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Wrestling Weekly: A Casual Fan's Thoughts on Payback, Ryback, Roman/AJ

A fun mix of classic and current talk on the show this week!  Les gives us the latest on his friend and great wrestler back in the day Billy Wicks to start us off.  From there, we’ll tackle a question sent to us regarding a match from the Memphis territory (9:31) featuring two very inexperienced guys and the way it was laid out.  We’ll segue into a little talk about WWE Payback (16:05) with some thoughts Vic shares that come from a very new, pretty casual wrestling fan who has the kind of background that gives her views a unique perspective.  Of course, the missive that Ryback fired off this week (33:12) gets a going over, as does the comments Yoshi Tatsu recently made (55:48) about WWE in a Japanese magazine.  We’ll close the show looking at the powerbomb AJ Styles took to end Raw and whether or not AJ should have a gripe with Roman Reigns (72:10) for the way he was tossed onto the announcer’s table on Monday night.  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!


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