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WWE Main Event: Dudleyz vs. Enzo & Cass highlight tag team only show

Enzo & Cass

By Kevin Larose for F4Wonline.com

- Episode 196

- Aired June 29, 2016 on Hulu

- Taped in Miami, Florida at the American Airlines Arena.

- Tonight’s commentators are Tom Phillips and David Otunga.

Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension

The show opens with the Lucha Dragons coming out, and Phillips tells us that tonight is a special all tag team edition of Main Event. Otunga, being a former tag team champion himself, is super stoked.

The Ascension are out next to face the Lucha Dragons. Phillips and Otunga discuss how important this match is in light of the impending draft. They say that every superstar is looking to make a statement. Konnor and Sin Cara start the match off. Konnor takes the early advantage, easily winning the collar and elbow tie-up, and sends Sin Cara into the turnbuckle hard with an Irish whip.

But, the Lucha Dragons are plucky and quick, which they hope will work in their favor tonight. Viktor tags in and goes for a pin, but it’s no good. He mocks his opponent’s “Lucha” taunt, and continues to dominate Sin Cara.


Konnor is in now as the Ascension continue to taunt and dominate Sin Cara. The crowd is worried for Sin Cara and begin the “Lucha” chant in an attempt to help him rally for the Hot Tag™. Konnor flattens Sin Cara with a huge powerslam, but misses a standing elbow drop. Sin Cara, after absorbing a huge amount of punishment, begins the long crawl to his friend and partner who stands all but five feet away.

Konnor, reeling from his missed elbow drop, makes the tag to Viktor. Sin Cara manages to get to Kalisto, who comes in like a house on fire, barnstorming and bringing the pain to Viktor. He dropkicks Konnor off the apron and lands a lightning quick corkscrew forearm on Viktor. He follows it with an impressive looking lucha move and goes for the pin. But Konnor manages to crawl in and break it up, followed by a huge lariat to Sin Cara.

He picks up Kalisto and hands him to Viktor, who is sitting on the top rope. He goes for a huge powerbomb, but Kalisto reverses it into a hurricanrana and then takes out Viktor with a suicide dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Sin Cara is tagged in. Kalisto hits the Salida del Sol, followed by Sin Cara with the senton. 1. 2. 3. Ballgame.


Golden Truth vs. Breezango

Here comes two of the most entertaining dudes in the WWE, Tyler Breeze and Fandango. In the ring, Fandango shhhhhhhhs the crowd and they respond in kind with a hearty boo. Breeze and Fandango pose and admire each other, looking absolutely gorgeous while doing so.


Out comes the Golden Truth with R-Truth rapping them to the ring. For those wishing to rap along at home, WWE has provided the lyrics on screen along with a bouncing Goldust head. Breeze and Goldust start the match off.

Breezango gain the early advantage, cutting off Goldust in their corner. Goldust escapes and tags R-Truth, who hits a nasty kick to Breeze’s jaw. He goes for the cover but it’s broken up by Fandango. Goldust attempts to toss Fandango outside, but Fandango turns the tables and sends Goldust flying to the mat. Fandango is impressed with himself and admires his cat-like reflexes while staring at Goldust, but the momentary distraction leads to Breezango’s downfall.

R-Truth pushes Breeze into Fandango, knocking him to the apron and allowing Truth to get the roll-up for the quick win.

Zack Ryder and Jack Swagger vs. The Shining Stars

The Shining Stars come out to a lukewarm reception while holding two beautiful flowers. It’s clear that these guys hate everywhere that isn’t Puerto RIco as they rip on Miami. Next out is Jack Swagger, who hates everywhere that isn’t America. Maybe he doesn’t know that Puerto Rico is a US territory? And last out is his partner for the night, Zack Ryder. Swagger and Primo start the match with Swagger taking the early advantage.

He goes for the ankle lock, but Primo scurries to his corner and tags in Epico, who takes control. He cuts Swagger off in their corner and makes the tag back to Primo. The Shining Stars are really taking it to Swagger’s knee and he’s visibly feeling a ton of pain.

Swagger Pain

The Shining Stars are looking really good here. They were always entertaining, but got stuck with a useless gimmick. Hopefully, they can make this one work. Swagger attempts a tag but is briefly stopped by Epico. Swagger is able to knock him down and makes the Hot Tag™ to Ryder. Ryder hits a second rope missile dropkick and sets Epico up for the Broski Boot, but Primo pulls his cousin out of the ring.

Ryder herds Epico back into the ring and hits an elbow drop for the pin, but Primo breaks it up. Primo tags in and they hit a finish that looks like the Ascension’s Fall of Man on Ryder for the win. The Shining Stars continue their undefeated streak and Swagger, likely still in pain, is nowhere to be found.

Shining Stars

The Raw Recap

Rollins made fun of Roman’s suspension. Ambrose stuck up for Roman. Styles and Cena both wanted in on the Battleground Main Event. Steph gave them a chance, but Styles had to beat Ambrose and Cena had to beat Rollins. Neither of them won and the Battleground main event remains the same.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Enzo and Cass

The Dudleyz make their way out first, followed by the smack-talking, sky-walking Enzo and Cass. They do their talking and the crowd eats it up. Cass and D-Von start it out. Cass powers D-Von into the corner, goes for a big boot, but D-Von ducks out of the way and tags in Bubba. Bubba comes in and starts yelling at Cass.

Cass punches him in the face, and Bubba tags D-Von back in. Cass sends him flying out of the ring. Cass tags in Enzo and proceeds to throw him over the top rope onto the Dudleyz. D-Von, back in the ring now, traps Enzo in the corner, Enzo sneaks under D-Von’s legs and takes control. On the apron now, Enzo sets up for a springboard something, but Bubba cuts his legs out right from under him and Enzo falls to the mat.

This is just the edge D-Von needs and he takes advantage hammering down on Enzo while taunting Cass at the same time. Bubba tags in and they isolate Enzo in the corner. Enzo tries to scurry for the tag, but Bubba will just not let him. Enzo escapes to the outside, Bubba attempts to kick his head off, Enzo ducks and Bubba’s foot meets the steel steps. Enzo scampers for the tag, and just as he’s about to make it, Bubba grabs Cass’ legs and pulls him off the apron.

Things do not look good for Enzo. Cass looks mega concerned for his friends, and the crowd attempts to rally Enzo with an Enzo chant. It works because he is able to make the Hot Tag™. Cass cleans house until it’s time to tag in Enzo for the Badaboomshackalacka for the win.