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Bobby Roode and Eric Young updates

Bobby Roode was briefly advertised for the NXT UK tour by the WWE's Twitter this morning, but the tweet was later pulled.

While not official, the belief is that both Roode and Eric Young will be signed and officially part of the NXT roster soon.

Roode and Young were TNA stars from the very beginning as part of Team Canada.  Both left the company earlier this year.  Roode appeared in the crowd and was shown on-screen at the NXT Takeover Dallas event.  Young wrestled Samoa Joe on this week's NXT TV show, losing clean in the middle to Joe's choke sleeper.  He hadn't signed a deal but the feeling was it was a tryout of sorts, and he did well enough in the match and on the microphone that it was expected he'd end up with a deal.

Young had done an interview with Niagara This Week claiming that he was working on a deal, but that it wasn't signed and sealed yet.