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UFC on ESPN 7 live results: Overeem vs. Rozenstruik

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC On ESPN 7: Overeem vs. Rozenstruik, emanating from the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C.

The Octagon heads back to our nation's capital for the first time in over eight years with a heavyweight main event featuring a long-time veteran taking on a rising prospect.

Former UFC title challenger Alistair Overeem looks to make it three straight wins when he takes on undefeated Jair Rozenstruik in the five-round headline bout. Overeem has scored back-to-back knockout wins in his last two fights while Rozenstruik takes this opportunity on short notice after a 29-second knockout of Andrei Arlovski at UFC 244 in November.

Also on the main card is a women's strawweight bout between Marina Rodriguez and Cynthia Calvillo, a heavyweight bout as Stefan Struve returns from a brief retirement to take on Ben Rothwell, and a bantamweight bout between Cody Stamann and rising prospect Song Yadong.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 5:45 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Makhmud Muradov (23-6, 1-0 UFC) vs. Trevor Smith (15-9, 5-6 UFC)

Smith with early Octagon control and nails Muradov with a low blow about a minute in. Muradov nails him with a nice counter on the restart that rocks Smith. Muradov landing a lot of jabs from distance and occasional combinations when he moves in. Muradov takes over cage control in the second half of the round. Head strikes are 12-1 for Muradov through 4 minutes. Muradov with a nice punch combo including a hard body shot at 4:15. Flying knee for Muradov right before the buzzer. 10-9 Muradov

Round 2 starts the same as the first ended. Smith starting to throw leg kicks to counter the jabs. Nice punch combo from Muradov after Smith moves in for a takedown attempt. Smith lands a couple of nice looping shots but gets tagged with counters at 2:30. Head strikes 36-11 for Muradov through 9 minutes of the fight. Smith takes it to a cage clinch at 4:30 but Muradov breaks free quickly. Muradov targeting the body with punches more now. Muradov with a knockdown and takes the back right as the round ends. 10-9 Muradov, 20-18

Smith's corner correctly tells him he needs a finish in round 3 but he comes out the same as he did for the first two and getting pegged off by punches from distance by Muradov. Muradov with a 20-7 advantage in body strikes landed through 11 minutes. Great punch combo by Muradov backs up Smith at 2:30. Muradov lands a hard head kick and follows up with punches. Muradov knocks Smith out cold with after a body shot and then a right cross to the head with just under a minute left. 

Official result - Makhmud Muradov (24-6) by KO (punch) at 4:09 of the third round

> Virna Jandiroba (14-1, 0-1 UFC) vs. Mallory Martin (6-2, 0-0 UFC)
Women's Strawweights

Martin opens with a punch combo but gets taken down by Jandiroba. Martin with a guillotine on the way down. Jandiroba escapes and in top position at 1:00. Martin secures the guillotine again at 1:30. Jandiroba moves into mount and escapes the choke. Jandiroba with an arm triangle at 2:00. Martin escapes and to her feet at 2:30. Martin takes it to a cage clinch at 3:15. Jandiroba with knees to the body and they separaste at 3:45. Martin landing far more on the feet. Jandiroba with a takedown and again Martin secures a guillotine at 4:30. Jandiroba escapes and landing punches to the body and head. 10-9 Jandiroba

Jandiroba gets a takedown to open round 2 and takes the back. Jandiroba quickly secures a body lock. Jandiroba with a rear naked choke at 1:00. Martin fights it off but Jandiroba readjusts and Martin is forced to tap. 

