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SmackDown does lowest rating since brand split

As was the case with WWE Raw the night before, SmackDown Live's ratings were way down on Tuesday night as the show did just 2.454 million viewers, down 13% from the previous week.

The show's ratings seem to be tied more to what Raw did the previous night as opposed to outside competition. Once again, the show's audience was between 80-85% of the Raw's audience the night before.

SmackDown is usually 2nd or 3rd in total viewers for the night on cable but fell to 7th this week. In the 18-49 demo, the show did a 0.79 rating, 3rd for the night on cable.

For those expecting the number to rise when football season started, this was not a good sign. Also worth noting is that Tuesday is a strong night for network television with top rated network shows such as NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans and The Voice all scheduled to air opposite SmackDown.

You can hear more about the week's ratings on the Wednesday edition of Wrestling Observer Radio.