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UFC on ESPN+ 38 live results: Brian Ortega vs. Korean Zombie

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC on ESPN+ 38: Ortega vs. The Korean Zombie, emanating from the Flash Forum on UFC Fight Island in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

The Octagon remains on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi for the fourth straight Saturday, this time with a show headlined by a featherweight bout that has been over a year in the making.

Former featherweight title challengers Brian Ortega and "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung will finally square off in the night's five-round headline bout. Ortega and Jung were originally scheduled to meet in December, but that was cancelled after Ortega suffered a knee injury. After several run-ins outside of the Octagon, they will finally step inside the Octagon, where it is expected that the winner will be next in line to challenge UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski.

In the co-main event, former women's flyweight title challenger Katlyn Chookagian welcomes former UFC Women's Strawweight Champion Jessica Andrade to the 125-pound division. Also on the main card is a light heavyweight fight between Jimmy Crute and Modestas Bukauskas, a welterweight bout between Claudio Silva and James Krause, and featherweights Thomas Almeida and Jonathan Martinez kick off the main card.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 4 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Said Nurmagomedov (13-2, 2-1 UFC) vs. Mark Striegl (18-2 1 NC, 0-0 UFC)

Both guys throwing kicks early. Striegl goes for a takedown but gets clipped with a punch that rocks him. He keeps going for it and Nurmagomedov just relentless with punches and he ends up on his back and Nurmagomedov finishes him on the ground with vicious punches and a couple elbows. 

Official result - Said Nurmagomedov (14-2) by TKO (punches) at 51 seconds

> Gadzhimurad Antigulov (20-7, 2-3 UFC) vs. Maxim Grishin (30-8-2, 0-1 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

Both guys keeping their distance early. Grishin throwing leg kicks while Antigulov is controlling the pace but not throwing much. Antigulov with a takedown attempt and they end up in a cage clinch. Antigulov lands some knees to the body before they separate midway through the round. Antigulov tries another takedown and eats some knees to the cut before giving up on it. Antigulov back to the cage clinch with 2minutes left. They separate without doing much and Grishin lands a nice punch/kick combo on the way out.  Close round, 10-9 Grishin

Antigulov takes the back standing to start round 2. He manages to drag Grishin down to the ground while still controlling his back. Angigulov landing knees to the thights and Grishin gets to his feet. Antigulov still holding onto his back though. Antigulov throws him down but Grishin gets right up and takes the back of Antigulov standing. Grishin landing punches to the head. They separate halfway through the round but Grishin takes him down again. Antigulov secures a guillotine on the way down. Grishin escapes and moves into mount. Grishing landing hard elbows to the head. Antigulov trying to use the cage to escape but the ref warns him for gripping the cage with his toes. More hard elbows to the top of the head by Grishin. Some looked like they were 12-6 and it's an inexperienced ref in there. Grishin landing a ton of punches and elbows to the head but Antigulov manages to escape and spring to his feet. Antigulov lands a nice punch combo against the cage but Grishin clinches up with 30 seconds left. Grishin with a 40-12 advantage in total strikes landed in round 2 with 20 seconds lef.t Grishin lands a flurry of punches against the cage and the ref stops the fight with seconds left as Antigulov wasn't defending at all. 

Official result - Maxim Grishin (31-8-2) by TKO (punches) at 4:58 of the 2nd round

> Jamie Mullarkey (12-3, 0-1 UFC) vs. Fares Ziam (10-3, 0-1 UFC)

Mullarkey catches a kick and goes for a takedown 30 seconds in. He completes it and moves him to the middle of the Octagon. Ziam manages to sweep, though, and and ends up in side control. Ziam landing punches and elbows to the head. Mullarkey manages to get to his feet 90 seconds in. Ziam throwing hard leg kicks. Mullarkey controlling the pace on the feet. Mullarkey throwing punches from distance but eating really hard kicks to the lead leg. Mullarkey tries to clinch but Ziam wants none of it. Ziam landing jabs as well and Mullarkey is cut on the bridge of his nose. Ziam with a takedown attempt and they end up in a cage clinch. Ziam gets a flash takedown but then takes the back standing. Mullarkey works him back to front position and gets Ziam down but Ziam right up as the round ends. 10-9 Ziam