Official result - Virna Jandiroba (15-1) by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:16 of the 2nd round


> Joseph Solecki (8-2, 0-0 UFC) vs. Matt Wiman (16-8, 10-6 UFC)

Solecki opens with a takedown off of a leg kick by Wiman. Solecki landing punches to the body and head and postures up a bit to improve position before going back into Wiman's guard. Solecki landing hard punches to the head. as he tries to advance. Wiman throws up an elbow to the head and then eats a series of punches. Solecki takes the back and just pours on the punches and then secures a rear naked choke as Wiman tries to get up. More punches from Solecki and this is close to being stopped. Solecki lets up and looks to be setting up a submission. Total strikes are 47-4 for Solecki. More punches from Solecki and Wiman trying to block them but most are getting through. 10-8 Solecki

Solecki with a takedown 30 seconds in. Wiman with a weak guillotine attempt but Solecki pops out quickly and into Wiman's guard. Solecki landing a lot of punches again to the head and body. Solecki lands a nice elbow that may have opened a cut on the forehead of Wiman. Solecki postures up and landing hard punches to the head from his feet. Ref warns them of a standup, which would be to Wiman's advantage. Solecki continuing to land hard punches to the head. More punches to the body and head as Solecki goes back into the guard. Ref stands them up at 3:45, which was questionable at best. Wiman with a nice punch combo at 4:30. Solecki with a takedown. Wiman secures a guillotine at 4:45. 10-9 Solecki, 20-17

Solecki has a 116-0 advantage in ground strikes landed and gets a takedown 30 sconds into the third. Solecki not throwing as many strikes this round and looks to be working harder to advance. He starts to land punches to the body and head at 1:45. Heavy punches and elbows to the head at 2:30 from Solecki. Wiman may have landed an elbow from his back. One. Solecki moves into side control at 3:30. Solecki with knees to the body. Solecki takes the back at 3:45 and landing more punches to the head. Solecki with the body lock and working for a rear naked choke. Solecki working hard for the submission but Wiman reverses position and ends the fight on top. 10-8 Solecki, 30-25

Official result - Joseph Solecki (9-2) by unanimous decision (30-26 x 2; 30-27)

> Bryce Mitchell (11-0, 2-0 UFC) vs. Matt Sayles (8-2, 1-1 UFC)
Featherweights* (Sayles missed weight by 2.5 pounds)

Mitchell gets a takedown 15 seconds in. Mitchell quickly into side control. Sayles works him back to guard at 1:00 but eating punches to the head. Mitchell moves into mount at 1:30. Sayles gets him back to guard quickly. Mitchell looks to be setting up a triangle. Mitchell back into mount at 2:15. Mitchell with body punches as he continues to work the triangle. More punches to the head from Mitchell. Mitchell takes the back as Sayles tries to get to his feet at 3:45. Mitchell with a body triangle but Sayles fights it off. Mitchell with a Twister and gets the quick tap. 

Official result - Bryce Mitchell (12-0) by submission (Twister) at 4:20

> Billy Quarantillo (12-2, 0-0 UFC) vs. Jacob Kilburn (8-2, 0-0 UFC)

Kilburn moves in for a takedown to start but Quarantillo with a Thai Clinch to block it and landing knees to the body before securing a standing guillotine. He drags Kilburn to the mat while still holding on to the guillotine. It looked like Kilburn may have tapped but the ref didn't stop it. He lets go of the choke and moves into mount while landing punches to the head. Quarantillo landing more punches and then takes the back. He secures a body lock. Kilburn gives up the back but eats more punches before Quarantillo goes back into mount. Hard elbows and punches ot the head from Quarantillo. Ref is ready to stop it as Kilburn is not defending at all. total strikes are 50-4 through 3 minutes. Quarantillo takes the back again and secures a read naked choke. Kilburn fights it off for a long time and manages to escape at 4:15. More punches from Quarantillo. Quarantillo secures the choke briefly again but Kilburn fights it off. Kilburn manages to survive the round somehow. 10-8 Kilburn....you could almost go 10-7. Actually, it was a 10-7 Kilburn round

Quarantillo gets a takedown to start. Announcers actually saying it should've been a 10-7 round, which you never hear. Quarantillo into mount 1:00 in and landing hard punches to the head and body and was going for an armbar as well. Kilburn barely blocking the bunches and the ref really should be stopping this. Quarantillo takes the back and continuing to land punches to the head while setting up a choke. Quarantillo with the rear naked choke again but Kilburn blocking it. Total strikes now 102-6. Quarantillo with an armbar attempt and then transitions to a triangle and gets the tap. 

