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UFC Fight Night 133 live results: Junior dos Santos vs. Blagoy Ivanov

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC Fight Night 133: Dos Santos vs. Ivanov, emanating from the CenturyLink Arena in Boise, Idaho.

The Octagon debuts in Boise with an action-packed card featuring former title challengers, some prospects in various divisions and the return of a former champion in the main event.

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos returns to the Octagon for the first time in 14 months as he takes on former WSOF Heavyweight Champion Blagoy Ivanov, making his UFC debut, in the night's main event. Dos Santos is coming off of a loss to former champion Stipe Miocic in a title fight, and is eager to get back into the win column and back in title contention. Ivanov makes his promotional debut on the heels of five straight wins.

Also on the main card, Sage Northcutt fights for the second time in 2018 as he takes on Zak Ottow in a welterweight bout, Myles Jury takes on former featherweight title challenger Chad Mendes in Mendes' first fight since December 2015, and former women's bantamweight title challenger Cat Zingano battles Marion Reneau.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 6:30 p.m Eastern time with preliminary action all the way thru the main card.


> Jessica Aguilar (19-6, 0-2 UFC) vs. Jodie Esquibel (6-3, 0-1 UFC)
Women's Strawweights

A lot of the round was fought in the clinch and Aguilar landed the majority of her strikes with knees to the body. When they were standing up striking, Esquibel was far more active but seemed to miss 90% of her punches. Aguilar did land almost 3 times as many strikes and should easily take the round. 10-9 Aguilar

Round 2 was almost entirely standup striking and Esquibel was landing more of her strikes in this round with Aguilar noticably slowing down midway through the round. Esquibel closed the gap in strikes landed with a signficiant advantage in round 2. She missed a late takedown but should easily take the round. 10-9 Esquibel, 19-19 overall. Esquibel's corner told her she was probably up two rounds which is a mistake in strategy.  

Very close round that was similar to round 1 with mostly standup striking and a little bit of clinch work. The striking was almost even although Aguilar was more aggressive in pushing the action. The clinch work was pretty much even as well although Aguilar was landing a lot of knees in the clinch. She had a slight edge in strikes landed in the third and in the fight and in a round that was totally on the feet, that should give her fight. 10-9 Aguilar, 29-28 overall

Official result - Jessica Aguilar (20-6) by unanimous decision (30-27; 29-28 x 2)

> Mark De La Rosa (9-1, 0-1 UFC) vs. Elias Garcia (5-0, 0-0 UFC)

After a slow opening couple of minutes, De La Rosa caught a kick and picked Garcia up, spun him around, and threw him to the canvas. That picked things up for both guys. Garcia tried a lot of whacky strikes but missed on most of them. De La Rosa got a late takedown and didn't do a lot with it. He also landed a hard body kick late in the round. 10-9 De La Rosa 

Another slow start but De La Rosa had his best flurry of punches of the fight, which backed De La Rosa up to the cage. He attempted a takedown but ended up taking the back standing. Garcia voluntarily went down to a knee and from there De La Rosa moved into position for a rear naked choke, secured it and got a quick tap. 

Official result - Mark De La Rosa (10-1) by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:00 of the 2nd round

> Liz Carmouche (#7, 11-6, 3-4 UFC) vs. Jennifer Maia (15-4-1, 0-0 UFC)
Women's Flyweights

Carmouche was the more aggressive fighter early, landing hard punches and controlling the pace. Carmouche got a takedown and quickly moved into side control but Maia escaped easily and got to her feet. Maia was controlling a cage clinch for a while but did nothing with the position. Significant strikes were about even for the round but Carmouche landed more overall total strikes. 10-9 Carmouche

Maia was more active in this round and landing more strikes. She again took it to a cage clinch and again did nothing with the position, forcing the ref to break it up. Late in the round, Carmouche landed a really nice punch combo and got a takedown. She quickly moved into mount and landed some vicious elbows and had an armbar attempt as the round ended. 10-9 Carmouche, 20-18 overall