Mullarkey lands a nice punch combo 20 seconds in. Mullarkey backs him up to the cage. Ziam breaks free but Mullarkey chasing after him, controlling the action. Strike count is close with Mullarkey leading 23-22 and actually landing more leg kicks but Ziam is definitely doing more damage. Mullarkey catches Ziam when he tries a jumping knee and working for a takedown. Mullarkey defends well and lands a nice knee to the chin. Mullarkey back to the cage clinch. Quick separation with neither guy doing damage. Mullarkey gets a takedown with 2 minutes left. Ziam up quickly but Mullarkey still controlling his body. Mullarkey takes him down again with 90 seconds left. Ref warns them to do more but Mullarkey just lying on him. Mullarkey does throw a couple punches to the body and head to avoid the standup. Ziam not really doing anything from his back. Ziam does get to his feet with 10 seconds left and Mullarkey lands a nice punch combo and throws him down as the round ends. 10-9 Mullarkey, 19-19

Mullarkey with a punch combo and then goes right to the cage clinch 30 seconds in. He tries the takedown but Ziam manages to reverse position and both guys right to the ir feet. Ziam with a takedown attempt but Mullarkey defends it and then takes Ziam down 1 minute in. Mullarkey just laying there in half guard and the ref probably won't let this go on too long. Ziam actually had a 39-36 advantage in strikes landed after 2 but the takedowns would've won the round for Mullarkey. Ref warns them to work 2 minutes in. Daniel Cormier is complaining about the ref not letting them work on the ground but they aren't doing anything. Ziam does get to his feet on his own but Mullarkey still controlling him against the cage. Mullarkey with a trip takedown and briefly moves into mount before Ziam works him back to guard. Mullarkey not doing much in the way of ground and pound. Ref warns them to work with a minute left. Mullarkey gets to mount but Ziam escapes and reverses position, ending up with top control. Ziam takes the back with 30 seconds left. Ziam landing punches to the head but Mullarkey escapes. Ziam takes the back again and lands punches to the head as the fight ends. Strong finish by Ziam but not enought o take the round or the fight, at least for me. 10-9 Mullarkey, 29-28 overall

Official result - Fares Ziam (11-3) by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

88% of the media scores were for Mullarkey but it wasn't like it was a horrible decision. Round 3 was very close. 

> Jun Yong Park (11-4, 1-1 UFC) vs. John Phillips (22-10 1 NC, 1-4 UFC)

Both guys keeping their distance early. Park gets a takedown 1 minute in. Phillips tyinig him up from his back. Phillips trying to get to his feet but Park sprawls to keep him down. Phillips does get up but Park takes his neck and drags him back down. Park takes the back 2 minutes in and landing punches to the head. Park securing a body lock and landing hammer fists to the side of the head. More punches from Park, who looks to be setting up a choke. Park flatttens him out with 2 minutes left and continuing to land punches. Hard hammer fists from Park. Phillips manages to get to his knees but Park still on his back and landing punches. Park with 44 to 0 advantage in ground strikes landed with just over a minute left. Park on his back now but still controlling the back of Phillips. Park moves to a sitting position, still working for the choke. More punches from Park and Phillips is just waiting for the round to end. 10-8 Park

Park takes Phillips down immediately and takes the back. Total strike count in round 1 was 68-0 for Phillips. Park did land something on the feet before the takedown as it's now 78-2 for Park. Park landing punches to the head but seems to be focusing more on working for a submission. Ref warning Phillips to work as Park is trying to secure a body lock. Park just continually landing punches on the gorund and Phillips doing nothing. Ground strikes are 150-0 midway through the 2nd round. Ref warning Phillips to defend himself with a minute left and Park is just relentless with the punches. It has be well over 200 and they're not like fight ending shots but it's a huge amount of volume and Phillips has nothing at all for him. Park continuing to land punches as the round ends. 10-8 Park, 20-16