Official result - Billy Quarantillo (13-2) via submission (triangle) at 3:18 of the 2nd round. 

> Thiago Alves (23-14, 15-10 UFC) vs. Tim Means (28-11-1 1 NC, 10-8 1 NC UFC)

Means lands a few punches to start but Alves throwing hard leg kicks. Means with a takedown attempt 30 seconds in blocked by Alves. Nice punch exchange at 1:15 with both guys landing hard shots. Means with a huge welt on his body from an Alves kick. Means with another takedown attempt at 1:45. He ends up in control of a cage clinch. Spinning elbow from Means followed up by punches to the body. Means knocks down Alves with a punch and all over him on the ground with punches. Alves cowering up and Means grabs a front choke. Alves taps quickly. 

Official result - Tim Means (29-11-1) by submission (front choke)


I should point out that this show is dedicated to the late Stuart Scott, who passed away from cancer five years ago, and it's called UFC Fight Like Hell Night. There have been video packages throughout the show involving UFC fighters and/or their family members who have fought the disease including Joe Lauzon and his son, Cody Garbrandt and his friend Maddux and Cynthia Calvillo. The show kicked off with a tribute to Scott, who was a big UFC fan, by Sportscenter anchor Scott Van Pelt. 

> Rob Font (#10, 16-4, 6-3 UFC) vs. Ricky Simon (15-2, 3-1 UFC)

Font establishes Octagon control to start. Font with a takedown 30 seconds in but Simon right up. Simon in control of a cage clinch at 45 seconds. Knees to the body from Simon and they separate. Font with a huge punch combo followed by a head kick. Font stuffs a takedown attempt at 1:30. Simon rocks Font with a punch combo and follows up with an elbow to the head. Simon with a takedown at 2:30. Font to his feet quickly but eats knees to the head and body on the way up. Simon throws him down again at 3:00. Font to his feet at 3:30. Nice punch combo from Font at 4:00. Simon with a takedown after missing a spinning elbow at 4:15. Simon with a 16-15 advantage in significant strikes landed. Font to his feet at 4;45. Font chasing Simon down as the round ends. 10-9 Simon

Font pushing the pace to start the second and blocks a Simon takedown attempt early. Another takedown attempt from Simon after landing a hard punch to the body. Font rocks Simon with a punch combo and then blocks another takedown attempt at 1:30. Strike count now 31-28 for Font. Head kick and a punch combo from Font backs Simon up at 2:00. Simon with a takedown at 2:15 but Font gets right up. Font starting to pick off Simon with hard punches to the head. Font with a 33-18 advantage in head strikes landed. Hard body punch combo from Font at 3:30. Simon with a takedown at 4:15. Font up at 4:45 without taking any damage. 10-9 Font, 19-19

Both corners tell the fighter that they're tied 1-1 and need the last round. Simon shoots for a takedown 1:00 in but stuffed. Font lands a nice punch combo as Simon is attempting another takedown. Simon with a nice punch to the body as he starts to establish cage control. Simon with a takedown but Font with a choke attempt. Simon escapes easily and ends up on top. Font scrambles to his feet at 2:45. Font landing nice jabs on the feet at 3;15. Nice punch combo from Font at 3:30. Simon really seems to be tiring. Font with a 26-13 advantage in significant strikes landed in the 3rd round. Simon badly misses a takedown attempt at 4:30. 10-9 Font, 29-28 overall

Official result - Rob Font (17-4) by unanimous decision (29-28 x 2; 30-27)

> Cody Stamann (#9, 18-2, 4-1 UFC) vs. Song Yadong (#13, 14-4 1 NC, 4-0 UFC)

