moves into side control. Phillips takes the back and secures a body lock. Phillips with elbows to the head. and then landing hard punches to the side of the head. Else escapes but Phillips keeps top position and landing hard elbows to the head. Hammer fists from Phillips and more punches as the round ends. 10-8 Phillips

Else throwing a few more punches to start round 2 as he'd have to be pretty desparate. Phillips gets a takedown 30 seconds in and moves right into side control. Phillips takes the back and landing elbows to the head. Ref warns him to fight back and he doesn't so the ref quickly stops it. Maybe a bit quick but all he did was save Else from more damage cause he wasn't coming back. 

Official result - Kyle Phillips (8-1) by TKO (punches) at 44 seconds of the 2nd round

> Germaine de Randamie (#1, 10-4, 6-2 UFC) vs. Julianna Pena (#4, 9-3, 5-1 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

Both ladies keeping their distance early. Pena pushing the action but neither wants to engage. Pena moves in for a takedown 90 seconds in and gets hit hard with a right from de Randamie. Pena with a nice punch combo and tries to clinch but de Randamie break free. Punch exchange at the midway point and de Randamie gets the best of it, so Pena backs off again. Another nice exchange with 2 minutes left ends with a right cross from de Randamie that rocks Pena. Pena seems to be moving in a little closer to throw her strikes. Pena catches a kick and clinches up with 30 seconds left. De Randamie landing body strikes from the clinch. Pena gets her down at the horn. 10-9 de Randamie

Pena advancing to start and they have a massive slugfest on the cage before Pena manages to clinch up 30 seconds in. de Randamie landing light punches to the head. Pena completes the takedown 90 seconds in and maneuvers her into the center of the Octagon. Pena with light body punches while trying to advance position. Pena landing punches to the body and head from a sitting position before going back into de Randamie's guard. Pena moves into half guard and landing punches to the body. Pena with a guillotine but de Randamie escapes. De Randamie reverses into top position but Pena secures the choke again. de Randamie with a choke of her own and they are both saved by the horn. 10-9 Pena, 19-19

Pena's corner tells her it's one round a piece, which is kind of obvious but still good to tell her. Pena backs up de Randamie with a nice punch combo 30 seconds in. de Randamie backs up Pena with a hard right. Pena misses with a wild combo and eats a couple shots to the head from de Randamie. Pena drives her to the cage with a clinch 2 minutes in. Ref warns them to work with 2 minutes left as not much is happening. Pena just trying to keep her pinned against hte cage. de Randamie drags her to the mat in a guillotine. Pena passes out without tapping. 

Official result - Germaine de Randamie (11-4) by submission (guillotine choke) at 3:25 of the 3rd round

> Yorgan De Castro (6-1, 1-1 UFC) vs. Carlos Felipe (8-1, 0-1 UFC)

Both guys keeping their distance in the first minute with neither even landing a strike. Both throw leg kicks 2 minutes in which may have been the first strikes landed. Action picking up at the midway point of the round where they're at least attempting punches. Felipe controlling the pace and has had De Castro with his back to the cage for most of the round. De Castro's lead leg has some swelling from the leg kicks. Felipe just misses a haymaker that looks like it would've taken De Castro's head off. Felipe lands a nice punhc combo with 30 seconds left. De Castro answers back with punches of his own. 10-9 Felipe

Felipe lands some punches early and De Castro tries to take over Octagon control. Felipe answers back with punches to the body and then clinches on the cage 45 seconds in. De Castro takes away clinch control. Felipe lands knees to the body and gets separation. Felipe with a 36-24 advantage in significant strikes landed. Felipe with a nice punch combo including a hard shot to the body. Felipe back to the cage clinch 2 minutes in. De Castro takes over hte clinch control but the ref breaks it up as De Castro had his fingers in the cage. Felipe with a punch combo and an open handed slap midway through the round. Felipe backs him up with punches and clinches again with 90 seconds left. They separate after De Castro throws a wild punch combo where every one misses. De Castro does land a few shots after the break. Felipe with a 57-41 advantage in signiicant strikes landed and he clinches up again with 30 seconds left. Ref breaks it up again for fingers on the cage. Felipe lands a nice punch combo with 10 seconds left. 10-9 Felipe, 20-18