They trade punches to start the round and Park gets a takedown 30 seconds in. Park has shattered the record for most strikes landed in a 3 round middleweight fight. Ground strike count is up to 235-0 90 seconds into round 3. Ref warning them to work and Park starts upping the volume of punches to the head. Park landing elbows to the head as well. Phillips is basically just trying to keep from being submitted but landing nothing in the way of offence. More punches and elbows from Park. Phillips does secure a body lock from his back. Someone is bleeding and it might be Park as Phillips' chest is covered in blood. No idea what would've cut Park as Phillips hasn't landed anything. Park takes the back with 90 seconds left. Park landing punches to the head and again seems to be setting up a choke. Phillips manages to work him back to guard. Park up to 280 strikes landed now. Park into side control with 15 seconds left. Elbows to the head from Park as the round ends. 10-8 Park, 30-24

Official result - Jun Yong Park (12-4) by unanimous decision (30-25 x 3)

Park set a UFC record for ground strikes landed in any division in any fight, including 5 rounders, with 286 landed. Of course all media scores were for Park with most scoring it 30-24. 

> Gillian Robertson (#15, 8-4, 5-2 UFC) vs. Poliana Botelho (8-2, 3-1 UFC)
Women's Flyweights

Robertson immediately shoots for a takedown but Botelho sprawling out of it and landing punches to the head. Robertson takes it to the cage but Botelho quickly takes control. Botelho lands knees to the body and they break 90 seconds in. Botelho lands nice kicks to the leg and body. Robertson with another takedown attempt but Botelho defends it well. Kick combo from Botelho with 90 seconds left. Robertson throwing some kicks and punches but most of them missing. Robertson gets a takedown with 45 seconds left and moves right into side control. Botelho works her back to half guard. Knees to the body from Robertson. More knees from Robertson as the round ends. Close round, 10-9 Robertson

Botelho landing leg kicks to start the round but Robertson gets a takedown 30 seconds in. Botelho trying to tie up Robertson with a body lock. Ref warns them to work as they are in a bit of a stalemate position on the ground although both are landing strikes. Robertson moves into half guard and landing punches to the thighs and then slides into side control with 2 minutes left. Botelho works her back to side control but Robertson moves into mount with 90 seconds left. Botelho does manage to work her back to half guard. Robertson back into mount with 1 minute left. Robertson landing elbows to the head. Robertson landing punches to the head as the round ends. 10-8 Robertson, 20-17

Botelho has a huge bruise that's swelling under her right eye coming out for the 3rd. Robertson gets a takedown 45 seconds in after eating a few punches on the feet. Robertson concentraiting more on setting up a submission here than landing ground and pound. Robertson into half guard two minutes in. Robertson moves into mount at the midway point of the round, landing punches and elbows to the head. Robertson with a 45-2 advantage in ground strikes landed. More elbows to the head from Robertson. Ref warning Botelho to fight back. Elbows and punches from Robertson with 1 minute left. Robertson takes the back with 30 seconds left and continuing to land punches to the head. 10-8 Robertson, 30-25

Official result - Gillian Robertson (9-4) by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27 x 2)

Robertson was disappointed that she didn't get a finish as it was her first win by decision in her career. She asked for a fight against anyone ranked ahead of her, specifically mentioning Antonina Shevchenko, the sister of Valentina, the champion of the division. 

All media scores were for Robertson and 29-26 was the most popular score, meaning 10-8's in each of the 2nd and 3rd rounds. 