Crowd getting restless less than a minute in as it's a feeling out process and this night has been all action so far. Song with a nice punch combo that backs up Stamann 1:00 in. Spinning head kick by Song grazes Stamann. Takedown by Stamann at 2:00. Song uses a guillotine to get to his feet. Song with a knee to the head while Stamann has both knees down, which is blatantly illegal. Song deducted a point for that. Song pushing the pace after the restart. Song more active on the feet so this will be tough to score. Song stuffs a takedown attempt at 4:45. Stamann ends up completing it as the round ends and it might be enough to steal a close round. 10-8 Stamann

Song stuffs a takedown attempt 45 seconds in. Nice punch combo from Stamann at 1:00. Song backs up Stamann with punches at 1:45. Stamann with a takedown at 2:30. Stamann uses a pro wrestling cradle move, which is weird. Song tries to take the back but Stamann stands up to avoid it at 3:00. Nice punch exchange at 3:15. Stamann with a takedown at 3;30. Song throwing light punches from the ground but Stamann content to just lay on top. Song scrambles into top position with 30 seconds left and landing punches. Another close round. 10-9 Stamann, 20-17 overall

Song pushing the pace to start the third. Stamann with a takedown 1:00 in. Song trying to secure a kneebar but Stamann defends that and maintains top position. Stamann takes the back at 2:15 but Song slides him. Stamann ends up back in Song's guard. Stamann with punches to the body. Punches to the body and head by Stamann at 3:45 as he is doing just enough to avoid a standup. Stamann takes the back at 4:15 and working for a rear naked choke. Stamann sweeps into mount. Song gives up his back again at 4:45. Stamann goes back into half guard and landing hammer fists as the fight ends. 10-9 Stamann, 30-26 overall

Official result - majority draw (29-27 Stamann; 28-28 x 2)

> Aspen Ladd (#5, 8-1, 3-1 UFC) vs. Yana Kunitskaya (#7, 12-4 1 NC, 2-1 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

Kunitskaya goes to the cage clinch early. Ref breaks it up due to Kunitskaya grabbing the fence. Kunitskaya targeting the body with punches and then goes right back to the clinch at 1:30. Kunitskaya landing more punches to the body. Ladd gets a takedown at 3:00. Ladd not doing any ground and pound but trying to advance position to avoid a standup. Ref warns them to work at 4:00 so Ladd lands some elbows to the head. Ladd takes the back with 30 seconds left and landing a ton of punches to the head. Ladd with a body lock and just relentless with the punches. Kunitskaya reverses position before the end of the round but the late flurry makes it 10-9 Ladd

Kunitskaya throwing leg kicks to start the round. Ladd with a takedown at 1:15 but Kunitskaya is right up. Might not even be an official takedown. Kunitskaya controlling a cage clinch and landing knees to the body. Separation at 3:00 after knees to the body from Kunitskaya. Ladd with a takedown at 3:30. Ladd with elbows to the head at 4:15 but they don't land hard. Close round that will likely go to Ladd with the top control time 10-9 Ladd, 20-18 overall

Ladd knocks down Kunitskaya with the first punch of the round and then just all over her with punches and elbows. Repeated elbows to the head are unblocked and the ref stops it. 

Official result - Aspen Ladd (9-1) by TKO (elbows) at 33 seconds of the third round

> Stefan Struve (29-11, 13-9 UFC) vs. Ben Rothwell (36-12, 6-6 UFC)

Both guys throwing leg kicks early. Punch combo from Rothwell at 45 seconds. Struve landing hard leg kicks that are affecting Rothwell's movement less than 2 minutes in. Punch combo from Struve at 1:30. Rothwell clinches up on the cage at 1:45. Ref warns them to work at 2;15. They separate on their own at 3:15. Struve lands a nice head kick. Rothwell drops Struve hard with a low blow. Struve flat on his back with his face buried in the canvas and the doctor gets called in. The crowd reactions to Stefan Struve trying to recover from the nut shot was something to behold. Essentially they did the yay/boo spot every time he either went down or got up. Struve continuing to land leg kicks after the restart. Rothwell clinches up before the round ends. 10-9 Struve

