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Wrestling Weekly: WWE Injuries; Schedule or Style?

Just how much has the injury bug that’s bitten WWE in recent years been a result of the schedule?  That’s the main topic of discussion on Wrestling Weekly!  Les and Vic will start the show with some sad news about Danny Miller, who is a longtime friend and former tag team partner with Les.  After some quick talk about Roderick Strong and Zack Sabre Jr.(4:25) and the very few things that went well on Raw this week, (6:47) we’ll take a look at Dave Meltzer’s article in the new Observer regarding how many of the guys who work the most matches in WWE in recent years have suffered significant injuries the following year (13:41).  Is it the schedule?  Is it the style?  Or is there something that has to do with one of those things that may not be talked about often enough?  After that, we’ll open the mailbag and answer questions about Vader (40:09), adding talent to the WWE main roster for the brand split(44:00), Randy Orton being a bully (47:09), guys who didn’t speak great English during the territory days but got over big anyway (50:50), promotions that had split crews years ago (53:41), and whatever happened to the elbow drop (56:44)?  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!


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