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WWE Main Event results: Apollo remains in the Outcasts orbit; Kane and Big Show


Apollo Crews def. Curtis Axel by pinfall

Is Crews stuck in an infinite booking loop, or what? Having beaten all four Social Outcasts since his debut against Tyler Breeze, Crews is then given the rematch against Curtis Axel that we were all clamouring for. It’s worth noting that Axel entered alone here, which meant no pre-match Outcasts promo. Crying shame.

Despite dispatching Axel in short order in their Smackdown match a couple of weeks ago, Crews takes 13 long minutes to dispense with the now-chainless wonder here. It was a dull match, most notable for a Crews vertical suplex, with an extended delay to showcase his power. Lawler also referred to Axel as Heath Slater at one point, which drew Rich Brennan’s mirth and derision.

Axel eventually missed a fist drop from the top rope to spur Crews’ comeback, which saw him counter the Perfectplex with a standing enziguri and follow up with the spinning sitout powerbomb for the win.

Summer Rae def. Alicia Fox by pinfall

Yeesh, this was bad. And the crowd, who chanted for New Day, knew it too. Summer Rae at least provided some entertainment during her entrance, singing along to her theme and proclaiming: “It’s the best song!”. Alicia, meanwhile, who is no longer a Bella, was bedecked in sky-blue ring gear and accompanied by her old generic theme.

This lasted four minutes, but felt like fourteen. The seams of the match were very visible, with a lot of awkward spots and miscommunication. Summer eventually won by tossing Foxy neck first onto the ropes and following up with her leg-assisted reverse DDT - the Summer Crush, apparently.

The Big Show and Kane def. Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman

Kane’s entrance gets a big pop, simply by dint of him being the first star that this London crowd had seen at the taping so far. The Big Show gives Kane an uncertain thumbs up upon entering the ring, for fear that Kane might goozle him over the top rope again. Like he did only last month. 28 writers, folks.

The Vintner and Braun enter to Luke Harper’s music and TitanTron, without the injured Bray Wyatt. The match is as dreadful as you might expect, coming in at 15 minutes with TWO (yes, two) hot tags. The lengths they go to avoid having Braun work on television are amusing, with all his part in getting the heat on Show taking place during the commercial break. When we return, Braun immediately tags out!

The first hot tag, to Kane, is quickly cut off by Braun, as he performs his first two actual moves of the match (a bodyslam and an elbow drop!). Then, the heels get the heat on Kane for a while, including the Vintner using my favourite submission - the double noogie. Mark for it every time, bro.

Kane immediately hits Braun with a DDT when he tags in to further prevent the big man from exposing the business. He then crawls to Show to make the second hot tag of the match, which culminates in both babyfaces creaming Rowan with a double chokeslam for the victory.

Final Thoughts

An appalling edition of the show this week, with very little of merit to recommend it by.