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UFC on ESPN+ 32 live results: Derrick Lewis vs. Aleksei Oleinik

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC on ESPN+ 32: Lewis vs. Oleinik, emanating from the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Octagon remains in Las Vegas as UFC action keeps going during the pandemic, this week with a heavyweight main event featuring one of the most popular fighters on the UFC roster.

Derrick Lewis looks to score his third straight win and put himself back into the heavyweight title picture when he welcomes the challenge of Aleksei Oleinik in the five-round heavyweight headliner. Lewis is coming off a win over Ilir Latifi in February, while Oleinik fights for the third time in 2020 and is looking to make it 3-0 thus far.

In the co-main event, former UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman returns to action, back at 185 pounds after a one-fight excursion at 205 pounds, when he takes on Omari Akhemdov. Weidman is looking to end a two-fight losing skid and end a rough patch that has seen him win just once in his last six fights, while Akhmedov is looking to run his current unbeaten streak to seven straight.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 6 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Irwin Rivera (9-5, 0-1 UFC) vs. Ali Alqaisi (8-3, 0-0 UFC)

Alqaisi initiates a cage clinch but Rivera takes him down with his back to the cage. Rivera right into side control. Alqaisi works out of it back to his feet 90 seconds in. Punch combo from Alqaisi and follows up with a nice head kick that was partially blocked. Rivera with a hard body kick. Alqaisi with a takedown and settles into half guard after a failed guillotine attempt from Rivera. Rivera to his feet but Alqaisi grabs a choke on the way up. Rivera escapes and they're both to their feet at 3:45. Alqaisi gets a trip takedown with 15 seconds left and landing punches to the body as the round ends. 10-9 Alqaisi

Rivera opens with a ncie punch combo to start round 2. They trade head kicks 90 seconds in. Alqaisi with a nice punch combo and then a hard right jab. Rivera with a nice punch combo midway through the round. Alqaisi lands a takedown but Rivera reverses position and lands some punches before both guys get up. Rivera blocks another takedown attempt. Rivera with a punch combo and Alqaisi bleeding from the nose. Alqaisi blocks a takedown attempt and lands a punch combo. Rivera blocked on a takedown attempt but lands some punches. Alqaisi with a flash takedown at the end of the round but Rivera right up. Very close round. 10-9 Rivera, 19-19

Alqaisi's corner told him he could be up 2 or it could be even. Rivera with a punch combo to open the last round. Alqaisi answers back with hard shots of his own. Great punch exchange a minute in. Alqaisi with a takedown and tried to capture the neck but Rivera gets right up. Alqaisi with a big cut on the bridge of his nose. Rivera hurts Alqaisi with a leg kick. Alqaisi answers back with a punch combo. Clinch in the middle with both guys fighting for control and Alqaisi takes a really hard knee to the groin. Rivera with a flying knee on the restart but Alqaisi basically catches him and tries a takedown but it's stuffed. Rivera with a superman jab. They trade hard leg kicks. Both guys are warned for extending their fingers. Alqaisi with a punch combo. Rivera gets a takedown with 45 seconds left but Alqaisi right up without taking damage. Rivera with a 17-12 advantage in the 3rd in significant strikes landed. Alqaisi clinches on the cage to end the round. 10-9 Rivera, 29-28 overall

Official result - Irwin Rivera (10-5) by split decision (29-28 x 2; 28-29)

Media scores were 60% for Rivera and 40% for Alqaisi with everyone having it 29-28 one way or the other. 

> Youssef Zalal (9-2, 2-0 UFC) vs. Peter Barrett (11-3, 0-0 UFC)

Zalal knocks Barrett down with a spin kick 20 seconds in and follows up with punches on the ground. Barrett gets back to his feet. Zalal takes his neck and lands some knees before Barrett breaks away. Zalal landing hard punches, seemingly at will. Zalal with a 22-1 advantage in significant strikes landed just over a minute in. Barrett seems to have recovered by the middle of the round and is controlling the pace but not landing much. Zalal landing occasional punches while backing up. Barrett lands a nice punch combo and clinches up on the cage with 2 minutes left. Barrett takes the back standing and landing knees to the legs. Zalal takes him down but they both get right up and separate. Punch/kick combo from Barrett. Barrett lands a nice head kick with 30 seconds left. Zalal with a 37-12 advantage in significant strikes landed at the end of the round. 10-9 Zalal