Carmouche got an early takedown and held her down for the majority of the round. She didn't do a lot of damage this time although did gain mount and took the back at one point. Maia finally got to her feet with a minute left and was pushing the action at the end but wasn't really landing much. Carmouche would've had a 10-8 round if she's done any damage on the ground but should easily take the round and the fight. 10-9 Carmouche, 30-27 overall

Official result - Liz Carmouche (12-6) by official decision (30-27 x 2; 29-28)


> Kurt Holobaugh (17-4 1 NC, 0-1 UFC) vs. Raoni Barcelos (11-1, 0-0 UFC)

Technical difficulties caused me to miss the first two rounds but both guys looked bloodied up to start the third. Barcelos had a great punch combo that backed up Holobaugh and then KO'd him with a beautiful uppercut to end the fight. 

Official result - Raoni Barcelos (12-1) by TKO (punches) at 3:29 of Round 3

> Justin Scoggins (11-4, 4-4 UFC) vs. Said Nurmagomedov (11-1, 0-0 UFC)

Nurmagomedov pushed the action for the majority of the round but both guys kept their distance, mostly throwing kicks. Scoggins did get a flash knockdown off a punch at one point but it didn't seem to affect Nurmagomedov too badly. Nurmagomedov was stuffed on a couple of takedown attempts and got off his best punch combo late in the round. Very close, I gave it to Scoggins 10-9

2nd round was almost idential. Scoggins had one moment where he briefly dropped Nurmagomedov with a punch but he was right up. Nurmagomedov had several takedown attempts and Scoggins defended every one. Other than that, it was fairly equal but the one knockdown should be enough to take the round for Scoggins 10-9 and 20-18 overall

Nurmagomedov got a takedown 30 seconds in and was controlling Scoggins on the ground, landing occasional punches and elbows. About 1:45 in , the ref warned him to work and then instantly, as he was throwing a strike, the ref stood them up. Crowd booed that. After that it was mostly Nurmagomedov pushing the action but not really doing much on the feet and a few missed takedowns. Scoggins was very much just riding out the round, figuring he had the first two sewn up. 10-9 Nurmagomedov, 29-28 Scoggins overall

Official result - Said Nurmagomedov (12-1) by split decision (29-28 x 2; 28-29)

Nurmagomedov did have an advantage in total strikes landed in both rounds 1 and 3 and this result serves Scoggins right for basically taking the third round off. 

> Darren Elkins (#10, 24-5, 14-4 UFC) vs. Alexander Volkanovski (17-1, 4-0 UFC)

Volkanovski grabbed a guillotine during a takedown attempt of Elkins and it looked really tight but Elkins recovered and ended up on top. He got to his feet and the standup was fairly even until the last minute. At that point, Volkanovski dropped Elkins with a vicious punch combo and he looked out but he grabbed another guillotine on the ground. Elkins escaped and to his feet but was clearly on rubbery legs. Volkanovski dropped him again and had a tigh guillotine on as the round ended. Elkins barely made it back to his corner. 10-8 Volkanovski

Volkanovski had a nice flurry to open the round but after that, Elkins kinda took over. He was managing to evade most of the strikes and was landing occasional combos of his own. Volkanovski got it to a clinch a few times but didn't do much. Volkanovski did come on in the last 30 seconds again and dropped Elkins with a punch right before the buzzer that may have stolen a close round. 10-9 Volkanovski, 20-17 overall

Elkins might as well be the American Zombie (speaking of which, he vs the Korean Zombie would be AWESOME) as he again took a ton of punishment in the third but aldo dealt his fair share. Volkanovski was doing just enough to win the round, not really taking it off but not trying to finish either. Elkins just kept coming and with 30 seconds left had a nice series of uppercuts that looked to hurt Volkanovski. Volkanovski closed with a great flurry of punches including one that he threw right at the buzzer and landed after it. 10-9 Volkanovski, 30-26 overall

Official result - Alexander Volkanovski (18-1) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2; 29-28)

How no judge gave a 10-8 in the first round is completely baffling. Volkanovski put over Elkins in the post-fight interview and said he never should have taken this fight and then called out Chad Mendes and Myles Jury. Israel Adesanya was shown cheering at cageside several times. 

