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When will Dwayne Johnson return to WWE? Roman Reigns knows.

In a podcast interview with FoxSports.com's Jimmy Traina, Roman Reigns was asked about if The Rock would be at SummerSlam and gave an interesting remark:

"I wanna tell you, but I don't want to give anything away."

Later he said, "Let's just put it this way: It's The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, biggest superstar on Earth, possibly. If he wants to show up to Brooklyn, he's going to show up to Brooklyn. It wouldn't be the first time and it probably won't be the last time. It's WWE; anything can happen."

The interview also features Reigns talking about Brock Lesnar, finding out that he wasn't winning the title, and more. Nikki Bella is also on the podcast as well. 

Side note: Rock's HBO show 'Ballers' has its season finale on the same night as SummerSlam.