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NXT Citrus Springs FL, live results: Kenneth Crawford injury; Revival vs. former TMDK

Image: JJ Williams

I'm here at Citrus Springs, FL, with approximately 150 tonight.

- Noah beat Kenneth Crawford

Scary sight as Kenneth was stretchered out after falling off the top rope. He went to the top and just fell straight down. Noah put his arm over for the pin and the ref tried to get Crawford's attention. Yet from what I and others around ringside noticed, not much response at all. He was out cold for a while. I'm not sure if he was even awake by the time they got him through the curtain.


- Carmella and Aliyah beat Peyton Royce and Mandy Rose

Good action as all four have improved a lot this year. Carmella has the crowd support and Aliyah adds the spark. Peyton was a quality heel, always pulling the outside partner down and preventing tags violently. Mandy keeps it simple and works safe which is a positive. Carmella hit her finishing sequence of midsection superkick, bronco buster, and her leg headlock for the win.

- Patrick Clark beat Kishan Raftaar

Patrick entered to a generic Yankee Doodle Dandy type Americana song and has the flag on his pants. Patrick even does the hand to ear and stirs up the crowd. Patrick scored the win with a fisherman's suplex.

- Josh Woods beat Dan Matha

Pre-match, Woods asked everyone to give a round of applause for Kenneth Crawford and said we have a locker room full of men and women who put their bodies on the line for the people. Matha interrupted and our match was underway. Good aggressive work by the much larger Matha throwing around Woods. Every time Woods was down, he would fire back up and even the finish saw Josh Woods pick the ankle and win with a grapevine ankle lock.

- Mojo Rawley beat Elias Samson

This was a lot of fun as the crowd was surprisingly split, having a good time cheering for both wrestlers. The Drifter even seemed shocked at his handful of supporters. Elias almost stole the win with his feet on the ropes yet the ref caught him. Mojo then took advantage and scored the win.

- Tino Sabbatelli beat Angelo Dawkins

Power match here with Dawkins as the face for the first time in quite a while. Impressive rope running early on, leap frogs back and forth by both men until Dawkins hit a big drop kick. Tino won it with a running power slam.

- Nia Jax beat Adrien Reese

Violent beating by Nia on Adrien here; huge power moves with just enough hope. Constant huge moves by Nia and harsh bumps Adrien. Finally, Nia put Adrien out of her misery with a falling tree slam for the win.

- The Revival beat Mikey Nicholls & Shane Veryzer

Excellent match in our main event. Everyone had a chance to shine. The Revival kept control for most of this match, laying in boots and dastardly double team maneuvers on Mikey. Shane was begging for a hot tag yet the ref was distracted and didn't see when it was made, allowing The Revival to put even more punishment on Mikey. Finally we got the hot tag, Shane ran wild with running European uppercuts, even a standing moonsault, and the former TMDK went for their double team finish yet the pin was broken up.

After some more excellent tag team work of taking the ref, The Revival was able to hit the Shatter Machine for the win. Hope to see these four in front of a larger audience soon. Great pro wrestling!