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Wrestling Weekly: Daniel Bryan retires, Titus O'Neal suspension

Les and Vic return after a brief absence to explain why they’ve been gone and to get into the biggest stories of the week. Of course, that means starting with the retirement of Daniel Bryan, aka. Bryan Danielson (12:23), including memories and personal interactions with him from Les and Vic’s theory on why Bryan was someone who no matter what WWE did or didn’t do with him, the fans just wouldn’t let him fade away. That takes us to the importance of “shifting gears” (32:13); why changing things up from normal patterns is good. 

Then, we’ll open up the mailbag (42:45) for Les to share his personal concussion history and how the business treated head injuries in his day, the suspension of Titus O’Neal (45:53) and what is appropriate conduct between wrestler and promoter, and who from today would Les have enjoyed getting into the ring with (69:05). Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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