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UFC on ESPN+ 27 live results: Benavidez vs. Figueiredo

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC on ESPN+ 27: Benavidez vs. Figueiredo, emanating from the Chartway Arena in Norfolk, Virginia.

A new champion could possibly be crowned as the Octagon returns to Norfolk with the vacant UFC Flyweight Championship up for grabs for one fighter in the headliner.

Long-time UFC veteran and two-time flyweight title challenger Joseph Benavidez looks to make the third time a charm as he takes on Deiveson Figueiredo in the main event. It was supposed to determine the new UFC Flyweight Champion, but Figueiredo missed weight on Friday, meaning only Benavidez is eligible to become champion with a win. The title is vacant after former champion Henry Cejudo relinquished it after winning the UFC Bantamweight Championship and making the decision to stay at 135 pounds.

Benavidez lost two title fights in the past to Demetrious Johnson, and now looks to get the monkey off of his back as he comes in having won three straight. Figueiredo gets a shot having won 17 of 18 career fights, including a 6-1 mark in the UFC.

Also on the main card is a pair of fights in the women's featherweight division as Felicia Spencer takes on Zarah Fairn, and Megan Anderson battles Norma Dumont, as well as a light heavyweight battle that could bring fireworks when Ion Cutelaba goes against Magomed Ankalaev.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 5 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Sean Brady (11-0, 1-0 UFC) vs. Ismail Naurdiev (19-3, 2-1 UFC)

Naurdiev controlling the pace for most of the first round. Brady unsuccessful on his first takedown attempt. Naurdiev landing the harder shots early. Brady spent most of the round fighting with his back to the cage with Naurdiev constantly pressuring him although he did manage to break through late in the round. Naurdiev had a 23-14 advantage in significant strikes landed with 30 seconds left. Another takedown attempt by Brady at the end of the round and Naurdiev ended it controlling a clinch. 10-9 Naurdiev

Naurdiev rocks Brady with a nice punch combo early in round 2 as he continues to pressure him. Brady starting to score with leg kicks. Brady controlling a cage clinch and takes the back standing. Brady drags him down while continuing to control the back. Loud BRADY chants from the crowd in the opener. Naurdiev to his feet but Brady still controlling his back. Brady landing punches to the head while trying to get Naurdiev back down. Naurdiev to his feet again and takes control of the clinch. He nearly gets his own takedown but Brady right back to the cage clinch and gets Naurdiev down. Brady landing punches and elbows from half guard. 10-9 Brady, 19-19 overall

Brady with a 22-6 advantage in significant strikes landed in round 2 and 38-31 overall. Naurdiev controlling the pace to start round 2 but Brady gets a takedown 45 seconds in. Brady takes control of the back as Naurdiev tries to get to hsi feet. More BRADY chants. Brady landing punches to the head as he tries to secure a rear naked choke. Naurdiev to his feet at 2:15 but Brady takes him right down again. Naurdiev grabbing the cage to try and get up and it does help. Ref warns him about that but Brady drags him right down again. Brady on his back again and landing punches and Naurdiev looks lost. Brady with a 30-3 advantage in strikes landed with 45 seconds left. Brady continuing to land punches and hold Naurdiev down as the round concludes. 10-8 Brady, 29-27 overall

Official result - Sean Brady (12-0) by unanimous decision (29-28 x 2; 30-27)

Media scores were all for Brady with a pretty even split between 29-28 and 29-27. Only one media member gave all 3 rounds to Brady as the first round was pretty clearly for Naurdiev. 

> Aalon Cruz (8-2, 0-0 UFC) vs. Spike Carlyle (8-1, 0-0 UFC)

Cruz with a huge reach advantage and controlling the pace early. Carlyle closing the distance with hard kicks. Cruz moves in for a takedown and Carlyle with hard elbows and punches to the head. Cruz falls to the canvas and Carlyle lands in mount and just unloads with a barrage of punches. Carlyle not answering and the ref has no choice but to stop it. 

Official result - Spike Carlyle (9-1) by TKO (punches) at 1:25

Carlyle is a fountain of charisma and has star potential if he keeps winning. He closed his promo by saying "1-8-7 on the 6-6-6" after starting it off by giving glory to his Lord and Saviour. Crowd had no idea what to make of that. 