> Eddie Wineland (#15, 23-12-1, 5-6 UFC) vs. Alejandro Perez (#13, 20-6-1, 6-1-1 UFC)

Wineland was the aggressor the entire round. Perez did get some combos in but Wineland landed more often and harder punches and should take the round 10-9 Wineland

Perez seemed to figure out the timing of Wineland and was landing a lot of counter strikes. Wineland got cut open on his face. Perez' corner told him the round was close and it was. I gave it to Perez for the damage. 10-9 Perez, 19-19 overall

Third round was similar to the 2nd in that Wineland was pressing the action the whole way but Perez really started to land a lot more and clearly won the round. Question was whether the judges saw the second for him of now. 10-9 Perez, 29-28 overall

Official result - Alejandro Perez (21-6-1) by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)


> Cat Zingano (#6, 9-3, 2-3 UFC) vs. Marion Reneau (#7, 9-3-1, 5-2-1 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

Reneau was landing harder punches on the feet but Zingano got 3 takedowns in the round and that was really the difference. Each of them landed strike combos that rocked the other but the slight advantage that Reneau had on the feet wasn't enough to counter the takedowns in my book. 10-9 Zingano

Zingano got 3 more takedowns in round 2 and Reneau's output slowed quite a bit. Zingano also had effective ground and pound, opening up a cut under Reneau's right eye at the end of the round that she should easily take. 10-9 Zingano, 20-18

Zngano took her down 15 seconds in and held her there for the whole round. She did enough ground and pound to avoid a standup and opened the cut up even more. No judges gave Volkanovski a 10-8 earlier so I can't imagine they'll give Zingano one here but I did. 10-8 Zingano, 30-26 overall

Official result - Cat Zingano (10-3) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2; 30-26)

> Myles Jury (#12, 17-2, 8-2 UFC) vs. Chad Mendes (17-4, 8-4 UFC)

Started very slow as two minutes in, each guy had only landed a couple of kicks and the crowd was actually booing at the lack of action. Mendes moved in for a takedown and landed a couple punches but Jury defended it. Then Mendes dropped Jury with a left and pounced on him, finishing him with punches on the ground. 

Official result - Chad Mendes (18-4) by TKO (punches) at 2:52

That moves Mendes into a tie for fourth in terms of most wins in divsional history. Mendes jokingly calls out Brock Lesnar in his post-fight interview but says he's ready for anyone in the top 5. 

> Randy Brown (10-2, 4-2 UFC) vs. Niko Price (11-1 1 NC, 3-1 1 NC UFC)

Bit of a slow start as Brown has a huge reach advantage and Price was trying to find his range. He got a takedown halfway through the round and did a little ground and pound before Brown got up. Brown got one of his own and took the back with a full body lock but Price spun out of it and ended up on top, doing more damage. Brown got to his feet and got a nice punch combo before the bell. 10-9 Price but close 

Brown took Price down to start the round and was landing punches to the head. Price managed to get his leg next to Brown's head and started throwing hammer fists from his back and knocked Brown out cold. Not sure if I've ever seen that. 

