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WWE Main Event results: Dolph Ziggler vs. Aiden English

Dolph Ziggler defeated Aiden English

A match too big for Raw or SmackDown, too important for PPV. It could only take place in the opener of this episode of Main Event.

Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring looking like he just rolled out of bed. He definitely wants to gain some momentum heading into Sunday’s Intercontinental Championship match against The Miz. The Vaudevillains make their way to the ring in black and white. David Otunga is very excited for Backlash.

The match begins with some mat wrestling. The crowd breaks out into a Ziggler chant. English stands on Ziggler’s arm and proceeds to do squats while yelling, “This is what a man does.”

Ziggler dropkicks English. Gotch jumps up on the apron. Ziggler runs at Gotch. allowing English the time to knee Ziggler in the small of the back, dropping Ziggler to the floor. Gotch yells into Ziggler’s face.

English strikes and elbows Ziggler, he flexes, he covers for the pin. Only a one count. English locks in a headlock, Ziggler reverses out of it, and English kicks him in the face. The commentators think it would be embarrassing for Ziggler if he were to lose here ahead of his match at Backlash.

English covers for two. Frustration is beginning to show on English’s face. He flexes and yells that he is too damn manly. Gotch outside agrees. English hits a nice suplex.

Ziggler begins his comeback. He hits, strikes, and clotheslines. He hits a splash in the corner, a neckbreaker, an elbow drop to English’s heart, and covers for two.

English, to his feet, rushes at Ziggler. Ziggler reverses with a backslide for two. Ziggler sets up the fameasser, but English reverses into a sit-down powerbomb, then covers for a long two count.

English climbs the top rope and attempts the senton, but Ziggler drives his knees into English’s back upon impact. Both men are down. The crowd cheers Ziggler to his feet. Gotch jumps up on the apron. Ziggler superkicks Gotch. English with the roll-up on the distraction, he grabs the tights for two.

Both men are up, the crowd is hot. Ziggler with the superkick, but English catches it and throws his foot to the ground. He’s not quick enough to counter though, as Ziggler immediately hits him with another. Ziggler covers for three.

This was a good match. I allow myself to eat my initial sarcastic words.

Jack Swagger defeated Jinder Mahal in a Raw showcase match

One of those dream match scenarios that we’d thought we’d never see, Jack Swagger vs. Jinder Mahal, a clash of two wrestlers at the peak of their game. What a treat.

Swagger, an Oklahoma boy, does his darndest to get the crowd hyped. Mahal makes his way out and ruins the coolest thing he’s got going for him, his black mask, by ripping it off too early. When he takes off his mask, he turns from scary looking tough dude into Jinder Mahal. Maybe he should reverse his gimmick, turning instead from Mahal into scary looking tough dude.

The match begins with a little mat wrestling. Swagger showing his pedigree here, with some nice takedowns. Mahal turns it around and whips Swagger into the corner, takes him down, and covers for two.

Mahal beats the pants off of Swagger, kicking and striking him all over the place. The crowd chants USA. Mahal locks in a headlock. The crowd chants USA again. Swagger fights out, but Mahal puts him right back down. The crowd is mad.

Mahal runs at Swagger. Swagger reverses and locks in the Patriot Lock. Jinder Mahal taps. That’s the match.