Struve with a 27-13 advantage in significant strikes landed. Nice punch exchange 1:00 in. Struve continuing to land leg kicks. Rothwell clinches up on the cage at 1:15. They separate at 2:00. Kick combo from Struve at 2:15. Back to the cage clinch with Rothwell in control at 2:45. Struve with 15 leg kicks so far. Separation at 3:30 after some body punches by Rothwell. Rothwell drops Struve again with a kick to the groin and this fight is likely over. The ref tells Struve that Rothwell will lose a point if he continues and that he's probably winning the fight anyway. Rothwell does lose a point and the fight is going to continue. Rothwell with a furious punch combo on the restart.. Rothwell rocks him with an uppercut at 4:15. Rothwell stalking Struve. Great punch exchange at 4:45. Rothwell drops Struve with punches and Struve is down and the ref stops it. 

Official result - Ben Rothwell (37-12) by TKO (punches) at 4:57 of the 2nd round

> Marina Rodriguez (#9, 13-0-1, 2-0-1 UFC) vs. Cynthia Calvillo (#10, 8-1, 5-1 UFC)
Women's Strawweights* (Calvillo missed weight by 4.5 pounds)

Both ladies keeping their distance early. Calvillo with a takedown at 1:45. Rodriguez to her feet at 2:30 without taking any damage. Rodriguez lands a nice punch/elbow combo that rocks Calvillo. Rodriguez with a head kick that hands hard. Calvillo initiates a cage clinch at 3:30. Separation at 3;45 and Rodriguez lands a nice head kick. Rodriguez with knees to the head and Cavlillo is reeling. Cavlillo lands a punch combo at 4;15. Cavlillo gets a takedown at 4:30. Calvillo into mount quickly and landing punches to the head. Not enough to steal the round but good for her momentum heading into the 2nd. 10-9 Rodriguez

Back and forth to start the second with both girls landing occasional shots but no sustained momentum early for either of them. Rodriguez seems to be landing more but nothing significant. Rodriguez blocks a takedown attempt at 3:30. Head strikes are 25-15 for Rodriguez through 9 minutes. Punch/kick combo from Rodriguez hurts Calvillo. Rodriguez targeting the body. Knees to the body and head from Rodriguez at 4:15. Rodriguez has landed 17 body strikes so far. Flying knee by Rodriguez lands right before the end of the round. 10-9 Rodriguez, 20-18 overall

Cal villo geta a takedown at 1:00 of the third. OCalvillo ends up in mount and attempting a guillotine but it looks very awkward. Rodriguez works her back to guard. Cavlillo with elbows to the head. Calvillo with a Kimura attempt and landing elbows to the back at 2:15. Calvillo takes the back and secures a body lock while trying to set up a rear naked choke. Calvillo landing hard punches to the head at 3:00. Rodriguez in a lot of trouble. Calvillo just unloading on Rodriguez with punches while still controlling her back. Rodriguez works her back to guard at 3:45. Calvillo gets back to mount and landing a ton of punches. Rodriguez trying to give up her back but Calvillo continues to punch. Rodriguez somehow gets to her feet at 4:30. Round 3 total strikes are 69-5 for Calvillo. 10-8 Calvillo, 28-28 overall

Official result - majority draw (29-28; 28-28 x 2)

> Alistair Overeem (#6, 45-17 1 NC, 10-6 UFC) vs. Jair Rozenstruik (#14, 9-0, 3-0 UFC)