> Jordan Griffin (17-7, 0-2 UFC) vs. TJ Brown (14-6, 0-0 UFC)

Brown gets an early takedown and landing elbows to the head. Griffin to his feet but still eating shots and Brown takes him right back down. Griffin again briefly up and right down again. Brown continuing to land punches as well. Griffin up with 45 seconds left and stuffs another takedown attempt. Griffin manages to secures a standing choke but Brown escapes it and landing punches on the feet. Griffin with another guillotine as the round ends. 10-9 Brown

Both landed hard shots in the first minute before Brown scored his fifth takedown of the fight. Griffin landing elbows from the bottom, which is more than he did in all the first round. Griffin working for different submissions from his back but Brown doing a good job fighting them off. Griffin to his feet at 2:15 but Brown controlling a cage clinch. Brown with another takedown at 3:15. Griffin with a guillotine attempt from his back with Brown in side control. Brown passes out to the choke without tapping. 

Official result - Jordan Griffin (18-7) by submission (guillotine choke) at 3:38 of the 2nd round

> Luis Pena (7-2, 3-2 UFC) vs. Steve Garcia (11-3, 0-0 UFC)

Garcia landing hard punches to the head early but Pena weathering them well. Pena gets a takedown 45 seconds in. Pena up quickly and takes the back standing. Pena drags him to the mat. Pena controlling the back and landing punches to the head. Pena secures a body lock while continuing to land punches. Garcia bleeding from the nose. Pena landing hard punches and many of them look like they're directly on the back of hte head but the ref doesn't even give a warning. Pena working for a rear naked choke while continuing to land punches. Garcia lands some nice back elbows. Hard elbows to the head by Pena to keep Garcia down. 10-9 Pena, real close to a 10-8

Garcia opens with a flurry of punches but Pena gets out of the way and takes the back standing again. Pena gets him to the ground 45 seconds in again but secures a full body triangle this time. Garcia landing elbows to the leg while Pena scoring with punches to the head. Pena again looking for the rear naked choke. Gracia occasionally landing back elbows and punches but they aren't hurting Pena. Pena with a neck crank at 3:00. Garcia manages to fight it off. Both guys landing punches and elbows in the last 30 seconds but Pena's are definitely landing more effectively due to the position. 10-8 Pena, 20-17

Pena gets a knockdown to kick off Round 3. Garcia throws up a triangle and it looks pretty tight. Pena fighting out of it and takes the back 1:00 in. Pena again working for a rear naked choke. Pena again secures a body lock. Garcia tries to use the fence to escape but it doesn't work. Pena with over 12 minutes of control time. Garcia continously trying to land shots but missing due to the position. Pena content to just ride out the round in control. 10-9 Pena, 30-26 overall

Official result - Luis Pena (8-2) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

All media scores were for Pena with an even split between 30-27 and 30-26

Pena apologized to the fans for his performance and they were booing him when the decision was read. He gave an emotional interview about his biological family, who he recently found and they showed his mother in the crowd in a very touching moment. 

> Marcin Tybura (17-6, 4-5 UFC) vs. Serghei Spivac (10-1, 1-1 UFC)

Tybura more active early but basically just a feeling out process for the first couple of minutes. Spivac cut around his nose so something got through. Tybura gets a takedown at 2:15. Tybura landing elbows to the head. Spivac partially blocking the shots but not really doing anything himself. Tybura with punches to the body and more elbows to the head. Tybura postures up with 15 seconds left but then goes back into the guard as the round ends. 10-9 Tybura

Both guys open throwing heavy punches that just miss. Tybura stuffed on a takedown attempt but ends up in control of a cage clinch. Tybura not doing much with the position so the ref breaks it up at 2:15. Tybura lands some nice head kicks. Spivac throwing straight punches. Tybura gets a takedown at 3:00. Tybura on his back and landing punches to the head. Tybura with a 25-0 advantage in significant strikes landed. Tybura landing punches to the head as the round ends. 10-9 Tybura, 20-18

Spivac is completely gassed as he's never gotten out of the 2nd round and only once has gone past the first. Tybura goes for a takedown early but ends up in a cage clinch. Spivac breaks free fairly quickly. Spivac blocks another takedown and lands a hard shot to the head. Spivac with a nice punch combo at 2:00. Tybura blocked on another takedown attempt. Tybura lands a nice uppercut that causes some more bleeding from the nose of Spivac. Punch combo from Tybura backs Spivac up and he gets a takedown at 3:00. Tybura landing a lot of punches in the last minute to wrap up the round and the fight. 10-9 Tybura, 30-27 overall

Official result - Marcin Tybura (18-6) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2; 29-28)

Every single media score was 30-27 Tybura. Not sure how you could even consider giving a round to Spivac but one of hte judges did. 

