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NXT TakeOver London live results: Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe, Bayley vs. Nia Jax

Welcome to our live coverage of NXT TakeOver: London, coming from from SSE Wembley Arena on the WWE Network.

HHH opened doing an interview, and looked fine. He acknowledged being beaten up Sunday, but that he'd have to be dead to not be here.

WWE NXT Asuka vs. Emma

ASUKA vs. EMMA (w/Dana Brooke)

Fantastic match. The crowd loved Asuka who may be the best worker in WWE, man or woman. The crowd did all kinds of chants for her throughout.  The crowd was really mad when there was a ref bump late. Every time it looked like Emma would be able to get the win using Dana Brooke's belt, Asuka countered  They teased the screw job twice. Asuka did so much great stuff, all with perfect timing and just commanded the ring and audience. She's almost so good that the crowd doesn't believe it when she has to sell, but Emma's offense was so good that wasn't an issue here. Asuka got the Asuka Lock, but Brooke distracted the ref, who missed the tapout. Emma got the belt and they teased a screwjob but Asuka beat her to the punch with a spin kick for the pin. As far as just a technical match, this was better than anything on Sunday's WWE TLC show.

They just showed Johnny Saint in the crowd. 

NXT TakeOver


Real good match. Dash & Dawson retained when they took out Cass by throwing him into the post and Enzo went to the top rope and Dawson (who is a really tremendous worker -- a Rocky Romero type who doesn't get attention but is super) did a superplex into a codebreaker by Wilder for the pin. Enzo & Cass did their talking early which got over huge There was a good near fall with a rocket launcher on Wilder, but Dawson pulled Enzo off him out of the ring.  They teased the same spot where Cass was injured before but Enzo broke the spot up. Funny note: at one point, the crowd started singing "Hey Cass" to the tune of "Hey Jude" among other songs. 

They showed Bayley entering the arena. The only problem is she arrived with Carmella...who was just in the last match.

NXT TakeOver


Corbin scored a clean win with the End of Days. This was an Interesting result since TV was teasing Crews vs. Balor for the title as something coming up. The match was fine. Corbin has improved, but this was nothing compared to the first two matches. Crews is missing something when doing this style of long selling and less spots. His athleticism is there whenever he needs it, but this match was mostly Corbin on top beating on him. At one point, Corbin backdropped him over the top rope and Crews landed face first on the ring steps. Corbin kicked out of Crews' standing moonsault.

They did a Sami Zayn comeback video. He returns next week against Tye Dillinger in a match taped for TV.

Nia Jax interview backstage. She said she's going to do to Bayley what she does to any woman. As she was saying it, she looked off camera and said, "Are you looking at something?" It was Asuka starting at her. Jax walked over and got in her face, but Asuka smiled, teasing this as a future confrontation. Asuka walked off and Jax continued the interview.

Bayley vs. Nia Jax TakeOver


Baley retained the title with about her fourth attempt at a guillotine. Jax kept slamming out of the guillotine until finally after a long struggle, she tapped out. Interesting match. During the first part of the match, the crowd was more into seranading Bayley with songs ("Hey Baby", "Bayley's Gonna Hug You") and wasn't really paying attention to the flow of the match. The match itself was mostly Jax using power moves and the crowd not taking it seriously. But after Bayley kept kicking out of legdrops that they thought were the finish, the crowd was into the match itself and the singing stopped. Just because of the Bayley character, this ended up really good.

Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe


Balor retained the title with a double foot stomp off the top in an excellent match that felt very much like a Japanese main event. They countered out of each other's big moves, and did the big striking exchanges late.  Joe kept teasing the Muscle Buster, but never got it.  Joe had the choke late, but Balor rolled out. The finish came when Balor chopped Joe while both were battling on the top rope and then hit the double foot stomp for the pin. Both did dives, Joe doing the elbow suicida and Balor doing the running flip dive oer the top. Before the finish, Balor used one running dropkick after the other but Joe cut him off and went for one last muscle buster. The crowd was very different here from the rest of the night, paying attention with no songs and chants as the match got going.