Barrett again controlling the pace to start round 2. Zalal landing nice leg kicks and then shoots for a takedown but stuffed. Barrett ends up in control of the cage clinch and landing knees to the legs. Quick separation. Zalal gets a takedown and takes the back, landing hard punches to the head. Barrett to his feet but Zalal is still on his back with a body lock and working for a choke. Zalal drags him back to the mat and flattens him out. Zalal landing hard punches to the head. Barrett gets to a seated position but Zalal still on his back. Zalal working hard for the choke. Barrett with elbows to the thigh but gets warned for 12-6. Barrett manages to break the body lock with 90 seconds left and trying to work to his feet. Zalal still on his back though and drags him down again. Zalal flattens him out with 45 seconds left and working for the choke again. Barrett manages to escape the choke and get to top position at the very end. 10-9 Zalal, 20-18 overall

Zalal landing kicks to start round 2. Barrett with a takedown attempt and ends up in a cage clinch 30 seconds in. Barrett landing knees to the legs, which have pretty much been his most effective strikes. They separate a minute in. Zalal with a nice punch combo but Barrett lands a hard counter that backs Zalal up. Nice punch exchange 90 seconds in. Zalal with a punch combo that backs up Barrett and then gets a takedown. Barrett with a guillotine on the way down. Zalal escapes that and moves into side control. Zala with an arm triangle attempt but Barrett escapes. Barrett to his feet but Zalal with a choke on the way up. Barrett escapes and just missed a spinning elbow. Zalal gets a takedown with 90 seconds left. Zala moves into mount with a minute left. Barrett gives up his back and Zalal instantly secures the body lock. Zalal with almost a half nelson but Barrett escapes. Zalal with a rear naked choke but Barrett fighting it off. Zalal gives that up with 15 seconds left. Barrett to his feet and landing punches as the round ends. 10-9 Zalal, 30-27

Official result - Youssef Zalal (10-2) by unanimous decision (30-26 x 2; 30-27)

All media scores were for Zalal. 11% had it 30-25, 33% had it 30-27 and 56% had it 30-26. 

> Gavin Tucker (11-1, 2-1 UFC) vs. Justin Jaynes (16-4, 1-0 UFC)

Tucker lands a nice punch and follows up with a head kick 30 seconds in. Tucker landing front kicks to the body. Jaynes trying to establish Octagon control. Tucker throwing a lot early on with Jaynes just landing occasional punches. Tucker mixing in kicks with his punches, which seems to be confusing Jaynes. Tucker taking over cage control in the 2nd half of the round by advancing with his strikes. Jaynes knocks Tucker down with a punch and lands a punch on the ground but Tucker gets to his feet. Jaynes landing punches on the feet but Tucker takes him down. Jaynes with a tight guillotine but Tucker escapes. Tucker with an arm triangle from mount but Jaynes stays in it and the bell may have saved him. 10-9 Tucker but tough round to score

Tucker landing a lot of punches early and quickly established cage control. Jaynes with a big mouse on the side of his forehead. Jaynes with a nice punch combo after eating a couple of knees to the body. Tucker with a punch/elbow combo. Tucker picking him off with hard jabs. Significant strikes are 36-25 for Tucker but a 22-4 advantage so far in round 2 with 2 minutes left. Jaynes missing on a lot of his strikes. Front kick and a punch combo from Tucker with 90 seconds left. Tucker landing seemingly at will now, mixing up punches and kicks very well. Tucker with several nice punch combos and Jaynes has almost no defence. Head kick stumbles Jaynes with 15 seconds left. 10-8 Tucker, 20-17 overall

Jaynes more aggressive to start round 3 and lands several strrikes in the first 30 seconds. Tucker comes back with a punch combo and then stumbles Jaynes with a knee. Tucker stuffs a takedown attempt and ends up on top. Tucker takes the back and working for a rear naked choke. Tucker also with a body lock. Jaynes bleeding heavily from the nose and taps to a rear naked choke. 

