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UFC on ESPN+ 18 live results: Jack Hermansson vs. Jared Cannonier

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC on ESPN+ 18: Hermansson vs. Cannonier, emanating from the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Octagon heads to Denmark for the first time with a middleweight main event featuring two fighters on a rapid rise up the 185-pound rankings.

Jack Hermansson looks to score his fifth straight win when he takes on Jared Cannonier, winner of two straight, in the five-round main event. Hermansson is coming off a big win over Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza in April, in a fight he took on short notice, and he gets the headline spot that he asked for on this event. Cannonier is coming off a win over Anderson Silva in May, and looks to improve to 3-0 as a middleweight.

Also on the main card is the UFC debut of Olympian Mark Madsen, who took home a silver medal in the 2016 Summer Olympics, as he takes on Danilo Belluardo, as well as welterweight bouts between Gunnar Nelson and Gilbert Burns, and Nicolas Dalby and Alex Oliveira.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 11 a.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Jack Shore (11-0, 0-0 UFC) vs. Nohelin Hernandez (10-3, 0-1 UFC)

Shore with a punch combo 45 seconds in. Hernandez blocks a takedown attempt at 1:00. Shore definitely more active in the early going as Hernandez just trying to keep out of range. Another nice punch combo leads into a takedown attempt at 2:30 from Shore but they end up in a cage clinch with Shore in control. Shore completes the takedown at 3:00. Shoare takes the back and locks in a body triangle at 3;30. Shore landing punches nad elbows to the head while he tries to set up a choke. Shore ends the round with a lot of damage. Not quite enough for a 10-8 but close. 10-9 Shore

Shore with a takedown at 1:30. Shore landing punches and elbows to the head as he tries to advance position. Shore mixing in punches to the body as well and then transitions to mount. Hernandez with a reversal though and gets to the top but Shore immediately goes to his feet. Hernandez controlling a cage clinch at 2:45. They break free at 3;15 and have a nice punch exchange with Hernandez landing his best strikes of the fight so far. Shore landing kicks to the legs and body with Hernandez controlling the pace. Total strikes are 55-9 for Shore. Shore with another takedown at 4:45. Shore moves into mount and then takes the back as the round ends. 10-9 Shore, 20-18

Shore opens the round with an immediate takedown. His corner told him the only way he loses is to get caught with a shot on the feet so that was good strategy. Hernandez' corner let him know he was down 2 rounds and needs a finish. Shore takes the back at 1:00 and secures a body triangle. Shore with punches to the head to set up the choke again. Shore moves into mount at 1:45. Hard elbows to the head from Shore. Shore takes the back again with the body triangle at 2:30 and landing hard punches to the midsection. Shore with the neck crank at 2:45 and gets the tap. 

Official result - Jack Shore (12-0) by submission at 2:51 of the 3rd round

Even though this was his UFC debut, Shore was probably the more experienced fighter due to having headlined several shows for Cage Warriors and was definitely more well known to the fans in Europe. He talked about how there was less pressure on him for this, even though it was his debut, due to the fact that he wasn't the focus of all the media attention. 

> Marc Diakiese (13-3, 4-3 UFC) vs. Lando Vannata (10-3-2, 2-3-2 UFC)

Diakiese opens with hard leg kicks. Diakiese misses a flying knee and Vannata lands a nice counter punch. 1:00 in and Vannata's lead leg is already makred up from the kicks and Diakiese scores a knockdown and goes into Vannata's guard at 1;15. Diakiese stands up at 2:00 and Vannata follows. Vannata with a nice body kick but Diakiese answers with a punch combo. Diakiese drops Vannata with another hard leg kick at 3:00 but he gets right up. Diakiese with 6 leg kicks landed so far and they've all been very hard. Diakiese throws another but it lands square in the crown jewels but Vannata only takes a minute to recover. Nice punch exchange on the restart. Vannata cut on the nose right before  the round ends. 10-9 Diakiese

