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Halloween scares up spooky ratings for Monday's Raw

Bill Goldberg

The Monday, 10/31 edition of WWE Raw did 2.59 million viewers, the second lowest number in the last 19 years.

The Halloween edition of the show finished just ahead of a 9/26 show that drew 2.46 million viewers and went head-to-head with a U.S. presidential debate.

However, the number shouldn't be taken as significant or alarming since Raw always takes a hit on Halloween night shows.

I had expected a lower number, and the show probably would have been closer to 2.4 million without the advertising of Bill Goldberg being there. Although, Goldberg in the first segment didn't help the rest of the show as the first to third hour dropoff was 11.3%.

  • 8 p.m. 2.75 million viewers
  • 9 p.m. 2.62 milion viewers
  • 10 p.m. 2.44 million viewers

For the night, Raw finished 9th on cable with the Vikings vs. Bears NFL game on ESPN finishing No. 1 with 10.48 million viewers. It fell behind the late night SportsCenter, the O'Reilly Factor (4.24 million viewers), the Kelly File (3.69 million), On the Record (3.03 milion), Hannity (3.44 million), Bret Baier (3.38 million), and The Five (3.05 million). The majority of those shows are on Fox News Channel.

The following are historical ratings numbers from Paul Fontaine:

Tuesday's SmackDown will also have some stiff competition with Game 6 of the World Series on Fox.