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Wrestling Observer Live July 9: Sempervive & Nason talk Conor McGregor, the week in wrestling, and more~!

The July 9, 2015, edition of Wrestling Observer Live is up and available for subscribers. With Bryan Alvarez on the road to the yearly subscriber convention in Las Vegas, NV, co-host Mike Sempervive called in the big gun to help co-host Thursday and Friday's shows. 

WrestlingObserver.com writer, editor and Josh Nason's Punch Out host Josh Nason joins Mike for an hour-long conversation that touches on why Josh was so annoyed at Bryan's outbursts at the Conor McGregor/Chad Mendes fight, the importance of McGregor winning, this week's Ring Of Honor and WWE Beast In The East show, if finishes still matter in wrestling, and tons more.

The daily feel good edition of Wrestling Observer Live is here~! 

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