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Samoa Joe suffers knee injury at WWE house show

Samoa Joe, who was scheduled to headline Raw tonight against John Cena, missed the show due to a knee injury.

The injury was suffered most likely at a Saturday night house show in Jonesboro, Arkansas, where he faced Cena. Joe missed both the Sunday night house show in Tupelo, Mississippi, causing the card to be rearranged, as well as not being able to wrestle on tonight's Raw.

Cena ended up facing Bray Wyatt in Tupelo instead.

The Roman Reigns/Cena verbal battle, which was almost completely scripted ahead of time and the key wording was mostly from the writing team and not anyone coming up with unapproved wording, was always scheduled on the show, so Joe's injury did not lead to the segment taking place.

Right now the word is that Joe will be out of action for six weeks or less.

WWE itself did not confirm the injury when contacted earlier today.