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WWE house show report 3-15 Minneapolis - Team Cena show

by Erik Thibault

WWe Live Event in Minneapolis
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Areas of empty seats in the arena especially at the tops of sections. All lower bowl, no upper level seating.
Goldust vs Stardust
Lots of stalling pre match. crowd chanting Cody a lot. Goldust wins in 5 1/2 minutes with a snap power slam.
Heath Slater & Adam Rose vs Primetime Players. Rose and Slater came out to an okay reaction. Slater and Rose did the million dollar dance pre-match and Slater cut a promo on Darren Young that didn't get over. Average match. Heels worked over Young's bad knee. Titus pinned Rose with Clash of the Titus in 8 minutes.
Curtis Axel vs Adrian Neville
Axel got a solid reaction as the hometown guy AFTER they announced where he was from. Cut his Axelmania promo and received a lot of Axelmania chants during the match. Nevelle did a lot of acrobatic flips that got over. 7 minute match that saw Neville win with Red Arrow.
Zack Ryder vs Brad Maddox
Maddox didn't even have an entrance video. Maddox couldn't get his tight hoodie off once the match started and the ref had to help him. Once he got it off, he clobbered when Ryder wasn't looking to get the heat. Maddox was in terrific shape. Light chants for Ryder. Boring match. Rough Ryder for the pin in five minutes.
Triple Threat Match for United States Championship. Rusev sans Lana vs Jack Swagger vs Ryback. Rusev easily most heat on the show so far. Swagger received a good pop, Ryback's was better.
Dueling We The People and Feed Me More chants. Rusev took the flag into the ring for more heat. Big spot was Swagger SuperPlexing Rusev while Ryback Powerbombed Swagger. Rusev and Swagger botched sunset flip. Match had lots of heat. Swagger had Ankle Lock on Rusev, Ryback meat hook clothesline broke it up. Ryback hit shell shock on Swagger, Rusev kicked Ryback out of ring and slapped on Accolade. Swagger tried to power out, but Rusev cinched it in for the victory in 13 minutes. Rusev applied accolade to Swagger after match but Ryback nailed Rusev and hit Shellshock on him to get the crowd on his side. Best thing on show so far.
Bella Twins vs Naomi & Paige.
Fans voted for a Divas Tag match 88%-12%. Crowd reacted well to the Bellas and Paige but not much reaction for poor Naomi. We want Paige chants. Bellas worked on Naomi for entire match but Naomi hit a nice top rope enzuguri. Paige went wild after hot tag. Naomi hit Brie with Rear View and Paige hit Nikki with The Rampaige for the win. 2nd longest match of night so far at 8:40.
The Miz vs Jimmy Uso
Mizdow was super over and Miz had solid heat. Miz made Mizdow sit by himself on the floor. Mizdow teased hitting Miz with the chair and the crowd wanted Mizdow to swing it. Jimmy made fun of Miz for losing all the time and got the crowd to chant "Whoa", "9.99" and "U-So." Loud "We Want Mizdow" chants. Lots of comedy spots and stalling in the 8:30 minute match including in-ring dancing from all three. Crowd loved it. "Mizdow's awesome" chants. Miz and Misdow had an confrontation in the ring, which caused a distraction and Jimmy super kicked Miz for the win. Mizdow and Jimmy led the crowd in claps and danced in the ring. Mizdow was super over.
Bray Wyatt & Seth Rollins sans J&J vs Randy Orton & John Cena
Rollins had his ribs taped. Seth received a very good reaction but not as good as Orton's and Cena received the biggest pop of the show. Crowd was super hot for the match. Bray and Seth got the heat on Cena. Bray and Cena were a bit on out of sync. Orton got the hot tag, destroyed all. Wyatt was about to hit Sister Abigail on Orton but Orton escaped, Cena hit Attitude Adjustment on Wyatt, Orton RKO on Rollins match over in 15 minutes. Not the best match, but the hottest.

by Cody Doll

Goldust over Starfust with power slam. Surprisingly. Good match.

Slater & adam rose vs Primetime players. O Neill won with sit out powerbomb. Awful match.
Adrian Neville over Curtis Axel with 450 finisher. Axel was crowd favorite.
Zach Ryder over Brad Maddox. Maddox's gimmick was he wears a tight shirt he cannot get off. Ridiculous.
Rusev over Ryback & Swagger. Swagger tapped from Accolade. It was the best match of show.
Page & Naomi beat Bellas. I don't remember the finish.
Jimmy Uso beat Miz with super kick. Miz cut good promo before match. The Miz & Mizdow interaction was great.
Cena & Orton beat Wyatt & Rollins. Orton pinned Rollins after an RKO. Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment on Wyatt right before the finish also. Cena got worked over most of match. Some Cena sucks chants. 80/20 pro Cena. Cena botched a couple of bumps.
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Cody Doll