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Wrestling Weekly: Calling it in the ring, training drills, more

This week, training is the primary subject, as Les is just got back from conducting another successful weekend camp. 

We’ll talk about how the weekend went (8:05), the infamous triple five drill and what the purpose of it is (13:21), and then Les will talk about one of his pet peeves he’s seeing way too much with wrestlers (25:14) at every level of the business these days.

That leads to a chat on this week’s Cruiserweight Classic show (29:31) because it ties into that pet peeve. From there we’ll talk about the importance of knowing how to call a match in the ring (34:38), and why Les and other trainers are still big on that despite being in an era where WWE has wrestlers plotting out most of their TV matches before the show.

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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