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UFC Fight Night 118 live results: Donald Cerrone vs. Darren Till

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC Fight Night 118: Cerrone vs. Till, emanating from the Ergo Arena in Gdansk, Poland.

The Octagon is in Poland for the second time, debuting in Gdansk, and the UFC brings a twelve-fight card headlined by a five-round bout in the welterweight division. 

One of the most exciting fighters in UFC history, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone, looks to end his two-fight losing skid as he battles the undefeated Darren Till, who gets headline status for the first time in his career. Cerrone will be going for his 20th win inside the Octagon as he looks to hand Till the first loss of his career in his 17th career fight.

In the co-main event, former title challenger Karolina Kowalkiewicz looks to end her two-fight losing skid as she takes on Jodie Esquibel, making her UFC debut after moving over from the Invicta promotion.

Also on the card, in prelim action, Artem Lobov takes on Andre Fili, and Sam Alvey fights for fourth time this year against newcomer Ramazan Emeev.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 12 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Felipe Arantes (18-8-1 2 NC, 5-4-1 UFC) vs. Josh Emmett (11-1, 2-1 UFC)

Emmett is moving down from lightweight and seems to have massive power at this weight class. He knocks Arantes down with punches at least three times in the round and was landing hard shots both on the feet and on the ground. Emmett seemed to tire in the last minute and Arantes went for a takedown but laid on his back for the last 30 seconds, attemping submission. 10-8 Emmett, easy

Round 2 was much closer as Emmett was clearly tired. Strike count in round 1 was 56-9 for Emmett but at one point it was 9-8 Arantes in round 2. He seemed to land more strikes after that count was posted but Emmett got a takedown with 15 seconds left and did some damage. He may have stolen the round there but I have it 19-18 Emmett after 2. Both corners had Emmett winning both rounds, though. 

Emmett gutted it out in Round 3 and likely took it as he was not quite as dominant as the first but clearly landed the harder shots with more actiivity as well. Arantes stayed in there the whole time and they closed with a great exchange of punches right before the buzzer. 10-9 Emmett and 29-27 overall on my card

Result - Josh Emmett (12-1) by unanimous decision (30-26 x 2; 30-25)

Emmett asked for a fight on the Fresno card in his post-fight interview since that it his hometown. He also said that he will be staying at featherweight going forward. 

> Lina Lansberg (7-2, 1-1 UFC) vs. Aspen Ladd (5-0, 0-0 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

Round was found almost entirely in a cage clinch, which Ladd initiated but Lansberg dominated. At one point the significant clinch strikes landed were 30-2 for Lansberg. She landed a good mix of knees to the body and elbows to the head to easily take the round. Not quite a 10-8 in my book but if a judge gave a 10-8 third in the last fight, this was more dominant than that. 

Ladd immediately got a takedown and was working for a head and arm choke. She briefly took mount but Lansberg worked her back to half guard. Then Ladd just unloaded with punches to the head and Lansberg gave up her back. Ladd worked back to mount quickly and was landing a ton of punches. Lansberg started cowering and the ref stopped it. Lansberg immediately protested the stoppage and given the amount of punishment she took from Cyborg, I can see her point but she wasn't defending and it seemed like a good stoppage

Result - Aspen Ladd (6-0) by TKO (punches) at 2:33 of Round 2 

> Salim Touahri (10-1, 0-0 UFC) vs. Warlley Alves (10-2, 4-2 UFC)

The size difference here was noticable and really the story of the first round. Alves looked like a middleweight and Touahri like a soft lightweight and it allowed Alves to dominate the clinch game. He got a couple of takedowns as well and was more active on the feet. Touahri was looking very tired by the end of the round. 10-9 Alves

Round 2 was much closer. Both guys kept their distance for most of the round. landing occasional shots but no sustained combos. Alves picked up the pace in the last minute with some leg kicks and a nice punch combo and initiated a cage clinch with 30 seconds left. Touahri was again looking tired at the end. 10-9 Alves, 20-18 but round 2 was really a tossup. 

Really boring third round. Other than a low blow from Alves, they barely touched for the first three mintues. Then the crowd starting acting weird and I thought they were bored but Conor McGregor had entered the building and that's all anyone cared about. Alves got a late takedown and controlled the clinch and probably took the round. 10-9 Alves, 30-27 but the last two rounds were close. 

