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IC title match announced for next week's WWE SmackDown

An Intercontinental title match has been set for next week’s SmackDown.

AJ Styles will defend the championship against Jeff Hardy. This follows events that took place on tonight’s show.

Styles came to the ring with Joseph Park, a character WWE producer Chris Park originally played during his run with Impact Wrestling. Announcers identified him under that name. Styles proceeded to introduce the Phenomenal Intercontinental Statistics System (PISS), which would rank who would be next in line for the Intercontinental title. Styles eventually revealed that list was blank, meaning no one was eligible.

Jeff Hardy then came out and told Styles he was interested in a title match. After putting Hardy over, Styles flatly declined the challenge, saying he wasn’t going to give Hardy a “pity party”. Hardy attacked in response, sending both Styles and Park out of the ring.

Announcers later confirmed that the Intercontinental title match had been signed for next week.