Official result - Niko Price (12-1) by KO (punches) at 1:09 of the 2nd round

> Dennis Bermudez (16-8, 9-6 UFC) vs. Rick Glenn (20-5-1, 2-2 UFC)

Glenn had a huge reach advantage and used it to keep his distance from Bermudez the whole round. He was landing occasional combos but mostly just punches and kicks from distance. Bermudez had 4 takedown attempts. 3 were defended very easily and the 4th had Bermudez pick Glenn up but couldn't get him to the mat. Bermudez looked to have missed on the majority of his strikes as well. 10-9 Glenn

Bermudez managed to land 4 takedowns in round 2 but didn't do a ton of damage on the ground and Glenn got up fairly quickly from two of them. Glenn was landing more on the feet as well although Bermudez was more aggressive. I gave it to Bermudez but it was real close. 10-9 Bermudez, 19-19 overall

Bermudez got a few more takedowns in the round and was doing more damage, opening up a huge cut with an elbow. Glenn was also very active from his back though with elbows and punches and Bermudez had a bit cut on his forehead bleeding pretty heavily halfway through the round. The takedowns should be the difference though. 10-9 Bermudez, 29-28 overall

Official result - Rick Glenn (21-5-1) by split decision (28-29. 30-27 and 29-28)

Crowd booed the decision. Glenn did outstrike him in all three rounds so I guess the judges scored that better than the takedowns. Glenn put over the crowd in his post-fight interview. He said that he wants to spend time with his family and didnt' seem eager to find again any time soon. 

> Sage Northcutt (10-2, 5-2 UFC) vs. Zak Ottow (16-5, 3-2 UFC)

Ottow hurt Nortchutt with a punch in the first exchange of the fight and took him down. He held him down the majority of the round and got into mount at one point. With a minute to go, he had a 20-1 advantage in significant strikes landed. But Northcutt escaped to his feet and got a standing guillotine. He took Ottow down and got mount, still holding the guillotine and was landing punches and elbows as the round ended. 10-9 Ottow but very close 

Ottow got another early takedown but didn't do much on the ground. Northcutt got to his feet and started landing great punch combos that clearly hurt Ottow. He tried another takedown but Northcutt blocked it and landed more punches. Northcutt got a takedown of his own and then postured up and landed hammerfists to Ottow, knocking him out. 

Official result - Sage Northcutt (11-2) by KO (punches)

> Junior Dos Santos (#8, 18-5, 12-4 UFC) vs. Blagoy Ivanov (16-1 1 NC, 0-0 UFC)

Not much happened in the first round. Dos Santos stalked Ivanov around the cage and Ivanov looked very nervous. Dos Santos didn't throw much and landed less. Ivanov may have landed 3 strikes in the round but they did the most damage as all landed hard and one opened a cut between Dos Santos' eyes. Very close, 10-9 Ivanov

Dos Santos pressed the action the whole way and was starting to find his timing, landing jabs seemingly at will and also getting off several nice punch combos. Ivanov did have one nice exchange but was mainly backing up the entire round. He was cut under the left eye and had swelling on his other cheek as well. 10-9 Dos Santos, 19-19

Ivanov was more active in round 3 and had all of the best punch combos, really rocking Dos Santos on one of them. Dos Santos received a stern warning for extending his fingers and he did open a cut under the right eye of Ivanov. Another close round but I gave it to Ivanov as his strikes seemed to land harder and do more damage. 10-9 Ivanov, 29-28 overall

Ivanov was very tired at the beginning of the round and it only got worse. He was throwing almost as much as in the third but missing on most of them. Dos Santos was landing a lot of jabs. Neither fighter had much in the way of combination but Dos Santos was definitely more active and did more damage. Ivanov's corner told him he was losing the fight and Dos Santos' told him he was winning. 10-9 Dos Santos, 38-38 overall

Ivanov came out more desparate and controlled the pace for more of the round. He landed more punch combos although Dos Santos was still landing his jabs. Dos Santos seemed more effected by the shots that Ivanov was throwing and was bleeding from the nose and several cuts on the face by the end. This is probably in the minority but I had 10-9 Ivanov and 48-47 Ivanov overall

Official result - Junior Dos Santos (19-5) by unanimous decision (50-45 x 3)

Well...looks like I had that one wrong. I'd have to watch again. Dos Santos now has the 3rd most wins in heavyweight history. He put over Boise as a great city and called Ivanov a top guy that deserves to be in UFC.