Diakiese landing body kicks early and then goes back to the leg kick, nearly knocking down Vannata again early in the 2nd. Diakiese landing punches to the head as well and Vannata bleeding pretty heavily early on. Vannata looks like he may have a broken nose. Vannata clinches up in the center and attempts a trip takedown but Diakiese defends it and takes control of the clinch. Separation at 3:00. Diakiese takes the back standing at 3;45 and briefly takes Vannata down. Diakiese maintains back control on the feet and landing knees to the legs. Diakiese with a 29-18 advantage in significant strikes landed. Vannata breaks free at 4:15. 10-9 Diakiese, 20-18 overall

Vannata pushing the pace to start round 3. Vannata with a nice punch combo 45 seconds in but Diakiese answers back with some hard shots of his own. Diakiese with a ncie takedown at 1:30. Vannata landing punches to the head from his back. Daikiese landing elbows to the head as well. Vannata had actually landed a low blow as the takedown was happening but the ref didn't stop the fight. Vannata landing a ton of shots from his back while Diakiese is just laying on top of him. Ref warning them to work even though both guys are very active on the ground. Diakiese takes the back at 4:00 but Vannata gets to his feet. Diakiese throws him to the ground at 4:15. Vannata right up but Diakiese still controlling his back. Diakiese throws him down again and moves into side control. Ref immediately warning them to get busy even though there is 15 seconds left. No idea what that was about. 10-9 Diakiese, 30-27

Official result - Marc Diakiese (14-3) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2; 30-26)

> Macy Chiasson (#11, 5-0, 3-0 UFC) vs. Lina Lansberg (#12, 9-4, 3-3 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

Chiasson clinches in the center immediately and then takes it to the cage 15 seconds in. Chiasson with knees to the body as the crowd is heavily behind Lansberg with LINA chants. More knees to the body from Chiasson as she maintains clinch control. Chiasson landing foot stomps as well. More knees to the body from Chiasson as Lansberg tries to break free at 3:00. Crowd booing the lack of action as they're still clinched up at the 4 minute mark. Ref not even warning them to work. 10-9 Chiasson

Lansberg takes the back standing and takes Chiasson down 15 seconds in. Chiasson setting up a triangle from her back . Chiasson with a Kimura attempt at 1:15 but Lansberg defends it well. Chiasson to her feet at 2:30 and Lansberg lands knees to the body on the way up. Lansberg with control of a cage clinch at 3:00 but Chiasson takes control. Chiasson with knees to the body. Punch/elbow combo from Chiasson at 3:30. They separate briefly at 3:45 and then Lansberg clinches up again. Chiasson takes control at 4:30. Knees to the body from Chiasson at 4:45. Close round, 10-9 Lansberg, 19-19

Chiasson's corner tells her she lost the round and needs a finish because they're in Denmark and they can't rely on the judges. Chiasson comes out firing with kicks and punches but they immediately clinch up on the cage with Lansberg in control. Chiasson landing knees to the body though and takes control. Chiasson attempts a trip takedown but Lansberg defends it. Separation at 1:00 but right back to the clinch by Lansberg. Lansberg gets a takedown at 1:15. More LINA chants from the crowd. Lansberg landing punches to the head and Chiasson not active at all from her back so she's clearly tired. Lansberg takes the back but Chiasson to her feet at 3:15. Lansberg controlling the clinch, though. Knee to the head from Lansberg rocks Chiasson. Lansberg landing knees to the body and legs. 10-9 Lansberg, 29-28

Official result - Lina Lansberg (10-4) by unanimous decison (29-27 x 2; 29-28)

> Brandon Davis (10-7, 2-4 UFC) vs. Giga Chikadze (7-2, 0-0 UFC)

Both guys doing a lot of feints early but not throwing much. Chikadze with a kick/punch combo at 1:00. Davis with a takedown attempt at 1:15 and gets him down after a long struggle. Chikadze frantically trying to get to his feet but Davis doing a good job holding him down but not much else happening on the ground. Davis moves into mount at 2:45 and lands some elbows to the head. Chikadze reverses from mount and ends up on top, landing hard punches to the head. Chikadze with elbows as well. Chikadze with hard hammer fists to the head as he maintains top control. Davis to his feet at 4:15. Davis with another takedown at 4:45. 10-9 Chikadze