Result - Warlley Alves (11-2) by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2)

> Artem Lobov (13-13-1 1 NC, 2-3 UFC) vs. Andre Fili (16-5, 4-4 UFC)

Weird round. If you just watched the fight and wasn't looking for damage, you'd think it was pretty close as both guys landed their fair share of shots. Conor McGregor had a camera on him and was shouting instrucitons to Lobov the whole round. Even though strikes were pretty even, Lobov's face was a bloody mess by the end of the round and Fili didn't have a scratch on him. If there was any doubt in the round, Fili landed a nice head kick at the end of the round to seal it. 10-9 Fili

This round was closer. Both guys landed their fair share of hard shots and both guys were rocked. Fili got a late takedown and then the ref stopped the fight to yell at a fan at ringside, who just happened to be Conor McGregor. I don't think I've ever seen that. He may have been standing on the apron, which isn't allowed during a fight obviously. 10-9 Fili but very close 

Round 3 was completely different. Fili got an early takedown and was going for a head and arm choke. Lobov tried for a heel hook and they both stood up. And then the same thing happened. And then again and again. Fili got 5 takedowns in the round but didn't do much on the ground. The takedowns had to take it for him though. 10-9 Fili, 30-27 overall

Result - Andre Fili (17-5) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

> Sam Alvey (31-9 1 NC, 8-4 UFC) vs. Ramazan Emeev (15-3, 0-0 UFC)
189-pound Catchweight (*Alvey missed weight by three pounds)

Typical Sam Alvey fight as he kept his distance and tried to pick his shots. Emeev was trying for takedowns and would control the clinch but that's where Alvey was landing the majority of his strikes. Emeev did get a takedown with a minute left. Alvey got to his feet fairly quickly and then Emeev did the most damage of the round, really rocking Alvey with about 15 seconds left. 10-9 Emeev

Round 2 was much closer. Both guys got off punch combos. Emeev was stuffed on all his takedown attempts. On one of them Alvey attempted a standing guillotine. I gave the round to Alvey but it could go either way. 19-19 after 2. 

Really boring third round. Neither guy was able to do much. Emeev had several takedown attempts, all of which were blocked. I counted one punch combo and it was from Emeev so enough to give him the round in my book. I've never seen a crowd so silent at the end of a fight as there was absolutely no reaction to the final buzzer. It was like they fell asleep, which may have happened cause this was a typical bad Sam Alvey fight. 

Result - Ramazan Emeev (16-3) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

> Damian Stasiak (10-4, 2-2 UFC) vs. Brian Kelleher (17-8, 1-1 UFC)

Stasiak had a nice flurry early on but Kelleher escaped trouble. Kelleher got a takedown with a guillotine attempt late in the round that may have cinched a close round. 10-9 Kelleher

Stasiak got an early takedown but didn't do much on the crowd. From there it was all Kelleher. He was picking him off with strikes standing and seemed to have broken his nose with a hard jab at one point. Stasiak was a bloody mess by the end of the round. Kelleher got a takedown off a guillotine attempt late in the round. 20-18 Kelleher

Round 3 saw both guys tired but still throwing with everything they head. Stasiak was holding his own and I thought even winning the first half of the round and then he just ran out of gas. Kelleher knocked him down with a punch combo and then just starting pounding on him on the ground until the ref stopped it since Stasiak wasn't defending. 

Result - Brian Kelleher (18-8) by TKO at 3:39 of Round 3. 

Kelleher asked for a top 15 guy for his next fight in the post-fight interview. 

> Marcin Held (22-7, 0-3 UFC) vs. Nasrat Haqparast (8-1, 0-0 UFC)

Haqparast was getting the better of the striking batte, although Held did land a jab that cut him under the left eye. Held was working for a takedown against the cage for about a minute and finally completed it with just over a minute to go. He was working for submission but didn't really do any damage. Very close, I gave it to Held. 10-9 Held

Haqparast rocked Held early with a punch combo and he looked very unsteady on his feet. He also blocked several takedown attempts but Held finally got one about halfway through the round. He quicly got side control but then moved himself back into halfguard. Held stayed on top for the rest of the round, doing a little damage with elbows and probably enough to take the round. 20-18 Held

Held with an early takedown and held him down for over half the round. He had several submission attempts but nothing terrible close. Haqparast managed to get to his feet with around 2 minutes left and got the best of the standing. Held had several stuffed takedown attempts but did enough in the first half to win the round. 10-9 Held, 30-27

Result - Marcin Held (23-7) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

They went overtime on the prelims so the last two rounds aired on the main card broadcast in countries that were airing this card, including The Fight Network in Canada. 