Great punch exchange to start the round. Felipe landing more and then starts landing unanswered shots before they clinch up. Ref warning them right away and then warning for fingers in the fence and then he breaks it up. They didn't even clinch for 30 seconds. De Castro backs him up with punches and attempting a takedown and they're back in the clinch. Ref breaks them up again fairly quickly. They go right back to the clinch. De Castro with knees to the body. Ref warning them again for grabbing the cage but it doesn't look like either of them are. Ref tells them to fight and then breaks it up again. They go right back to the clinch. Punches to the body and legs by De Castro. Felipe just trying to get the ref to break it again. Ref breaks it up again. De Castro right back to the clinch. Nice punches to the body and legs by De Castro. Felipe with some elbows to the head. Body punches from De Castro. Ref breaks it up again. De Castro right back to the clinch. Ref breaks it up right awya. I've never seen a ref break this many clinches in a fight. De Castro right back to the cage. Ref breaks it up again after De Castro lands some punches. 10-9 De Castro, 29-28 Felipe

Official result - Carlos Felipe (9-1) by uananimous decision (30-27 x 2; 29-28)

> Holly Holm (#2, 13-5, 6-5 UFC) vs. Irene Aldana (#6, 12-5, 5-3 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

Both ladies keeping their distance early. They both throw kicks from distance but they don't seem to land. Aldana may have landed a kick 90 seconds in. Holm lands a punch combo. Aldana moves in to throw a punch but eats a body kick from Holm. Holm throws a series of punches that all miss and then a hard leg kick. Nice punch exchange with 2 minutes. Both women land hard shots. Holm with a punch combo followed by a body kick with 45 seconds left. Holm gets a takedown but Aldana right up. Holm controlling a cage clinch with 30 seconds left. Holm gets her down with 10 seconds left and lands a few punches to the head. 10-9 Holm

Nice punch exchange early in the 2nd with both landing nice punches. Holm with a nice punch combo 1 minute in. Holm with another punch combo. Aldana with some swelling under her right eye. Holm with a punch combo including a nice body shot midway through the round. Holm stuffed on a takedown attempt. Holm lands a punch combo and then clinches on the cage with 2 minutes left. Holm gets her to the matt and landing punches to the head. Holm quickly into side control. Aldana quickly works her back to guard. Aldana landing punches to the head from her back. Holm stands up and throwing kicks to the leg. Aldana gets up as well with 45 seconds left. Punch combo from Holm rocks Aldana with 30 seconds left. Holm with some nice punches to the body. Aldana closes the round with a body kick and punch to the head. 10-9 Holm, 20-18

Aldana advancing to start the round as she knows she's down. Holm just misses on a head kick. Aldana answers back with a punch combo. Aldana rocks her with a punch and Holm takes her down again 90 seconds in. Aldana came in with the best takedown defence in UFC women's history and has been taken down 3 times. Holm with punches to the head and moves into side control. Holm looks to be setting up a Kimura. Holm with nice punches to the body. Holm moves into mount midway through the round and landing punches and elbows to the head. Aldana trying to escape but Holm continues to land the punches and then settles in and flatters her out. Aldana escapes and to her feet but Holm rushes her to the fence. They separate with 90 seconds left. Aldana stalking Holm but Holm throwing kicks to keep her at distance. Holm with an advantage of 62-27 in significant strikes landed. Punch/kick combo from Holm with 15 seconds left. 10-9 Holm, 30-27 overall

Aldana advancing to start again but eats some jabs from Holm early. They trade leg kicks. Total strikes now 92-36 for Holm in addition to the 3 takedowns. Aldana's corner told she's down 3 rounds and needs a finish. Holm throws a punch combo that may not have connected but follows up with a couple of hard body kicks. More body kicks from Holm. Holm gets another takedown with 2 minutes left. Holm goes to her feet and throws some kicks to the legs and then lets Aldana up. Holm with an 88-32 advantage in significant strikes landed and it's 21-4 in the 3rd. Holm with a nice punch/kick combo with a minute left. Holm with a takedown attempt and rushes Aldana to the cage but doesn't clinch. Aldana chasing her around in the last 15 seconds and Holm lands kicks to the body and head. 10-9 Holm, 40-36

Aldana once again controlling the pace and throwing a lot of punches early. They trade body kicks and then Holm lands a nice punch combo. Holm landing jabs from distance while Aldana chases her around. Aldana lands a hard right, her best strike of the fight maybe. Holm continuing to land body kicks. Holm with a nice combo. Holm is bleeding from the mouth, from the Aldana right earlier. Holm has landed a personal best 112 strikes midway through the final round. Holm with a great punch combo with 2 minutes left. Holm finishes off another combo with a hard left that rocks Aldana with 90 seconds left. Holm gets her fifth takedown. Aldana landing elbows from her back. Aldana landing punches as well, out of desparation. Aldana kicks her off and gets up and Holm lands a hard head kick on the way up. Aldana weathers it okay but Holm continuing to pour it on. Holm after her with 15 seconds left and forces her against the case after another punch combo. Holm unloading with punches as the fight ends. 10-8 Holm, 50-44 overall

Official result - Holly Holm (14-5) by unanimous decision (50-44; 50-45 x 2)