Chikadze landing hard punches to the head early in the 2nd. Davis clearly starting to be affected by the damage as he had a takedown attempt easily defended at 1:30. Significant strike count is 33-5 for Chikadze. Chikadze lands a hard body kick that rocks Davis at 2:00. Davis starting to land more in the 2nd half of the round but eating a lot of counters as well. Chikadze with a nice punch combo at 3:30. Davis gets a takedown at 4:00 and right into mount. Chikadze escapes and to his feet at 4:45. Chikadze with a kick combo hurts Davis. Davis clinches up as the round ends. 10-9 Chikadze, 20-18

Chikadze landing a lot of leg kicks early in round 3. Both landing an equal amount of punches for the first couple of minutes. Chikadze lands a nice head kick at 2:15. Davis has a takeedown attempt blocked. Another takedown attempt from Davis at 2:45. He lands knees to the body on the way out. Davis with his best punch combo at 3:15 rocks Chikadze a little bit. Chikadze clearly slowing down and Davis still looks relatively fresh. Chikadze still landing punches though. Davis with another takedown attempt blocked at 4:30. Davis gets a takedown at 4:45. 10-9 Davis, 29-28 Chikadze overall

Official result - split draw (29-28 Chikadze, 29-28 Davis, 29-29)

A 29-29 score means you had to have scored one of the rounds 10-10 and not only is that unheard of in UFC, there is no round here you could even come close to saying it was a 10-10 and I've seen a lot of rounds that I felt like scoring that way. Davis had a takedown and more control time in the first and that's probably why one judge gave him that round but Chikadze did far more damage. This was a horrible result. 

EDIT - It was announced later in the show that the scorecards were tabulated incorrectly and that the new official result is Giga Chikadze by split decision on scores of 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28

> Siyar Bahadurzada (24-7-1, 4-3 UFC) vs. Ismail Naurdiev (18-3, 1-1 UFC)

Naurdiev controlling the pace early. Both guys seem hesitant to throw anything. Naurdiev lands a nice combo at 1:45 and Siyar poked him in the eye when trying to counter. Siyar landing some nice jabs on the restart. Siyar with a nice punch combo at 2:15. Naurdiev answering with leg kicks. Naurdiev landing jabs of his own as well. Kick combo from Naurdiev followed by a nice punch to the head. Body kick followed by a punch combo from Naurdiev and Siyar is reeling at 4:15. 10-9 Naurdiev

Fight is more in the center to start round 2. Both guys landing more shots early. Siyar much more aggressive as he likely knows he lost the first. Nice punch combo from Siyar at 2:15. Naurdiev answers with a takedown. Naurdiev right away moves into side control and landing knees to the body. More knees to the body from Naurdiev at 3:15. Elbows to the body and head from Naurdiev at 3:45. Ref warning them to work, which is unusual from dominant position. Siyar gets him back to half guard at 4:15. Punches to the body from Naurdiev and punches to the head as well at 4:45. Hard elbows to the head from Naurdiev to close out the round. 10-9 Naurdiev, 20-18

Siyar with a punch combo 45 seconds into the last round. Siyar advancing early. Naurdiev going back to the leg kicks. Siyar throwing more kicks as well, focusing on the body. Naurdiev with a takedown and right into side control at 2:00. Naurdiev with elbows to the body. Naurdiev with knees to the body and elbows to the head at 3:15. Naurdiev with a 78-17 advantage in significant strikes landed. Naurdiev takes hte back and Siyar to his feet at 4:00 but Naurdeiv throws hiim right back down. Naurdiev landing punches to the head as he maintains back control. Naurdiev back into side control at 4:30. 10-8 Naurdiev, 30-26 overall

Official result - Ismail Naurdiev (19-3) by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-25 x 2)

> Alessio Di Chirico (12-3, 3-3 UFC) vs. Makhmud Muradov (22-6, 0-0 UFC)