Official result - Gavin Tucker (12-1) by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:43 of the 3rd round

> Andrew Sanchez (11-5, 4-3 UFC) vs. Wellington Turman (16-3, 1-1 UFC)

Sanchez takes it to the cage clinch in the first 30 seconds. They separate after about a minute with neither going doing much. Sanchez with a nice punch combo 2 minutes in. Turman rocks him with a righ hook and follows up with a high kick. Turman already bleeding from his nose. Turman landing hard leg kicks. Sanchez with a great punch combo midway through the round. Sanchez with a 23-12 advantage in significant strikes landed with 90 seconds left. Turman landing good shots but eating more of them. Sanchez knocks Turman out cold with a right cross and then lands a hammer fist on the ground before the ref can stop it. 

Official result - Andrew Sanchez (12-5) by KO (punch) at 4:14

> Nasrat Haqparast (11-3, 3-2 UFC) vs. Alex Munoz (6-0, 0-0 UFC)

Munoz gets a takedown early but Naqparast right up. Munoz controlling a cage clinch. They trade knees to the body but Munoz's lands low. Haqparast lands some nice punches on the restart. Munoz keeps shooting for takedowns and eating punches. Haqparast rocks Munoz with a punch combo after another takedown attempt. Munoz taking a lot of damage every time he changes levels. Munoz lands a nice knee to the body after faking a takedown. Haqparast backs up Munoz with another punch combo. Haqparast with a 15-6 advantage in head strikes landed. Munoz lands another knee after another fake takedown. 10-9 Haqparast

Haqparast controlling hte pace to start round 2 and seems to be anticipating the takedown attempts and landing punches already. Munoz warned for extending his fingers. Haqparast throwing his strikes in bunches while Munoz only throwing one at a time. Haqparast with a great punch combo that backs up Munoz to the cage. Takedown attempt stuffed by Haqparast. Munoz pulled the shorts in an attempt to keep him down. Another nice punch combo from Haqparast. Munoz bleeding from cuts under both eyes. Haqparast cut as well. They may have clashed heads in an exchange. Haqparast just landing flush now. Head strikes now 37-18 for Haqparast. Munoz with a nice fake out to land a hard punch right at the end of the round. 10-9 Haqparast, 20-18

Munoz lands a nice combo after faking a takedown to start round 3, which was what his corner had told him to do. Haqparast still landing jabs. Munoz nearly got a takedown but Haqparast stays on his feet and lands some punches while defending. Haqparast with a really nice punch combo with 2 minutes left. Munoz is landing more this round than in previous rounds but Haqparast is still outstriking him and landing the harder shots. Munoz pretty much has given up on the takedowns. Haqparast with a 64-31 advantage in head strikes landed now. Haqparast lands a hard punch to the body and Munoz is favoring his midsection in the last 30 seconds. 10-9 Haqparast, 30-27 overall

Official result - Nasrat Haqparast (12-3) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

> Kevin Holland (17-5, 4-2 UFC) vs. Joaquin Buckley (10-2, 0-0 UFC)

Interesting backstory here as Holland was supposed to fight last weekend and had his fight cancelled the day of the show. Buckley actually fought last weekend on an LFA show and scored a 2nd round KO so his 8 day turnaround beats Khamzat Chimaev, although they weren't both in UFC. Buckley lands a nice punch combo 90 seconds in after both guys were landing shots from distance in the first minute. Holland is way bigger and seems to be weathering things more. Buckley with 14 body strikes landed by the midway point of the round. Great punch exchange with 2 minutes left. Buckley throwing a lot more punches but Holland seems to be landing the harder shots, including a low blow, which was a hard punch to the groin. After 10 low blows last week, we are up to 4 tonight. Buckley with a nice punch combo after Holland misses a kick. Holland knocks him down with a right cross but Buckley gets right up. Holland trash talking Buckley now. Holland with an elbow to the head and what I could best describe as a Superman Hammerfist to close the round. 10-9 Holland but it was a weird round to score

