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Wrestling Weekly: Daniel Bryan Documentary, Foley & Galloway, Mania Picks

It’s Wrestlemania weekend and there are so many options for wrestling fans this weekend that you almost can’t keep track of it all!  Les and Vic start this edition of Wrestling Weekly talking about how great it is to have so many options, then move into discussing Daniel Bryan (8:16) being removed from all WWE related appearances and his request for time off.  Perhaps the new documentary on Bryan airing on WWE Network has a clue or two as to why he made that request.  Vic has a theory he’ll float about a combination of circumstances that might have been the cause.  From there, we’ll discuss recent comments from both Drew Galloway and Mick Foley (23:34) regarding WWE creative and speaking up about what you’re given.  They’re not talking about exactly the same things, but there might be an interesting parallel or two there.  The New Day are inducting the Freebirds into the HOF, which got Les and a friend talking about why Kevin Von Erich wasn’t asked and that conversation left Les feeling like he needed to vent a bit (37:18).  We’ll wrap the show with our Wrestlemania predictions (47:13).  Hope you enjoy all the great wrestling this weekend and thanks for listening~! 


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