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WWE House show results Yucatan, Mexico 10-17: Adam Rose injured, Undertaker, Kane

By Tom Griffiths

Typical house show match, Harper & Kane started, Harper took a powder or two, when Kane gained a clear advantage a few minutes in he gave the tag to Taker, Taker did his punches in the corner spot including scaring the ref, hit old-school at the second attempt, Strowman came in, Taker took his first of two bumps during the match off a running shoulder block from Strowman, sold for a minute or two on the mat and in the corners, hit his leaping clothesline on Harper for the transition, tagged in Kane, Kane took the long straight heat, teased the hot tag twice and got it at the third attempt, Taker house of fire, Harper fed him, punch, bump, punch, bump, snake eyes, running boot, leg drop, choke slam, double choke slam attempt on Strowman, broke the grip, Strowman dumped to the outside by both, Kane follows, discuss clothesline on Taker, Harper goes to follow-up, Hell's Gate for the finish.

Seen worse, Taker moved well, Strowman didn't do much nor did he bump IIRC. Assume will be the same on the other show.

Adam Rose went out on a stretcher today and his match with Fandango was stopped abruptly.  We are told Rose is now fine now, and it was described as him getting his bell rung.