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WWE Main Event results: Ziggler, Titus, & The Usos vs. Del Rio, Sheamus, & The Shining Stars

The Golden Truth & Apollo Crews vs. The Dudley Boyz & Baron Corbin

Main Event opens with a Golden Truth sing-a-long. R-Truth sits on Goldust's knee while he raps. Corbin makes his way out last. D-Von asks Corbin for a fist bump, a little show of solidarity. Corbin disrespects D-Von, ignoring the fist bump. Bubba Ray is pissed.

Corbin and Bubba argue over who starts off the match. Bubba and Truth start. David Otunga makes a fat joke about Bubba while Tom Phillips sits idly by.                   

Truth starts dancing, which disorients Bubba. Bubba swings at Truth, but he ducks into a split and asks the crowd what’s up. Bubba hits him with a lariat and tags in D-Von. D-Von whips Truth into the ropes and goes for a spinning backbreaker, but Truth reverses into a DDT and follows up with punching and kicking.

The commentators ignore the action in the ring and talk about other stuff.

Truth tags in Goldust. They double team with a modified Russian leg sweep. Goldust covers for two. D-Von, now on his feet, punches Goldust and whips him into the ropes. Goldust hits him with a back elbow. D-Von tags in Bubba and all the good guys run in for a standoff.

Bubba asks Corbin to back them up. Corbin just stands there while Truth and Crews dropkick the Dudleyz. The Dudleyz are so pissed at Corbin.

Back from commercial, Bubba has beaten Goldust into the corner. They trade strikes back and forth. Bubba tries to mock Goldust, but Goldust will have none of that. Bubba tags in D-Von and they hit a combination sunset suplex/neckbreaker.

Phillips tells us that this is the last time we will see the Raw and SmackDown superstars together, as the new roster goes into effect on Monday.

Corbin tags himself in. D-Von is not happy. Corbin beats Goldust down hard, all the while taunting the Dudleyz and the good guys. Truth gets the crowd going with a Goldust chant. Goldust tries to use the momentum to tag in Truth. But Corbin drives Goldust into the corner.

Corbin punches Truth and turns around into a spinebuster from Goldust. Corbin tags in D-Von, but Goldust has just enough time and momentum to make the Hot Tag™ to Crews.

Crews has his way with D-Von and dropkicks Bubba off the apron. He turns around and is taken down by D-Von. D-Von demands that Corbin tag him, but Corbin jumps off the apron and walks away. The Lone Wolf isn’t just a clever marketing gimmick, its Corbin’s credo.

Meanwhile, Crews sneaks up behind D-Von, hits him with the Olympic slam, and covers for three.

Winners by pinfall: Apollo Crews & The Golden Truth

Corbin watches the good guys celebrate from the stage.

Kalisto vs. Viktor w/ Konnor

It’s time for Kalisto to do his good lucha thing. Konnor tries to hype up his best friend, Viktor, slapping his chest and massaging his shoulders.

Viktor starts off throwing Kalisto out of the ring. Kalisto runs in and hits a hurricanrana, then runs around the ring, but Konnor distracts him and Viktor is able to capitalize with a corkscrew uppercut. Viktor mocks Kalisto with a half-hearted lucha chant and stomps on his fallen opponent.

Kalisto escapes to the outside to catch his breath and Konnor hits him hard from behind while the ref has his back turned. Konnor rolls him into the ring and Viktor covers for two, before tying Kalisto up in a headlock.

Viktor screams out his hatred for Kalisto and mocks the lucha chant again. Konnor is super excited with Viktor’s blatant disrespect and manhandling of his opponent. Viktor is the pride of the Wasteland.

But he takes too much enjoyment in Kalisto’s destruction, allowing Kalisto to kick him in the face. Kalisto takes off running and kicks him again, then launches himself from the apron into a seated senton.

He runs off the ropes and hits Viktor with a corkscrew shoulder block, followed by some acrobatics, and a nasty roundhouse. He headscissors a kneeling Viktor’s skull into the canvas. Viktor motions to Konnor for help.

Konnor jumps up on the apron but Kalisto drop kicks him. Viktor runs at him, but Kalisto pulls down the rope sending Viktor to the floor. Kalisto runs at them with a suicide dive but only hits Konnor. Viktor throws Kalisto into the ring and sets up for a powerbomb. Never powerbomb a luchador. Sure enough, Kalisto reverses into a hurricanrana and covers for three.

Winner by pinfall: Kalisto

Breezango vs. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger

The most gorgeous tag team vs. the most American tag team. The crowd seems very happy to see Swagger. The announcers point out that Breezango are into themselves and each other, they are also color-coordinated.