> Mateusz Gamrot (17-0 1 NC, 0-0 UFC) vs. Guram Kutateladze (11-2, 0-0 UFC)

Guram opens with a body kick. Gamrot controlling the pace to start. Gamrot gets a takedown 1 minute in. Guram looking for submissions from his back. Gamrock with punches to the head while defending an armbar attempt. Guram with a heel hook attempt. Gamrot with a leglock of his own but both escape and to their feet midway through the round. Guram landing hard leg kicks from distance. Gamrot blocked on a takedown attempt. More hard kicks from Guram. Gamrot really bothered by the leg kicks as he's starting to back up after absorbing them. Gamrot with  a flash takedown but both to their feet quickly. 10-9 Kutateladze 

Guram drops Gamrot with a punch to open the round but he gets right up. Speculation that Gamrot may have broken one of his hands in the first. Guram controlling the pace in this round. Gamrot with a takedown attempt defended well by Guram. Nice punch exchange 90 seconds in with both guys landing hard shots. Gamrot gets a takedown midway through the round but Guram right up. Gamrot lands a couple of front kicks. Punch/kick combo from Guram. Gamrot gets a takedown with 90 seconds left. Guram with an Oma Plata attempt from his back. Gamrot defends that and settles into guard. Guram landing elbows from his back. Guram to his feet with 45 seconds left. Guram defends a takedown as the round ends but eats a hard shot to the head in the process. Close round. 10-9 Kutateladze, 20-18 overall

Gamrot with a takedown attempt to start the round but Guram defends it. Gamrot with another takedown attempt blocked 1 minute in. Gamrot gets a takedown 2 minutes in. Guram looking more tired now and not tryiing much from his back. He does get to his feet with 2 minutes left. Guram leading the action on the feet. Gamrot with another takedown attempt with a minute left but Guram stuffs it. Nice front kick from Gamrot rocks Guram. Gamrot with a 17-9 advantage in signficant strikes landed in round 3 and gets a takedown with 30 seconds left. Gamrot landing punches on the ground and elbows as the fight ends. 10-9 Gamrot, 29-28 overall for Kutateladze

Official result - Guram Kutateladze (12-2) by split decision (28-29; 29-28 x 2)

Strange moment after the fight as Guram Kutateladze did not want to a post-fight interview and said that he doesn't believe he won. He said that Gamrot took him down many times and should've won and he apologized to Gamrot, saying it was his fight and he didn't deserve the decision. 

82% of the media scores were for Kutateladze and all scores were 29-28 one way or the other. 


> Thomas Almeida (22-3, 5-3 UFC) vs. Jonathan Martinez (12-3, 3-2 UFC)

Both guys trading kicks to start. Martinez landing more of the kicks in the opening minute but Almedia landing occasional punches to the head as well. Martinez with a sneaky little punch combo 90 seconds in. Martinez lands a nice head kick midway through the round. Most of the round, tho, they're just keeping their distance and not throwing much. Punch combo from Almeida with 90 seconds left. Martinez with cage control in the last minute. Martinez with a couple kicks to the body in the last 15 seconds as he chases Almedia down. 10-9 Martinez

Martinez leadning the action early in the 2nd and a little more active with punches this round. Almeida answering back with some shorts but not nearly as active. Almedia drops Martinez with a left hook but he gets right up. Other than that shot, though, Almedia having a hard time finding his range and eating more shots than he's landing. Strike count is close, though, with a 34-31 advantage for Martinez. Almeida with 12 leg kicks and Martinez with 12 body kicks. Almedia with a punch combo right at the end of hte round. Another close one. 10-9 Almeida, 19-19 after 2

Martinez landing punches to start the round .Almeida with a takedown attempt but eats a knee to the body as Martinez defends it. Almeida with a punch combo 90 seconds in. Martinez fires back with a nice left that rocks Almeida. Martinez rocks Almeida with another punch combo 2 minutes in. Almeida with a half hearted takedown attempt easily blocked. Almeida with a ncie punch combo that backs up Martinez. Great punch exchange with 90 seconds left. Another takedown attempt from Almeida blocked. Almeida and Martinez have each landed 24 significant strikes with 30 seconds left. Almeida with another takedown attempt as the fight ends and lands a knee to the body just before the buzzer. 10-9 Martinez , 29-28 overall

