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VIDEO: Jinder Mahal wins WWE 24/7 title, loses it back to R-Truth

WWE has done their first two 24/7 title changes outside of Raw or SmackDown since introducing the championship.

In a video that WWE posted today, Jinder Mahal ambushed R-Truth while Truth and Carmella were at a golf course. Mahal rolled up Truth to win the 24/7 title. As Carmella was yelling at Mahal, R-Truth then rolled him up to win the title back. The video ended with Truth and Carmella taking off on a golf cart.

The 24/7 Championship was announced on the May 20 episode of Raw. Playing off the old Hardcore title's 24/7 rule, Mick Foley made an appearance to introduce the championship. Titus O'Neil won a scramble that night to become the first 24/7 Champion. He then lost it to Robert Roode, who lost it to R-Truth.

R-Truth briefly dropped the 24/7 title to Elias on last week's SmackDown but regained it at the end of the episode.

The video of today's title changes is available to watch below: