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NXT Liverpool, England, live results: Finn Balor & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe & Austin Aries

No Way Jose

Submitted by James Ryder

A lot of the upper section was empty. Pre-show, Dasha interviewed some fans asking who they wanted to see tonight. Also, there was a pre-show vote to see a past NXT match: Rollins vs. Mahal, Neville vs. Zayn or Bayley vs. Banks. The latter won the vote so they showed highlights of the match.

Hugo Knox vs Wesley Blake

Fairly basic match. Crowd started chanting in the middle of the match but wasn't into either superstar much. Knox won with a split leg moonsault on the second attempt after messing up the first one.

Alexander Wolfe & Sawyer Fulton vs. American Alpha

Loud pop when American Alpha's music hit and a loud chant for American Alpha before the match had even started.  Crowd chanted "Jordan give us a wave". Crowd booed him when he didn't but when Gable did a takedown in the ring, he waved to a big pop.  After early back and forth action, Gable is worked on until he makes the hot tag to Jordan to a loud pop.

Match then ends quickly after two belly to belly suplexes and two German suplexes. AA wins with the double ankle lock spot and a double tap out.  Post match, The Revival come out and cut a promo putting over the TakeOver title match from last week. They offer AA a tag title match, then change their mind and walk off before running to the ring to attack. AA then hit Grand Amplitude on Dash and count to 3 for a good pop.

Bobby Roode vs. No Way Jose

Roode comes out to generic music which confused the crowd until he walked out and the crowd popped for him. Good reaction for Jose. Crowd was into him. Comedy spots early in the match then mid match, Jose's music plays and they both dance before Roode attacks Jose.  Jose in control for a short while until Roode makes a comeback and wins with the Double A spinebuster.

Nikki Glencross & Peyton Royce vs.  Carmella and Bayley

Good reaction for Carmella who cut her usual pre match promo. Bayley came out to loud pop, loudest so far. Crowd sang to her then sang Happy Birthday to her.  Peyton and Nikki work over Bayley until she makes the hot tag to Carmella.  Peyton tries to kick Carmella but hits Nikki instead.  Carmella tags in Bayley who pins nikki with the Bayley to Belly for the win.

Tye Dillinger vs. Andrade Almas

Dillinger out to a loud pop and loud 10 chant. He cut a pre-match promo and revealed he was wearing a football shirt belonging to a rival team to a loud chorus of boos. Early part of the match saw the 2 of them play the crowd with the football shirt with Almas making Dillinger stamp on it.  Fairly basic match with the odd high spot.  Almas wins with the running double knees to Dillinger in the corner.

NXT Women's Champion Asuka vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax

Good reaction for Asuka, but little reaction for Alexa & Nia. Good back and forth action.  Alexa was impressive in the match. Asuka makes a comeback after a few near falls and hits Alexa with a jumping knee and makes her submit to the Asuka Lock for the win.

Finn Balor & Shinuke Nakamura vs. Austin Aries & NXT Champion Samoa Joe

Good pop for Balor but really loud for Nakamura with the crowd singing his theme song during his entrance and after his music had stopped.  Another good reaction for Joe as well.  Good back and forth action with Balor getting the hot tag to Nakamura.  The finish comes when Balor kicks Aries as he attempts a suicide dive followed by Nakamura hitting Aries with the Kinshasa followed by Balor hitting him with the Coup de Gras for the 3.

Post match, Balor cuts a promo on Liverpool and puts over Robbie Brookside, saying how he welcomed him to the Performance Centre and helped so many NXT stars and helped NXT as a whole. Balor and Nakamura then pose for the crowd to complete a good show.