Official result - Jonathan Martinez (13-3) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Media scores were all for Martinez with 87% scoring it 30-27

> Claudio Silva (14-1, 5-0 UFC) vs. James Krause (27-8, 8-4 UFC)

Silva advancing to start. Both throwing wide looping kicks that aren't coming close. Silva moves in for a takedown but backs off quickly. Krause lands a body shot that clearly hurts Silva. Silva is very slow with his punches and kicks that are not even coming close to landing. Silva gets a takedown 2 minutes in. Krause up immediately but Silva on his back. Silva pulls him back down and looking for a choke. Krause up but Silva still controlling the back. Knees to the legs from Silva. Krause breaks free with 2 minutes left. Wild punches from both guys and a couple of them land. Silva rocks Krause with one of those punches but he's getting tired as well. Krause sprawls out of a takedown attempt with 1 minute left. Krause lands a hard left with 45 seconds left. Silva with a nice punch combo with 20 seconds left. Krause backs up Silva with punches. Silva with a takedown attempt but Krause sprawls out as the round ends. 10-9 Krause

Krause lands a hard right hook to open the round. Silva winding up for these wide looping shots and eating counters from Krause almost every time. Silva with a takedown attempt and Krause just runs away. Silva seems to be a bit more active this round but still not landing much. Krause may be slowing down. Silva with a takedown attempt 90 with 90 seconds left but Krause sprawls out. Silva lands a couple nice shots with 40 seconds left. Nice punch exchange with both guys landing good shots with 30 seconds left. Silva with a punch combo right before the round ends. 10-9 Krause, 20-18

Krause having problems with his knee coming in for the third and he's having a hard time standing after Silva lands leg kicks a few times in the first minute. Total strike count is actually very close. Silva targeting the leg as the kicks are clearly bothering Krause. Krause still landing counter strikes when Silva winds up for his looping ones. Punch combo from Silva and then a leg kick. Krause with a 65-57 advantage in significant strikes landed. Silva has landed 16 of those to the leg. Krause with a takedown attempt blocked with 1:15 left. total strikes now 69-64 for Silva so he's clsoing the gap. Silva has abandoned the leg kick late in the round for some reason. Silva advancing in the last minute. 10-9 Silva, 29-28 Krause overall

Official result - James Krause (28-8) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

When Krause was asked what he wants to do next, he said he wants to go home and get the hell off this island because the sleep schedule is terrible. But he did say he was glad that they put this together so fans at home have fights to watch. 

All media scores were for Krause with 55% scoring it 29-28

> Jimmy Crute (11-1, 3-1 UFC) vs. Modestas Bukauskus (11-2, 1-0 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

Crute throwing punches to start and then shoots for a takedown 20 seconds in. He ends up in control of a cage clinch. Crute throwing knees to the body and one of them lands low, causing a break. Bukauskus only takes a few seconds. Crute landing hard leg kicks and then a hard right to the head. Bukauskus landing leg kicks as well. Crute drops Bukauskus with a punch. He gets up on wobbly legs and Crute drops him again and moves in to land ground and pound but the ref stops it. 

Official result - Jimmy Crute (12-1) by KO (punch) at 2:01

> Katlyn Chookagian (#1, 14-3, 7-3 UFC) vs. Jessica Andrade (#2 WSW, 20-8, 11-6 UFC)
Women's Flyweights

Andrade clinches up on the cage to start. Andrade takes her down 45 seconds in. This is her flyweight debut and she is trying to become the first female to win in 3 different UFC weight classes. Chookagian working for a submission from her back. Andrade to her feet but Chookagian stays on her back before Andrade backs off and forces her up. Andrade drops Chookagian with a leg kick but lets her right back up. Chookagian with a huge height and reach advantage but so far isn't taking advantage. Andrade clinches up on the cage with 2 minutes left. Andrade with foot stomps and punches to hte body before they separate. Andrade gets a takedown with 45 seconds left and landing punches to the head but Chookagian up quickly. Chookagain controlling the clinch but backs off. Chookagian took a shot to the body and favoring it and Andrade moves in for the kill and Chookagian slumps to the matt in pain and the ref stops it. 