Buckley starts the round with a punch combo. Punch/kick combo from Buckley. Holland is evading some of the strikes but Buckley is throwing a lot and some are landing. Holland with a punch combo. Holland with a 28-26 advantage in significant strikes landed. Hard leg kick from Buckley and then backs up Holland with punches. Nice body punch combo from Buckley with 2 minutes left and then backs up Holland to the cage with punches. Quick separation. Holland starting up with the trash talking again. Buckley with more body punches. Holland with a 24-15 advantage in significant strikes landed in round 2 but Buckley probably has more total strikes as he's throwing a lot but they're not all "significant". Close round but I thought Buckley did enough to take it. 10-9 Buckley, 19-19 after 2

Buckley refuses to touhg gloves to start round 3. Buckley comes in to throw punches to the body and Holland lands a beautiful right hand that knocks out Buckley's mouthpiece and knocks him out old 

Official result - Kevin Holland (18-5) by KO (punch) at 32 seconds of the 3rd round

> Tim Means (29-12-1 1 NC, 11-9 1 NC UFC) vs. Laureano Staropoli (9-2, 2-1 UFC)
Welterweights* (Staropoli missed weight by 3.5 pounds)

Means gets a takedown 15 seconds in. Staropoli right up and doesn't take any damage. Means controlling a cage clinch. Separation 1 minute in. Staropoli with a punch combo. Clinch in the middle and Means lands some knees to the body. Staropoli with a kick/punch combo. Means lands some nice counter punches. Staropoli throwing kicks to the legs and high as well. Means backs him up with a body kick. Means rocks Staropoli with a punch combo. Staropoli answers with one of his own. Spinning head kick from Staropoli grazes Means. Means clinches on the cage with a minute left. Quick separation and Means accidentially poked him. Means rocks Storopoli with a counter on the restart. Both guys land hard punches in the last 15 seconds. Very close round. 10-9 Storopoli

S;pinning back elbow to open the round from Storopoli knocks Means down. He attempts a takedown on Storopoli as he moves in but both guys to the feet 30 seconds in. Storopoli with a 32-30 advantage in signfiicant strikes landed so very close. Means knocks down Storopoli with a body kick. Means takes his back and landing punches to the face. Storopoli up quickly though. Means with a punch combo backs up Storopoli. Storopli with a spinning back first. Means seems to be taking over the Octagon control. Punch combo from Storopoli but Means answers back with one of his own. Then they trade hard body shots. This fight would insane with a crowd but as it is both corners are making a lot of noise. Storopoli with a kick/punch combo. Means with a 33-19 advantage in round 2 in significant strikes landed. It was 29-29 after 1. Means clinches up on the cage with 30 seconds left. Means lands  a nice elbow right before the horn. 10-9 Means, 19-19

Storopoli is bleeding from the nose to start the third so it could be broken. Storopoli throwing hard kicks to start. Means clinches on the cage. Means landing knees to the legs. Spinning elbow by Means forces a break. Great punch exchange in the center with both guys landing hard. Means back to the cage clinch 90 seconds in. More knees to the legs by Means. Means is warned for grabbing the cage. Means takes the back standing midway through the round. Storopoli works him to front position. Means still controlling the clinch. Ref warns them to work. More knees to the legs and body from Means. Means with punches to the body. Ref warns them again and then breaks it up because of a fence grab. Means back to the cage clinch with a minute left. More knees to the body from Means. Means lands a punch combo right before the horn. 10-9 Means, 29-28 overall

Official result - Tim Means (30-12-1) by unanimous decision (30-27; 29-28 x 2)

All media scores were for Means. 71% scored it 29-28


> Beneil Dariush (#14, 17-4-1, 11-4-1 UFC) vs. Scott Holtzman (14-3, 7-3 UFC)
Lightweights* (Dariush missed weight by 2 pounds)

Dariush lands a nice body kick early. Holtzman pokes him in the eye. On the restart, Dariush is poked in the eye again. There was also a low blow in there that got waved off, which they commentators are calling the fifth of hte night. Ref warned both of them for extending their fingers. Dariush immediately goes for a takedown on the restart and they end up in a cage clinch. They separate on their own and Dariush lands a hard knee and then punches and Holtzman in a lot of trouble. Dariush teeing off on Holtzman. Holtzman goes for a takedown but Dariush stuffs it. Dariush takes the back. Holtzman works him to front position and eventually gets control of the clinch. Dariush lands a knee in the clinch and they separate. Holtzman bleeding from a cut around his left eye. Dariush just throwing bombs. Kick/punch combo backs up Holtzman. Dariush with a 21-9 advantage in significant strikes landed. Dariush knocks out Holtzman cold with a spinning elbow. Replay showed it was the forearm that connected, almost a lariat. 