Di Chirico controlling the pace early. Muradov landing more punches in the first minute but no combos from either guy. Nice head kick from Muradov at 1;30. Body kick from Muradov backs up Di Chirico at 3:00. Di Chirico rocks Muradov with a punch combo at 3:30 after faking a takedown. Di Chirico with a takedown attempt blocked by Muradov. Di Chirico stuns Muradov with punches at 4:45  but Muradov takes him down as the round ends. 10-9 Muradov but close 

Di Chirico again pushing the action to start round 2. Punch combo from Muradov 1:00 in. Muradov with another punch combo after Di Chirico lands a hard leg kick. Di Chirico bleeding from a cut on his head, which may have been a clash of heads. Significant strikes are 26-17 for Muradov. Di Chirico missed wildly on a lot of his punches now. Di Chirico lands his best combo of the round at 4:30. Muradov still consistently landing shots though. 10-9 Muradov, 20-18

Di Chirico goes to the cage clinch to start hte round. Muradov quickly takes control. They separate quickly and Muradov landing punches to the head on the way out. Muradov with a nice punch combo at 1:15. Muradov with a punch combo landing to both the body and head at 1:30. Di Chirico catches a kick and attempts a takedown at 2:00 but unsuccessful. Di Chirico lands a hard left that seems to stun Muradov at 2:15. Di Chirico back to the cage clinch at 2:30. Separation at 2:45. Di Chirico blocks a takedown attempt. Di Chirico lands a nice head kick at 3:15 and then goes back to the cage clinch. Muradov takes control quickly. Muradov rocked by a punch combo at 4:00. Muradov up 65-34 in the significant strike count but much closer in the 3rd and Di Chirico coming on strong at the end. Di Chirico with another punch combo at 4:45. Fun round and fight. 10-9 Muradov, 30-27

Offiicial result - Makhmud Muradov (23-6) by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

> Alen Amedovski (8-1, 0-1 UFC) vs. John Phillips (21-9 1 NC, 0-3 UFC)

Crazy start as both guys just throwing bombs and Phillips drops Amedovski flat on his butt. They paused for a moment and then Phillips threw a few more punches and the ref stopped it. 

Official result - John Phillips (22-9) by KO 


> Nicolas Dalby (17-3-1 1 NC, 1-3-1 UFC) vs. Alex Oliveira (20-6-1 2 NC, 9-5 1 NC UFC)

The reaction for Dalby was crazy as he is a Denmark native making his UFC return and he walked out to the Danish National Anthem, sung by his fiance. Oliveira comes out firing with punches and leg kicks. Dalby throwing kicks of his own. They trade leg kicks at 1:30. Punch combo from Oliveira at 2:00. Dalby chases him down, landing punches at 2:15. Dalby stuffed on a takedown attempt at 3:15. Dalby controlling a cage clinch. Oliveira reverses and gets a takedown at 4:00. Oliveira landing punches to the head at 4:45 as Dalby tries to get up. He reverses at the end of the round and ends up on top. 10-9 Oliveira 

Oliveira complaining of an eye poke early in the 2nd. Ref didn't see it but stops the fight anyway. Replay doesn't pick up an eye poke. Nice punch exchange at 1:00 with both guys landing nice shots. Dalby lands a head kick that hurt Oliveira and Oliveira clinched up on the cage. Dalby gets a takedown out of the clinch at 1:30. Dalby with light punches ot the head as he attempts to advance position. Dalby landing punches and elbows to the head at 3:00. More punches from Dalby at 3:30 as Oliveira makes his way to the feet. Dalby still controlling the clinch. Oliveira is bleeding from his nose. Dalby with a 35-6 advantage in significant strikes landed in the 2nd round. Oliveira breaks free at 4:00. Dalby with a ncie punch/kick combo and Oliveira is retreating. Dalby back to the cage clinch at 4:30. Oliveira gets a takedown at 4:45. Dalby reverses into top position but Oliveira nailed him with an upkick while Dalby was technically a downed opponent. Ref started them back on their feet, which was a huge mistake. 10-9 Dalby, 19-19 overall