> Brendan Allen (13-3, 1-0 UFC) vs. Tom Breese (11-1, 4-1 UFC)

Allen with a takedown attempt stuffed early. Breese goes for a takedown but Allen reverses position and ends up on top. Allen working for an arm triangle but Breese fights it off. Allen landing elbows to the head. Allen moves into side control with 2 minutes left. Breese works him to north/south position and attempting a couple of different submissions from his back. Allen moves back into guard and landing hard punches and elbows to the head. Ref warning Breese to fight back and then calls it off. 

Official result - Brendan Allen (14-3) by TKO (punches) at 4:47

Allen said he had wanted to stand and bang but since Breese took it to the ground, he changed his game plan. He asked for a fight with Trevin Giles on International Fight Week. No reason not to make that fight. They fought on the regional scene with Giles getting the win in that one. 

> Gabriel Silva (7-1, 0-1 UFC) vs. Kyler Phillips (6-1, 0-0 UFC)

Both guys landing hard shots early. Silva is the first to take it to the cage. They break the clinch and go back to the center quickly. Silva controlling the pace. Phillips mixing in leg kicks with his punches. Silva bsack to the cage clinch. Phillips breaks free and lands a nice punch/elbow combo and follows with hard body kick. Silva backs him up with a nice punch combo midway through the round. Phillips with more leg kicks. Great punch exchange at 3:15. Phillips stuns Silva with a punch combo. Silva continuing to advance. Phillips with a 39-17 advantage in significant strikes landed. Phillips with a couple of really nice punch/elbow combos in the last minute. Silva gets a takedown with 30 seconds left. Phillips up without taking any damage. 10-9 Phillips

Phillips lands a hard shot to open that rocks Silva. Silva with a takedown attempt and ends up controlling the back standing. Phillips reverses position and briefly gets Silva down. Phillips drags him down but this time Silva reverses and ends up controlling the back. Both to their feet and Phillips lands a hard elbow to the head. Silva gets him down in the center of the cage at 2:30. Phillips attacking from the back but Silva moves into side control. Phillips escapes and gets to his feet briefly but Silva drags him down. Phillips reverses into top control. Phillips moves into mount at 3:30 but Silva quickly escapes and works him back to half guard. Phillips working for an arm triangle. Phillips back into mount but Silva again escapes. USA chants from the crowd for Phillips. Silva working for a kneebar from his back. Silva transitions to a heel hook but he doesn't have the position to get the submission. Phillips landing hard hammer fists to close the round. 10-9 Phillips, 20-18

Phillips gets an early takedown. Silva continually trying to work for submissions from his back but it's Phillips with a D'Arce choke attempt. Silva to his feet and Phillips rocks him with a punch combo. Silva stays on his feet. Phillips with another takedown at 2:30. Phillips working for a head and arm choke. Silva fights it off but eats more punches to the head and body. Phillips with elbows to the body. Silva landing punches to the head from his back. Phillips into mount with 30 seconds left. Silva works him back to half guard. Phillips takes the back and lands a knee that is near illegal. Silva to his feet as the fight ends. 10-9 Phillips, 30-27 overall

Official result - Kyler Phillips (7-1) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

All media scores were for Phillips with a few having it 30-26. 


> Grant Dawson (14-1, 2-0 UFC) vs. Darrick Minner (24-10, 0-0 UFC)
Featherweights* (Dawson missed weight by 3.5 pounds)

Dawson rocked by a leg kick and Minner goes for a guillotine and gets it to the ground. Dawson manages to gain top position quickly. Minner with a body lock from his back and throwing shots from the bottom. Minner with an armbar attempt at 1:45 but Dawson escapes. Both to their feet. Minner with another guillotine attempt and he ends up in top position. Minner with another guillotine and it's very tight. Dawson in top position and won't tap. Dawson escapes and maintains top position. Minner landing elbows from his back. Minner landing punches as Dawson tries to advance position. Minner with yet another guillotine attempt from his back but Dawson escapes and landing hard shots to close out the round. Dawson with a guillotine as the round ends. Close round, 10-9 Dawson

Minner with a standing guillotine attempt to start the round and pulls Dawson to the ground. Dawson escapes and ends up in top position, quickly moving to mount. Dawson landing punches to the head. Dawson tkaes the back and secures a full body triangle. Dawson with the rear naked choke and Minner taps quickly. 