Both guys landing leg kicks early. Rozenstruik slightly more active on the feet. Overeem gets a takedown and moves into side control. Rozenstruik quickly works him to half guard. Overeem not doing a lot with his position. Just his fifth takedown in UFC in a long career. Rozenstruik to his feet but Overeem takes the back and drags him back down at 3:45. Overeem back into half guard at 4:00. Overeem with hard elbows to the head at 4:30. 10-9 Overeem

Early takedown attempt by Overeem results in a cage clinch. Rozenstruik takes control briefly but Overeem attempts another takedown and gets the control back at 2;00. Overeem with knees to the body. Ref warns them to work at 2:45 and then breaks them up right away. Overeem throwing kicks from distance. Overeem blocking most of the punches that are coming from Rozenstruik. Rozenstruik lands 3 punches in a row at 4:15, his most sustained offence, but they don't have much effect. Rozenstruik backs up Overeem with more punches but he blocks most of them. Close round. 10-9 Overeem, 20-18

Rozenstruik opens with a punch/kick combo. Overeem with a takedown attempt and they end up in a cage clinch. Rozenstruik manages to separate quickly without taking too much damage. Overeem actually looks a little more tired early in the third even though it's the first time Rozenstruik has fought this long in UFC. Overeem with a 33-23 advantage in significant strikes landed. Total strikes landed is closer at 49-45. Rozenstruik stuffs a takedown attempt at 3:15. Overeem in control of a cage clinch once again. Crowd starting to boo the fight. Overeem takes him down at 3:45. The first time since 2008 that Overeem has 2 takedowns in a fight. Overeem landing punches and elbows to the head while maintaining top control. Hard punches and elbows to the head with 15 seconds left. Overeem to his feet right before the buzzer but Rozenstruik stays on his back. 10-9 Overeem, 30-27

Overeem advancing to start round 4. Rozenstruik landing occasional punches. Overeem with hard leg kicks. Overeem blocked on a takedown attempt. Rozenstruik with a nice combo of punches and a knee to the body. Overeem blocks most of them but some got through. Both guys land hard jabs from distance around 2:30. Overeem bleeding from the nose. Head kick by Rozenstruik followed up by punches. Overeem again blocking most but he was reeling. Rozenstruik with a 21-14 advantage in significant strikes landed in round 4. Crowd booing at the end of the round. Rozenstruik closes with a nice flurry. 10-9 Rozenstruik, 39-37 Overeem overall after 4

Rozenstruik comes out firing with punches and kicks to start the final round. Overeem with another takedown attempt blocked. Overeem lands a couple of looping lefts at 1:15 and then clinches up on the cage. Quick separation. Back to the clinch with Overeem in control. Overeem pulls guard but both get to their feet at 2:15. This is actually the first time Overeem has ever been in a fifth round. 66-63 advantage in significant strikes landed for Overeem so it's very close. Rozenstruik stalking Overeem at 3:30 and landing single punches but no combos. Rozenstruik landing jabs from distance at 4:00. Loud boos from the crowd, who were spoiled by the action fights earlier. Rozenstruik blocks a takedown attempt at 4:30. Overeem dropped at the end of the round and the ref stops it as Overeem gets up with wobbly legs. 

Official result - Jair Rozenstruik (10-0) by KO (punch) at 4:56 of the final round. 

The punch by Jair Rozenstruik literally knocked the lip off of Overeem's mouth. Ref didn't stop it right away but when Overeem stood up, he couldn't stand and then the ref saw his lip and stopped it. It has to be the latest stoppage in UFC heavyweight history. 

Overeem was likely winning the fight before the KO but he took a beating in the last minute and the stoppage was completely justified and not a lot of refs would've done that. This was a very impressive performance by someone who made himself a world title contender. Rozenstruik wants to fight again in March or April and challenged Francis N'Gannou. That is absolutely the fight to make with the winner getting a title shot. He called his Dad into the ring and he said he fights to make his Mom and Dad proud. 

The scorecards had Overeem up 4 rounds to none which is actually kind of wrong but Rozenstruik never stopped fighting and pulled out a literal last second win.