Dalby goes to the cage clinch 30 seconds in. Oliveira takes control at 1:00. Dalby landing punches to the head as Oliveira tries a takedown and he completes it at 1:14. Oliveira right into side control. Dalby works him back to guard at 2:15. Oliveira landing punches to the head. Ref stands them up without a warning. Another mistake. Oliveira with a takedown immediately after the standup. Oliveira with an armbar attempt and ends up on his back. Dalby escapes and ends up in top position, moving to mount at 3:45. Dalby landing punches and elbows to the head. Dalby attempting a head and arm choke from the top. He gives it up and lands more hard punches to the head at 4:30. Dalby landing hard elbows and punches as the round ends and the crowd explodes. 10-9 Dalby, 29-28 overall

Official result - Nicolas Dalby (18-3-1) by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Impressive performance by Dalby but the ref gave him this fight by standing them up for no reason and giving him a chance to come back. Dalby thinks he could've done better but is happy that he did enough to win over a tough opponent. He thinks he may have hurt his knee in the 3rd round. He called out Mike Perry, even choosing Las Vegas in December as the day and time for the fight but I'm not sure if Perry will be ready by then after the beating he took in his last fight. 

> Michal Oleksiejczuk (14-2 1 NC, 2-0 1 NC UFC) vs. Ovince Saint Preux (23-13, 11-8 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

Michal advancing to start and throwing a ton of wild strikes, most of which are missing. Michal tags him with a combo, including a body punch 30 seconds in and OSP clearly affected. OSP with his back to the cage and eating shots but manages to escape briefly. Michal continuing to stalk him. OSP manages to take the back standing to slow him down. Michal reverses to front position and takes control of the clinch and then breaks free on his own. OSP down after eating a punch combo but gets right up. OSP with a Kimura attempt but Michal escapes and landing punches. OSP back to his feet. OSP covering up and eating punches. This is all in the first 2 mintues. Michal continuing to target the body with punches, landing 9 in the first 2:30. Both guys get warnings for extending their fingers. Michal continuing to advance and landing punches but has slowed down a bit. OSP charges forward with a punch combo of his own at 3:30. Michal clinches on the cage at 4:15. Michal with a 33-13 advantage in significant strikes landed. They move to the center and break on their own and OSP lands a high kick as the round ends. 10-9 Oleksiejczuk

OSP's corner tells him that Michal is really tired and that he needs to come on strong. Michal still pushing the pace in the 2nd but not as active as he was in the first. OSP with a punch combo at 45 seconds. both guys miss with wild shots at 1:30. OSP clinches in the center and lands some body shots before separating. OSP targeting the body more. Michal clinches on the cage at 2:00. OSP separates and lands an elbow/kick combination and then a takedown. He's clearly setting up his patented Von Flue choke. He secures it and gets the tap and at this point, it has to be renamed the Saint Preux choke. 

Official result - Ovince St Preux (24-13) by submission (Von Preux choke) at 2:14 of the 2nd round

> Ion Cutelaba (14-4 1 NC, 3-3 UFC) vs. Khalil Rountree (8-3 1 NC, 4-3 1 NC UFC)
Light Heavyweights

Both guys keeping their distance early. Rountree lands a hard body kick 45 seconds in but Cutelaba lands a takedown. Rountree up quickly but Cutelaba takes him down again. Again Rountree up and lands a hard elbow. Rountree lands a counter that backs Cutelaba up. Cutelaba with a nice takedown at 1:45 and lands hard elbows to the head. More elbows from Cutelaba but Rountree up again. Rountree bleeding heavily as Cutelaba takes him down again. Cutelaba landing more and more elbows and the ref stops it. 

Official result - Ion Cutelaba (15-4) by TKO (elbows) at 2:35

> Gunnar Nelson (17-4-1, 8-4 UFC) vs. Gilbert Burns (17-3, 9-3 UFC)

Both guys keeping their distance to start but Nelson pushing the pace. Burns with a leg kick and punch combo at 1:30 the first sustained offence of the fight. Nelson's leg already marked up. Burns using the leg kick a lot. Nelson with a punch combo at 2:30. Crowd heavily behind Nelson with chants and clapping. Burns with a punch combo followed by a body kick at 4:15. Burns to the cage clinch. Burns with a trip takedown but Nelson reverses in the middle of it and ends up on top. Burns with an ankle lock attempt from the bottom. Nelson postures up and lands some punches from the top. Close round, takedown reversal at the end may have stolen it. 10-9 Nelson

