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WWE Main Event results: American Alpha vs. Breezango

Jey Uso w/ Jimmy Uso defeated Konnor w/ Viktor

The feeling out process begins, giving the commentators a chance to talk about themselves. Otunga, never missing an opportunity to name-drop his wife, tells us she is filming a movie with Rikishi. He says Rikishi thinks that his sons, The Usos, are the two most naturally gifted athletes he’s ever seen. Thank you for the objective insight, Rikishi.

Jey lands a couple of strikes and Konnor is dazed. Viktor causes a distraction and Konnor takes advantage with a lariat. Konnor punches Jey to the mat and covers for two. He chokes Jey over the second rope and whips him into the corner hard.

Viktor taunts Jimmy on the outside and continues to demolish Jey. Konnor gives Jey a shoulder massage and the crowd cheers Jey to his feet. Jey fights back, fights out, and brings the crazy. He hits a Samoan drop and then the running butt-to-face smash in the corner, shades of daddy.

Jey covers for two. He climbs to the top rope, but Viktor again attempts a distraction. Jimmy superkicks Viktor. It’s enough time for Konnor to make it to his feet. He grabs Jey off the top rope and goes for an Alabama slam, but Jey escapes and hits a superkick. He climbs the top rope again and hits a frog splash. Jey covers for the win.

American Alpha defeated Breezango

Chad Gable and Fandango start it off. Tom Phillips tells us each team’s motivation: American Alpha are all about winning, and Breezango are all about looking good. So there you have it.

The action is fast from the get-go, with whips, drop toe-holds, and mat wrestling. Both guys look good, but Gable is clearly on the offensive. Fandango is getting desperate. He grabs Gable’s hair. Jason Jordan makes a hidden tag and surprises Fandango with a dropkick.

Jordan covers for two. Fandango powers Jordan into his corner and Breeze tags in. Breeze lands a strike, but he is quickly overwhelmed by American Alpha’s quickness and skill. Jordan drags Breeze to his corner and Gable tags in. They hit a double dropkick on Breeze and one on Fandango.

Gable covers for two. He sets Breeze up for a suplex, but Fandango blocks it and they throw Gable right out of the ring.

Back from commercial, Fandango is beating up Gable from corner-to-corner. Breeze tags in and they hit a double elbow drop. Breeze covers for two and rams Gable into his corner, then kicks him in the gut repeatedly. Fandango tags in and continues the beatdown. Gable tries to escape but he’s blocked.

Otunga says it was hard to take Breezango seriously when they first started teaming together because they were two guys in the tanning bed at the same time. Phillips asks him how he knows they were in the same bed at the same time. I’m going to ask them why it's hard to take two men who tan together seriously.

Back in the ring, Gable is still unable to make the tag. Breeze tags in and goes for a flying move from the second rope, but Gable lifts his feet up to block. Fandango makes a quick tag as Breeze falls out of the ring. He climbs the top rope and jumps for a flying knee drop but misses.

Gable crawls for the tag and Fandango crawls for one as well. Jordan and Breeze are able to tag in at the exact same time. Jordan is more ready Breeze is, and his offense is overwhelming. He hits a belly-to-belly and lets out an impassioned scream. He tears off the straps of his singlet.

He charges at Breeze, but Fandango runs interference and Jordan hits Fandango with a lariat. Gable tags in and climbs the ropes. Jordan tries to get Breeze up in a powerbomb, but Breeze reverses and sends Jordan out of the ring. Gable hits a missile dropkick and covers. Fandango breaks it up.

Breeze and Gable are both down. Fandango jumps in, causing Jordan to enter the ring, which distracts the ref allowing Breezango to double team.

Breeze hits the supermodel kick and covers for two. Both men are down again. Gable makes the tag to Jordan. Jordan dumps Breeze outside of the ring. Breeze climbs in and fights back. Fandango tags, and Breeze slingshots Jordan into Fandango’s forearm. Fandango springboards into the ring with an elbow drop and covers.

Gable makes the save. Fandango tags in Breeze. Breeze climbs the ropes. They do an impressive move where Breeze sunset flips over Jordan into a pin and Jordan German suplexes Fandango.

Jordan sets Breeze up in a powerbomb. Breeze escapes, but Jordan hits him with a huge belly-to-belly suplex. He hits a spear in the corner. Gable tags in, and they hit Grand Amplitude for the win.

Great match. Each team succeeded in their mission. American Alpha won and Breezango looked good. Well done, boys.