Official result - Grant Dawson (15-1) by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:38 of the 2nd round

Dawson said that he would've passed out before tapping to any of the submission attempts. These two had a rivalry on the regional scene but it was all words as they never actually fought. He gave his glove sto a couple of ringside fans on his way out of the cage. 

> Megan Anderson (10-4, 2-2 UFC) vs. Norma Dumont (4-0, 0-0 UFC)
Women's Featherweights

Dumont pushing the pace early and takes it to a cage clinch 30 seconds in. Anderson landing punches to the head while Dumont is working for the takedown. Anderson takes control briefly but Dumont manages to put her back on the cage at 2:15. Anderson continuing to land punches while Dumont isn't even throwing anything. Dumont gets her down but Anderson reverses and takes control. Both to their feet quickly with Dumont back in control. They separate at 3:15. Anderson knocks Dumont out cold with a punch and she does a delayed fall to the canvas before the ref stops it. 

Official result - Megan Anderson (11-4) by KO (punch) at 3:31

Anderson asked for a fight with champion Amanda Nunes after this, her second straight stoppage win. 

> Ion Cutelaba (15-4 1 NC, 4-3 UFC) vs. Magomed Ankalaev (13-1, 3-1 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

The two locked up during the intros, which I'm not sure I've ever seen before. It was instigated by Cutelaba. Cutelaba throwing kicks to start. Ankalaev with a punch combo and a series of head kicks. Cutelaba looks out on his feet and the ref stops it but Cutelaba was still throwing and he's furious. It looks like a real bad stoppage. 

Official result - Magomed Ankalaev (14-1) by KO (kick) at 38 seconds

The replay showed it even more obvious that Cutelaba was not out. Crowd is almost as furious as Cutelaba. Ankalaev is smiling in his post-fight interview, saying he hurt him and he stopped fighting when the ref told him to. He said he'd be willing to run it back anytime. 

> Felicia Spencer (7-1, 1-1 UFC) vs. Zarah Fairn (6-3, 0-1 UFC)
Women's Featherweights

Both throwing a lot of punches early. Fairn landing the harder shots and controlling the pace. Spencer takes it to the cage clinch at 1:15. Spencer with a trip takedown at 2:00 and right into mount. Spencer landing hard elbows and the ref looks like he wants to stop it. Fairn gives up her back and Spencer just flips her over and continues to land punches and elbows. Ref warning Fairn to fight back and she isn't doing so he has no choice but to stop it. 

Official result - Felicia Spencer (8-1) by TKO (punches) at 3:37

That was Spencer's 4th first round finish and it would normally make sense to match her up with Megan Anderson with the winner getting Amanda Nunes. Although with Spencer having recently scored a win over Anderson, Spencer will likely get the shot. Nunes tweeted out after the fight that she'd be willing to fight either one. 

> Joseph Benavidez (#1, 28-5, 15-3 UFC) vs. Deiveson Figueiredo (#3, 17-1, 6-1 UFC)
UFC Flyweight Championship* (Figueiredo missed weight by 2.5 pounds, ineligible to win title)

Benavidez giving up a lot of size here but landing leg kicks early. Figuerido gets a takedown but Benavidez scrambles into top position. Figuerido with an armbar but Benavidez espcaes. Figueredo with a guillotine attmept but Benavidez escapes and they are both to their feet. Benavidez lands a punch combo. USA chants for Benavidez. Benavidez stuffed on a takedown attempt. Figueiredo stuffs another takedown attempt at 3:15. Benavidez rocks him with a punch combo. Figueiredo knocks Benavidez down right before the buzzer but he gets right up. 10-9 Figueiredo 

Figueiredo controlling the action early in the 2nd. Benavidez looks a little more frantics. Benavidez with a punch combo at 1:45. Figueiredo knocks hiim down and moves in for ground and pound and the ref stops it. Benavidez bleeding like crazy. Seemed like an out of nowhere stoppage but Benavidez not protesting at all and the blood loss means it couldn't continue. The cut came from a head butt but the replay shows the punch knocked him out cold. 

Official result - Deiveson Figueiredo (18-1) by KO (punch) at 1:54 of Round 2

Figueiredo did not apologize for missing weight and said the belt is coming. He said he proved he's the best tonight. 

Michael Bisping interviewed Benavidez, who lost his 3rd flyweighth title fight. He was completely out of it and probably shouldn't have been talked to in this condition. He said he's lucky to be alive and the crowd cheered him. He looked like a guy who was ready to hang up the gloves.