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VIDEO: R-Truth wins WWE 24/7 title back from Jinder Mahal

UPDATE: Following up on Jinder Mahal's title win, WWE uploaded a video where R-Truth pinned Mahal to win the title back while he was sleeping on the plane. Truth then hid in the bathroom to avoid people trying to take the title from him.


In another title change that was done outside of Raw or SmackDown, Jinder Mahal has won the WWE 24/7 Championship.

WWE posted a video today where Mahal snuck up on R-Truth and pinned him. R-Truth was talking on the phone while on an airport tarmac when Mahal rolled him up to win the title.

WWE also did a title change last weekend where Mahal ambushed R-Truth on a golf course to win the title, but R-Truth then immediately defeated Mahal to regain the championship.

R-Truth lost to 24/7 title to Elias in a lumberjack match on SmackDown this week, then pinned Elias while under the ring to win the title back.

The 24/7 Championship was introduced by Mick Foley on the May 20 episode of Raw. Titus O'Neil, Robert Roode, Truth (four times), Elias (two times), and Mahal (two times) have held the title since then.

Video of Mahal's latest title win is available to watch below: