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Eden Stiles/Brandi Runnels asks for, gets WWE release

Cody Runnels

Brandi Runnels announced Tuesday that she was leaving WWE, following her husband Cody's departure last week.

Runnels, who used the name Eden Stiles in the promotion, wrote on Twitter, "What I've been teasing for weeks: I've been offered a new opportunity outside of WWE.
So I've decided to part with WWE after tonight."  She also plugged her website, BeingBrandiRunnels.com.

The WWE then announced via Twitter and their website that Runnels had been released as of today.

Runnels worked in local news in Michigan before moving to Florida to try modeling. She signed a deal with WWE in 2011 and quit the next year. She returned in November 2013 as a ring announcer shortly after marrying Cody two months earlier. She worked as a ring announcer and occassional interviewer on Smackdown starting in October 2014.

Earlier tonight, Cody tweeted "Lot of folks say "ride or die" these days...well @RealEdenWWE is just that in the next 24hrs, most people will realize what I'm saying", following that up with a tweet referencing Game of Thrones.