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NXT Orlando, FL, live results: Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe


Images: JJ Williams

I'm live at the Orlando National Guard Armory in front of a sellout crowd of approximately 350.

Mojo Rawley beat Angelo Dawkins 

A lot of Mojo antics with Dawkins jawjacking and taunting before a physical match broke out. Dawkins worked headlocks and grounding holds to keep the hype to a minimum. Mojo ran wild with big knockdown tackles and an off the ropes running punch for the win.

Post match, Dhinsa and Selmani wearing masks run in and destroy Mojo to then cut a heel promo and spoke in other languages to loud What? chants. 

Nia Jax beat Aliyah

A good big vs. small match here. Aliyah wouldn't give up and kept crawling back in the ring wanting more. Nia finally put her down for the win.

Tucker Knight, Manny Andrade, and No Way Jose beat The Revival and Dylan Miley

The heels took the advantage of Andrade when Miley took a cheap shot clothesline on him. The Revival kept Manny isolated before he could make the hot tag. Tucker took a great hot tag, ran wild with huge dropkicks and clotheslines, Manny took a big dive over the top to wipe out Miley and Dash while Tucker hit a big move on Dawson for the upset win. Post match, the winners celebrated by dancing to No Way Jose’s music. Knight even did the worm.

Elias Samson beat Chris Girard 

Major heat on The Drifter during his entrance and attempted song about Orlando. Girard works a physical style that Samson had to keep up with, an assortment of running uppercuts, and collision spots by Girard until Elias hit a leaping knee and his shake rattle and roll finish for the win. 

Bayley beat Daria 

Daria worked over Bayley with strikes and holds as she worked an MMA style. Big fired up comeback by Bayley, Daria kicked in an armbar submission, Bayley escaped and was able to pounce on Daria to hit the Belly To Bayley for the win. Post match, Bayley made the rounds before leaving, and Izzy handed Bayley her replica Women's title. Bayley looked at it and even sat by the barricade holding the title for a moment before she finally went to the back. 

NXT Tag Team Champions American Alpha beat Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli 

Riddick has been marching around lately, so he would avoid altercations by marching out of the way. At one point, Moss had his own partner in an arm ringer by mistake and he panicked when he saw Gable. Some fun comedy stuff early on before Tino pulled the rope down to low bridge Gable. This led the heels to take advantage and work over Gable before he could make the big hot tag to Jason Jordan and the rest is academic. Big dropkicks, clotheslines, suplexes and setting up the Assisted German Suplex for the win.

NXT Women's Champion Asuka beat Peyton Royce 

Another different reaction for Asuka, a good initial pop for her entrance yet once the match started, it got quiet for the action. A few impressive moves late in the match woke the people up before the Asuka Lock for the win. It’s going to be a strange tweener timeframe until Bayley gets her rematch. 

Samoa Joe vs. Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura beat Samoa Joe 

Instant action. They went after each other with forearms and Joe went for holds like the nerve on the shoulder and attempts the choke. Big strikes and counters, excellent match. I hope we see this at the next TakeOver. Nakamura hit the Kinshasa for the win.