Burns controlling the pace early in round 2. Burns going back to the leg kicks. Great punch combo from Nelson at 1:15 and he goes to the cage clinch. Separation at 1:45 and Nelson lands some body punches and then back to the clinch. They separate on their own and have a punch exchange before Nelson goes back to the clinch at 2:45. Nelson's lead leg looks terrible from the leg kicks of Burns. Separation at 3:30. Nelson with a takedown attempt and ends up controlling the back standing at 4:00. Burns with a hip toss and briefly on top but Nelson gets up. Burns with a flying knee and then stuffs a takedown attempt. Burns with an Annaconda attempt at 4:15. Burns gives it up at 4:30 and lands punches to the head. Burns ends up on top landing punches as the round ends. 10-9 Burns, 19-19

Burns advancing to start early. Nelson takes the back standing 45 seconds in. Burns works him around to front position but Nelson controlling the clinch. They exchange body punches from the clinch. Separation at 1:30 but Nelson quickly goes back to the clinch. Burns with uppercuts to the head and they separate at 2:15. Nelson right back to the clinch as he clearly doesn't want to trade standing with Burns. Separation at 2:45. Burns with a nice punch combo at 3:00. Burns with another leg kick that hurt Nelson. Nelson back to the cage clinch at 3:45. Ref warns them to work quickly. Burns gets a takedown at 4:30. Burns attempts a back take but Nelson to his feet. Burns controlling the clinch. 10-9 Burns, 29-28 overall

Official result - Gilbert Burns (18-3) by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Burns called out Neil Magny for a fight on December 14th and says with a full training camp he'll be even better. This was the 2nd straight win at 170 for the longtime lightweight and they've both been against tough opponents. 

> Mark Madsen (8-0, 0-0 UFC) vs. Danilo Belluardo (12-4, 0-1 UFC)

Crowd going crazy for Madsen, who is a Denmark native and Olympic medalist. Madsen with a takedown attempt 30 seconds in and gets it on the 2nd try. Madsen landing elbows and punches to the head and moving in for  a choke. More elbows to the head from Madsen and Belluardo covering up. Madsen relentless and the ref stops it. 

Official result - Mark Madsen (9-0) by TKO (elbows) at 1:12

Madsen was incredibly composed in his post-fight interview. He did it in English but said a few words in Danish that weren't translated but the crowd exploded. This guy is special and will be headlining events in Europe within a year. 

> Jack Hermansson (#5, 20-4, 7-2 UFC) vs. Jared Cannonier (#9, 12-4, 5-4 UFC)

Hermansson opens with leg kicks. Cannonier blocks a takedown attempt 15 seconds in. Hermansson takes the back standing and takes Cannonier to the mat with a shoot German suplex. Cannonier up but taken down with a trip. Cannonier up again. Cannonier advancing at 1:45. Hermansson continuing with the leg kicks. Cannonier blocks a takedown at 2:45. Cannonier throwing leg kicks now. Hermansson blocked on another takedown but lands a nice knee to the body on the way out at 3:45. They trade punches one at a time in the last minute with neither guys getting much of an advantage. Cannonier does connect with a leg kick that stumbles Hermansson right before the buzzer. 10-9 Hermansson

Cannonier with a takedown early in the 2nd and Cannonier all over him with punches and elbows and the ref stops it to silence the crowd. 

Official result - Jared Cannonier (13-4) by TKO (punches) at 27 seconds of the 2nd round

Cannonier dedicated the fight to two close friends who had died earlier this year. He thanked the fans in Denmark and said he had a great time in the country and that they treated him way better than fans in Brazil did. He put over Hermansson as a tough fighter who didn't have to take this fight but did and he said it was an honor to fight with him. Really good promo from a guy in his first UFC main event. 

Cannonier was interviewed as well and said that people told him not to take his fight but he wants to be the best in the world and this fight showed him that he's not and he needs to go home and improve.