Official result - Beneil Dariush (18-4-1) by KO (forearm) at 4:38

This was the first time in his career that Holtzman has ever been finished. 

> Yana Kunitskaya (#8, 12-5 1 NC, 2-2 UFC) vs. Julija Stoliarenko (9-3-2, 0-1 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

Clinch in the center to start. Yana takes it to the cage. Knees to the body by Yana. Yana just smothering her against the cage. Julija with some light punches to the head. Julija mixing in some elbows and Yana answers with some of her own. Punches to the body and head by Yana. Julija bleeding from the nose and Yana more or less has her in a bear hug against the cage. Yana attempting to pull guard but Yana backs away. Julija takes it back to the cage and Yana quickly takes control. Punches to the body by Yana. Yana with a 33-7 advantage in strikes landed and she's pretty much got control time for the whole round as well. Yana with some shoulder strikes. Body punches from Yana before the horn. 10-9 Kunitskaya 

Julija with a takedown attempt to start and ends up on her back. Yana backs off, forcing her up and then goes right to the cage clinch. Knees to the body and shoulder strikes from Yana. Yana with over 5 minutes, out of the first 6, of control time so far. Julija drops to her back and Yana backs off, forcing her up again, and then goes right back to the cage clinch. Yana with punches to the ead and body. Knees to the body and punches to the head from Yana. More knees to the body from Yana and Julija really laboring now. Total strikes are 112-13 for Yana and 60-1 in round 2 with just over a minute left. Punches to the body and head from Yana. Yana takes her down but it may have been Julija pulling guard. Yana just smothering her, though, and landing punches to the body. Julija with an amrbar attempt from her back. Yana escapes and landing punches as the round ends. 10-8 Kunitskaya, 20-17 overall

Yana takes it right to the fence to start the third. Julija looks to be trying to drop down but Yana lands punches. She does drop to her back and is holding Yana in her guard. Julija with a body lock. Ref warning Yana to work. She's probably fine with a standup as she was doing way more damage clinching on the cage. Punches to the body from Yana. She's smothering Julija so she can't get anything going from her back. Julija trying to give herself some room by moving away from the cage. Ref stands them up 2 minutes in. Yana goes right to the cage clinch. Punches to the body from Yana. Julija clearly trying to pull guard again. Yana with 12 minutes of control time with just under 2 minutes left in the fight. Knees and punches to the body by Yana. Julija pulls guard again. Yana backs off. Julija up and Yana right back to the cage clinch. Separation with 30 seconds left. Yana landing punches from distance. Julija firing back with punches as well. Yana back to the cage clinch with 15 seconds left. Julija breaks free before the horn. 10-9 Kunitskaya, 30-26 overall

Official result - Yana Kunitskaya (13-5) by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27 x 2)

All media scores were for Kunitskaya. 86% scored it 30-27

> Maki Pitolo (13-5, 1-1 UFC) vs. Darren Stewart (11-5 1 NC, 4-4 1 NC UFC)

Great punch exchange to start in the center. Stewart controlling the pace but neither guy throwing much after the opening flurry. Stewart throwing occasional jabs. Stewart with a nice punch combo and pushes Pitolo against the cage. Pitolo breaks free but eats more jabs. Nice punch combo from Pitolo and then rocks hiim with a right hook. Another punch combo at the midway point of the round from Pitolo. Punch/kick combo from Pitolo. Stewart ducks a spinning back fist and pushes Pitolo against the cage. Pitolo takes control and gets a takedown but Stewart gets a guillotine on the way down and it's tight so Pitolo is forced to tap quickly. 

