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Wrestling Weekly: Flair, Living the Gimmick, Bongs (!), Gallows & Anderson

Lots of interesting topics today including Ric Flair’s party lifestyle, whose side are Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson really on, certain things Les refused to do in the ring during his wrestling days and more!  Some great questions in the mailbag this week, so after a rambling start on the NFL Draft, getting to ballgames really late, having your Instagram hacked on the biggest day of your life, Rip Rogers and a little more wackiness to start, we’ll answer your questions!  First, we’ll tackle guys who “live their gimmick” so much that it seems they can’t turn it off (17:44), the greenest wrestler ever called up to WWE from HWA when Les was in charge of that developmental territory (29:08), instances where Les refused to do a certain spot in a match because it didn’t work for him and why (including a situation that saw Les as a HEEL MANAGER) (34:34), could a tag team (past or present) be a main event act in 2016 WWE (43:40), nearfall sequences near the end of matches being too formulaic (59:16) and is it ever too late to get into bodybuilding (70:17)?  Oh, thoughts on which side Gallows and Anderson are on are at the 77:53 mark.  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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