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Wrestling Weekly: Raw vs. SD, CWC, Knoxville memories

Les Thatcher and Victor Sosa open with a bit on the first week of the latest WWE brand split, where it sure looked like there was a definitive “A” show and “B” show right out of the gate.

We’ll revisit the Dick Steinborn match Les referenced last week (12:28), and say a bit more about why he and other trainers recommend watching this particular match. We circle back around to SmackDown Live and try to figure out where Shelton Benjamin and Rhyno fit in (16:10). 

Vic watched this week’s WWE CWC (28:47), and we’ll discuss seeing Zack Sabre Jr. for the first time. And we get into the comments Bryan mentioned he got from people in the business about ZSJ who also were introduced to him last night, as well as the other matches on the show. 

And we’ll close the show expanding on a question about different buildings and territories we got a few weeks ago, talking about the long run Les had in the Knoxville territory (44:53) and why it was such a special place for him.

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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