> Oskar Piechota (9-0-1, 0-0 UFC) vs. Jonathan Wilson (7-2, 1-2 UFC)

Almost nothing happened the first half of the round, with Wilson getting a couple of kicks but that's it. Piechota got a takedown with about 2 minutes left. Wilson got right up but Piechota took the back standing, secured a body lock and had a few really good attempts at a rear naked choke. Piechota managed to get it to the ground continuing to go for the choke. Wilson escaped right before the buzzer. 10-9 Piechota

Terrible fight. Both guys just kept their distance almost the whole round. Halfway through there was a nice flurry where both guys landed a couple of shots but they went right back to just dancing around and throwing shot but not hitting anything. Piechota dropped Wilson with a punch at the buzzer and he may have finished him if it wasn't the end of the round. 10-9 Piechota, 20-18

Round starting off like the last two and then Piechota got a takedown out of nowhere. He controlled the remained of the round with several submission attempts and doing damage as well. At the end of the fight, he had a really nice triangle and transitioned to an armbar just as the buzzer sounded. 10-9 Piechota, 30-27

Result - Oskar Piechota (10-0-1) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

> Jan Blachowicz (19-7, 2-4 UFC) vs. Devin Clark (8-1, 2-1 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

Tough round to score. Both guys had their moments with Blachowicz working over the body and Clark focusing on the head. Clark definitely landed the harder shots but Blachowicz had more volume. Clark had a couple of failed takedown attempts and when they were in the clinch, the bigger Blachowicz controlled things. I gave it to Clark, 10-9

Blachowicz landed a couple of really precise body kicks that hurt Clark early. He got a later takedown and was really controlling things, doing enough damage to avoid a standup. Clark managed to get to his feet and then tried a takedown of his own. They ended up in a cage clilnch and Blachowicz grabbed his neck from a weird angle and choked him with the rare standing rear naked choke. 

Result - Jan Blachowicz (20-7) by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:02 of round 2

> Karolina Kowalkiewicz (#3, 10-2, 3-2 UFC) vs. Jodie Esquibel (6-2, 0-0 UFC)
Women's Strawweights

Bit of a slow start for both but once Kowalkiewicz found her rhythm, she was just landing punch combos at will, mixing in occasional kicks to the head and body. Very measured performance for the Polish woman, who was a huge star in the building to take a 10-9 round

Kowalkiewicz continued to look great her. She really hurt Esquibel with several punch combos and particularly with a hard knee to the head during a brief clinch. Kowalkiewicz got a takedown near the end of the round and was working to set up a triangle and/or an armbar but the bell saved Esquibel. I went 10-8 and now have it 20-17 for KK.

More of the same in the 3rd. This was starting to just look like a sparring session for Kowalkiewicz. Total strikes were 140-55 and Esquibel didn't do any damage. Esquibel had several cuts on her face by the end. 10-9 KK, 30-26

Result - Karolina Kowalkiewicz (11-2) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Kowalkiewicz asked for a fight with Jessica Andrade next and that is definitely the fight to make with the winner getting another shot at the belt. 

> Donald Cerrone (#6, 32-9 1 NC, 19-6 UFC) vs. Darren Till (15-0-1, 3-0-1 UFC)

Cerrone got an early takedown but couldn't do anything with it. Till was dominating on the feet, confusing Cerrone and landing punches from weird angles. With about a minute, he rocked Cerrone with a punch combo and he never recovered. He trapped him against the cage and just let loose. Cerrone cowered on all fours and wasn't fighting back and the ref stopped it. 

Result - Darren Till (16-0-1) by TKO (punches) at 4:20

Mike Perry was at cageside and got on the apron and got in a shouting match with Till after the fight so it looks like they may go there for Till's next fight. Till became a star in one night with this performance, at least in the European market. It's a shame this didn't air on American television.