Official result - Jessica Andrade (21-8) by TKO (punches) at 4:55

She says she came up with the strategy for this fight in the locker room, thinking that she should target the body due to all the weight that Chookagian had to cut for this fight. 

> Brian Ortega (#2, 14-1 1 NC, 6-1 1 NC UFC) vs. Chan Sung Jung (#4, 17-5, 6-2 UFC)

Jung, of course, is best known as the Korean Zombie and comes in as a slight favorite and is likely to get a title shot with a win. Ortega has a new look, having had to shave his head to make weight for this fight. 

Zombie controlling the pace early. Zombie throwing light leg kicks which seem to be more about positoning than anything else. Leg kicks coming harder 90 seconds in from Zombie. Ortega seems to be waiting. Ortega starting to throw leg kicks as well. Both guys continuing to land hard leg kicks. Ortega already showing damage on his lead leg. Punch combo from Ortega with 1:15 left. Ortega drops Zombie with a punch after catching a kick but lets him right up. Zombie with a punch combo with 40 seconds left. Kick combo from Ortega with 20 seconds left. 10-9 Ortega

Zombie controlling the pace to start the 2nd. Zombie a little more active early. Ortega with a takedown attempt blocked by Zombie. Zombie with a nice punch combo midway through the round. Zombie with a nice punch combo against the cage and follows up with a nice uppercut. Ortega answers with a hard body kick. Zombie moves in for a punch and gets dropped with a spinning elbow. Ortega lets him up and and Zombie firing back with punches. Ortega gets a takedown with 30 seconds left. Zombie up quickly but Ortega takes him down again. Ortega with elbows to the head as the round ends. 10-9 Ortega, 20-18 

Round 3 starts more in the centre with neither guy in control but eventually Zombie takes it again. Ortega keeping out of range and throwing occasional punches that seem to be finding their target. Zombie looks like he's fully recovered from the damage at the end of round 2. Ortega lands a hard body kick 2 minutes in. Zombie with a nice punch combo at the midway point of the round. They trade hard jabs. Ortega lands a nice body shot after faking a takedown. Ortega witha 19-8 advantage in significant strikes landed in round 3 and up 61-37 overall. Zombie rocks him with a punch but Ortega lands a hard front kick right before the buzzer. 10-9 Ortega, 30-27 overall

Zombie once again with Octagon control early in the 4th. Strike count 69-42 going into the 4th. Zombie landing occasional shots but eating hard counter strikes. Ortega with a takedown attempt and then lands a punch to the eye to knock Zombie down 2 minutes in. Zombie right up but gets his with another punch. Ref stops the fight to look at the cut around Zombie's left eye. He allows it to continue. Ortega targeting the cut with his punches. Both guys continuing to land hard leg kicks. Strike count now 81-47 with 90 seconds left in the 4th. Ortega with a takedown attempt late in the round but Zombie defends it well. 10-9 Ortega, 40-36 overall

Zombie pushing the pace in the final round as he has done all fight. Ortega throwing leg kicks early. Zombie seems reluctant to throw anything as he keeps eating counters when he does. Nice punch combo from Ortega at 1:15. Ortega landing crisp jabs that are rocking Zombie. Zombie continuing to advance but eating these hard jabs from Ortega. Cut on Zombie is just pouring lblood now as well. Great punch combo from Oretag with a 1:15 left. Ortega has 105 significant strikes landed with 30 seconds left. His best is 110. Both guys still landing strikes as the fight ends. 10-9 Ortega, 50-45 overall

Official result - Brian Ortega (15-1) by unanimous decision (50-45 x 3)

Both guys bowed to each other in the corner after the fight. Ortega said that he had to rework his game to become better at all aspects of MMA. Dana White, at cageside, said that Ortega's next fight will be against Alexander Volkanovski for the title. 

All media scores were for Ortega with 95% scoring it 50-45