Official result - Darren Stewart (12-5) by submission (guillotine choke) at 3:41

> Omari Akhmedov (#11, 20-4-1, 8-3-1 UFC) vs. Chris Weidman (14-5, 10-5 UFC)

Akhmedov blocks a takedown 30 seconds in. Akhmedov throwing punches from distance as Weidman advances. Another takedown attempt from Weidman and Akhmedov lands punches and elbows to the head while defending against the cage. Nice punch exchange 90 seconds in. Akhmedov with a nice punch combo including shots to the body. Akhmedov landing some hard shots. Akhmedov with a takedown attempt and Weidman stuffs it. Weidman gets a takedown with 2 minutes left. Akhmedov to his feet without taking any damage although he is bleeding from shots on the feet. Weidman gets him down again and eats some punches to the head. Weidman into half guard with 30 seconds left. Weidman with punches to the head and elbows as well in the last 15 seconds. 10-9 Weidman

Akhmedov advancing to start round 2 and gets a takedown 30 seconds in. Akhmedov takes the back but Weidman to his feet. Akhmedov controlling the clinch. Weidman with a guillotine attempt so Akhmedov breaks the clinch. Weidman nearly gets a takedown. Akhmedov with some punches to the body. Both guys starting to look tired. Weidman with a takedown attempt stuffed. Another takedown attempt from Weidman results in a cage clinch. Akhmedov lands some awkward punches to the head. Nice punch combo from Akhmedov with 2 minutes left. Akhmedov gets a takedown fairly easily. Akhmedov with elbows oto the head. Akhmedov stands up and eats an upkick. Weidman to his feet but eating jabs from Akhmedov. Weidman blocks a takedown attempt. Akhmedov with another takeodwn but lets Weidman get up without going to the ground with him. Weidman down again, that may have been a slip but Akhmedov stays on his feet. Akhmedov backs off, forcing him up. 10-9 Akhmedov, 19-19 oerall

Weidman advancing to start and attempts a takedown but blocked. Weidman gets a takedown 30 seconds in. Akhmedov gives up his back on the way up. Weidman takes hiim down again and keeps back control. Weidman attempting a leg lock. Akhmedov with elbows to the head as it's a very weird position. Weidman gives that up and moves into mount while attempting an arm triangle. Punches to the head from Weidman but they seem very light, despite the dominant position. Weidman with elbows to the head. More elbows from Weidman and Akhmedov attempts to give up his back but Weidman moves him back to mount. Weidman again working for the arm triangle in the last minute. Weidman with punches to the body and head and then gives up the submission. Elbows to the head from Weidman. Weidman closes the round landing punches to the head. 10-8 Weidman, 29-27 overall

Official result - Chris Weidman (15-5) by uanimous decision (29-27 x 2; 29-28)

All media scores were for Weidman. 26% scored it 29-27, 74% scored it 29-28

> Derrick Lewis (#4, 23-7 1 NC, 14-5 UFC) vs. Aleksei Oleinik (#10, 59-13-1, 8-4 UFC)

Lewis lands some punches and takes Oleinik to the cage right away. Lewis throws him to the ground and landing a ton of punches to the head. Lewis settles into Oleinik's guard. Lewis briefly into mount and then moves into half guard. Oleiniki tying him up from guard. Oleinik gets to his feet at 2:15 and then takes Lewis down. Oleinik into side control and working for some kind of a choke. Lewis powers out and ends up on top, landing punches. Oleinik reverses position and ends up on top again and then moves right into side control. Oleinik with a side headlock and using Lewis' arm for leverage. Lewis powers out again but Oleinik keeps top control. Oleinik with a key lock as the round ends. 10-9 Oleinik

Lewis lands a flying knee to start round 2 and follows up with a punch and Oleinik is down. Lewis finishes him on the ground with punches to the head. 

Official result - Derrick Lewis (24-7) by TKO (punches) at 21 seconds of the 2nd round

Lewis set the record for most KOs by a UFC heavyweight with this win. He started off his interview by saying he needed to take a shit. He said he wants to get his weight down 15-20 pounds before taking another fight because the weight cut is hard. But first he wants to spend some time with his family.