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WWE Main Event results (10/18): Team Bella vs. Team BAD

Team BAD

The Big News:

WWE Main Event from Cincinnati featured Team Bella against Team BAD in a tag team match. Also, Adam Rose sang acapella while introducing himself on the way to being mauled. Likewise, the Cosmic Connection continue to drift in the universe as they collide with the remnants of a once popular dance craze.

Stardust (with The Ascension) beat Fandango

Before the wrestling began, a brief dance-off broke out for a few moments. No decisive winner in that contest but they started the match nonetheless. Stardust kept resorting to devious methods. Nevertheless, Fandango kept gaining the momentum throughout the match until Stardust sent Fandango sailing through the ropes and out to the floor. The Ascension at ringside started to close in on Fandango and Stardust went jumping over the ropes to the outside. Fandango somehow managed to escape and roll back in the ring where he started Fandangoing to taunt the villains before a commercial.

After the break, Fandango and Stardust slugged it out for several moments then quickened the pace. Ascension caused a distraction at ringside, allowing Stardust to gain an underhanded advantage. The dastardly Stardust began to pummel and work over a downed Fandango. After snapping Stardust on the top rope, Fandango started a comeback and fired up. Fandango jumped off the top for an attempted legdrop but missed. Stardust executed a disaster kick followed by the Queen’s Crossbow for the pinfall.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Team Bella. Brie basically said despite all the new divas trying to take the Bellas’ spot, the Team Bella is stronger than ever. Her and Alicia Fox mocked Team PCB. Fozzy called them “Team PMS” and a “hot mess.” Brie agreed but added all the divas were a hot mess as she brought up Team BAD. Nikki chimed in to say the new divas were spoiled brats. She also warned Charlotte about reclaiming her title at Hell in a Cell. Nikki concluded by saying it wasn’t a divas revolution, it was the Bellas evolution.

Ryback beat Adam Rose

Since the split from the Rosebuds, Rose sported trunks, a vest and eyeglasses as sang his name acapella repeatedly while doing his own introduction. It was as if he was attempting to sing his name in scales. The “Feed Me More” theme song and the Ryback entrance interrupted Rose's singing act. In the match, Ryback basically mauled him. Rose cut him off briefly only to get mauled some more.

At one point, Rose attempted to sneak up on Ryback then begged off when his plot was foiled. Rose bailed out and starting running around the ring. Ryback gave chase and was cut off trying to get back in the ring. That delayed the mauling briefly yet Ryback hoisted Rose up for a delayed vertical suplex.  Jimmy Uso on commentary said Rose should “just run,” which was probably solid advice judging by the story of the match up to that point. However, the tide changed after Ryback crashed into a ring post.

Rose began to kick and stomp at Ryback then delivered a missile dropkick off the middle rope. Rose dove off the top rope with an elbow smash for a two count. When Rose was applying a sleeper hold, Ryback led the crowd in chants of “feed me more” as he jacked Rose’s jaw. Ryback pounded his chest and signaled for his finisher. Following a meathook clothesline, Ryback used the Shell Shock for the pin.

Team Bella (Brie and Nikki Bella with Alicia Fox) beat Team BAD (Naomi & Tamina with Sasha Banks)

With Jimmy Uso on commentary with Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips, Uso openly cheered for his wife. They also put over Sasha Banks and her iron man match from Takeover. The crowd chanted “we want Sasha.” Brie and Tamina started the match but Brie quickly tagged out after being overpowered. Nikki was also overpowered by Tamina. Naomi tagged in and moments later did a tilt-a-whirl headscissors that sent Nikki to the outside. Nikki was crawling back to the ring before a commercial.

Following the break, Naomi was on offense until Nikki cut her off and snapped her arm on the top rope. Nikki distracted the referee as Brie stomped Naomi’s hand on the apron. Brie tagged in and began to work the arm of Naomi. The Bellas got heat on Naomi. She got a hope spot when she knocked Nikki down with a kick. Brie ran across the ring to knock Tamina off the apron and break up the attempted tag. Jimmy Uso referred to the Bellas as veterans. A handheld camera picked up Brie calling a spot with a running knee strike.

Eventually, Naomi made a hot tag to Tamina and she ran wild. Nikki jumped in to break up a pin attempt and she also elbowed Naomi, who rolled to the outside. Nikki walked into a superkick from Tamina. Uso called it a “superkick party.” Nevertheless, Brie gave Tamina the X-factor a moment later for the pinfall.