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Bray Wyatt returns to WWE Raw, debuts new character

Bray Wyatt has resurfaced on Raw, seemingly taking his character in a new direction.

A segment on Raw titled ‘Firefly Fun House” aired towards the end of the show. It was set up similar to a kid’s show, with Bray Wyatt appearing as host. He appeared slimmer, wearing casual clothes and sported a trimmed beard. He portrayed himself as a friendly host who said that he used to be a bad man in the past, but that was now all behind him.

At one point, he brought out a cardboard cutout of himself, saying it was a reminder of who he once was. He then took a chainsaw out and cut the cutout in half.

Promos have aired following WrestleMania that have featured a vulture puppet and a creepy-looking doll, along with other children's toys. Both appeared during the vignette.

Wyatt hasn’t appeared on television since August of last year, when he and Matt Hardy competed in a Raw tag team title triple threat match. His last match was on 12/30, when he defeated Baron Corbin in a no DQ match at a house show in Buffalo, New York.