Swagger and Breeze start it out, with Swagger powering Breeze into the corner. Breeze kicks Swagger in the stomach and powers out. He runs against the ropes, but Swagger hits a shoulder block and sends Breeze into the turnbuckle.

Swagger lays in some shoulder tackles. Swagger punches Fandango to the floor after he attempts a distraction. Breeze climbs to the top turnbuckle and Swagger throws him off, sending him into the opposite corner.

Swagger puts his hand over his heart, shouts “We the people,” and charges Breeze for the Swagger Bomb. Breeze gets his feet up to block and tags in Fandango. Fandango beats down Swagger in his corner and tags Breeze back in, who lays in some stiff stomps.

He tags Fandango back in and they hit a double elbow on Swagger. The crowd chants “We the people.” Fandango tags Breeze who continues the beatdown in the corner. The ref tells Breeze that he can only beat up Swagger in five second bursts before he has to break. Breeze turns to the ref and screams, “I know.”

Breeze took his eyes off Swagger and his mind off the game, and you can never do that in wrestling, because that’s all Swagger needs to power out. But Swagger is in the wrong part of town and Breezango are able to power him back down again.

Things are not looking good for Swagger as Breeze tags in Fandango, who punches and kicks Swagger. But something looks different about Swagger. Sure, he is getting his clock cleaned, but he’s not taking the punches like he was a minute ago, it’s almost like he has found a second wind.

Fandango tags in Breeze, who kicks Swagger and locks in a headlock. He tags Fandango. They send Swagger into the ropes hoping for a back body drop. But Swagger kicks Fandango in the face and throws Breeze out of the ring.

Fandango rushes but Swagger uses Fandango’s own momentum against him, sending him out of the ring as well.

Swagger is alone in the ring, with plenty of time to crawl to his corner. He makes it to Mark Henry for the Hot Tag™. Fandango runs in but Henry is fresh and strong. He overwhelms Fandango with pure strength, hits a powerslam, and covers. Breeze breaks it up, but Swagger grabs his foot and puts it in the Patriot Lock.

Fandango hits Henry from behind, but Henry catches him in the World’s Strongest Slam. He covers for the win. Swagger's ear is bleeding after the match.

Winners by pinfall: Mark Henry & Jack Swagger

Main Event Eight-Man Tag Team Action

Dolph Ziggler, Titus O’Neil, & The Usos vs. Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, & The Shining Stars

The good guys are out first, followed by the bad guys. The Shining Stars love to smell flowers. What a main event of Main Event, three former world champions, former tag team champions, multi-generational superstars, and Titus O’Neil, Celebrity Mega Dad of the Year.

O'Neil and Sheamus start it out. Phillips says that they both like to bang. They beat each other around the ring while O'Neil does his barking. He tags in Jimmy Uso and Sheamus tags in Primo. Jimmy tags in his brother Jey.

Jey dances and everyone run into the ring.

Back from commercial, Ziggler tags in. He and Epico are the legal men. The Shining Stars make several tags. They keep the pace quick, making sure Ziggler stays grounded. Primo tags in Sheamus, who hits a backbreaker.

He lays Ziggler over his knee while tagging in Del Rio. Del Rio hits a stomp from the second rope. Del Rio kicks Ziggler in the spine and covers. Two. Del Rio with a headlock. The crowd is behind Ziggler. He uses their momentum to power out. He runs against the ropes, but Del Rio lands a spinning backbreaker and then attacks an Uso.

Del Rio tags in Primo who continues to take the fight to Ziggler. The crowd tries again to rally Ziggler, who fights out and tries to make the tag. Primo stops him but Ziggler reverses into a DDT. Both men are down. Who can get to their partner first? Who will make the Hot Tag™ ?

Ziggler crawls to his corner and tags in Jey Uso. Primo does the same, tagging in Epico. Uso takes out the bad guys and does karate on Epico. Jey hits a Samoan drop and then a running butt bump, shades of his daddy. Jey kicks Epico into the bad guy’s corner, but he secretly tags Sheamus.

Sheamus tries to set up White Noise, but Jey struggles out of it. Sheamus kicks him in the head and runs against the ropes for a clothesline, Jey superkicks him and tags in Jimmy.

Jimmy hits the frog splash, but Primo breaks it up. Then every member of the fight takes a moment to do a finisher. Following the melee, Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Jey for the win.

Winners by pinfall: Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, & The Shining Stars

The Shining Stars continue their undefeated streak.