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WWE Main Event results: Hype Bros make their main roster debut

The theme song for Main Event remains unchanged post-brand split. No need to worry though, as the superstars featured in the intro reflect the SmackDown brand only.

Mojo Rawley makes his main roster in-ring debut as one half of the Hype Bros to kick off Main Event, seemingly killing off some of the momentum his partner, Zack Ryder, has been gaining as a singles wrestler since WrestleMania. We’ll see.

The Hype Bros defeated The Vaudevillains

The Hype Bros have a lot of energy. There is a sizeable Mojo Rawley fan base tonight in Buffalo. Ryder and Gotch start it off, trading strikes and dropkicks. Ryder tags in Rawley and traps Gotch in the corner. Rawley whips Ryder into Gotch, then whips Gotch and hits a lariat.

Gotch fights him off and tags in English. They double team Rawley, but Rawley hits a crossbody off the ropes, and starts telling everyone that English ain’t hype. English charges but Rawley catches him with a back body drop.

Rawley tags in Ryder, who sends English into the corner. He warms up for the Broski Boot a little too early as English slides out of the ring. Ryder just worked up a lot of energy and now he’s got nowhere to put it. Something’s got to give.

He jumps through the ropes feet first. Gotch pushes English out of the way and gets sent into the barricade for his troubles. English, in turn, pushes Ryder into the barricade.

Back from commercial, English and Ryder are in the ring. English has Ryder on the canvas. Ryder, after taking a beating, escapes to the outside to regroup. English and Gotch both attempt an attack and both are taken down by Ryder.

Ryder creeps back into the ring and starts making the long, slow crawl to his corner for the Hot Tag™. But he’s too slow. English cuts him off at the pass and covers for two.

English tags in Gotch and locks in an arm stretch. Ryder tries to reach for the tag, but Gotch stops him and knocks Ryder off the apron as well. Gotch tags in English, who charges at Ryder. Ryder, with his last ounce of strength, digs deep and makes the Hot Tag™.

Hot Tags™ don’t come any hotter than they come with Rawley. He hypes all over English, tossing him, punching him, clotheslining him. Until he goes too far and English kicks him in the gut. But before long, Rawley is back to his original hype level and he’s off tackling and running around again.

In all the confusion, Gotch, who is not the legal man, is taken out in the corner just long enough for Ryder, also not the legal man, to neutralize him with a Broski Boot.

Rawley tags in Ryder and they hit the Hype Rider. Ballgame.

­The Hype Bros win their first main roster match.

Tom Phillips lets David Otunga know how excited he is for SummerSlam. They recap the draft in a video package.

The Raw Recap

They announce the WWE Universal Championship. They show clips from the two fatal four-ways to decide who will face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam for the new championship. Finn Balor and Roman Reigns each won their respective matches.

Balor beat Reigns to earn the right to fight Rollins for the new belt. They replay Balor pinning Reigns around 10 or so times.

Tyler Breeze w/Fandango defeated Jey Uso w/o Jimmy Uso

Good to see Breeze in the main event. Jey Uso is coming out alone for some reason. Breeze hits a shoulder block and goes to take a rest, splaying his gorgeous bod over the top rope. Breeze attempts to mimic the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with Fandango.

Uso and Breeze hit each other around a bit, and then Uso splays himself over the top rope, mocking Breeze. But Uso chilling on the ropes isn’t that big a stretch for his character. Usos love to chill. It’s well known.

Breeze rushes at Uso, but Uso hits him with a punch that sends Breeze spinning. Uso chops. Uso dives at a distracting Fandango. Not a good idea to turn your back on your opponent though, Uso.

Breeze hits him from behind with a big elbow. Breeze covers. One. Breeze yells at the ref. Uso, on his feet, blocks a punch and punches back, muscles Breeze out of the ring, and then dives to floor, landing on his feet.

Breeze jumps back in the ring. Uso punches Fandango. Uso tries to get back in the ring, but Breeze dropkicks him right back out. On the floor, Breeze whips Uso into the barricades. He dives back into the ring and taunts the crowd while the ref counts.

Breeze runs to the outside and throws Uso back inside. He covers for two. Breeze immediately locks in a headlock. Uso fights out, and hits a dropkick.

Back from commercial, Uso is back in a headlock. The crowd chants for Uso. He fights out and manages to kick Breeze in the face. Uso is about to go Uso crazy. He runs around and does karate on Breeze, hits a Samoan drop, and then sets up for his move usually called “shades of daddy.”

But no reminiscing about daddy tonight. Fandango grabs Uso’s boot, catching him off guard for just a second.

Uso, despite the hold up, charges at Breeze. Breeze tosses him onto the apron. Uso pushes him away and climbs the ropes. Breeze kicks him in the head and sets him up for a superplex, but Uso riffs on a reverse neckbreaker. Uso covers. Two.

Uso climbs the ropes again, but Fandango helps Breeze escape to the outside. Uso goes Uso crazy and launches himself onto Breezango. He throws Breeze back in the ring and climbs the ropes again. He goes for the splash but Breeze catches him with his knees and rolls Uso up for the pin. Two.

Uso ducks the supermodel kick and goes for a suplex, but Breeze vaults over Uso’s shoulder. They both go for the superkick, but Uso’s connects. Uso covers for another two count.

Uso sets up for a corner splash while the crowd chants for him. He rushes at Breeze, but Breeze ducks, causing Uso to vault onto the second rope. Breeze doubles Uso over and lands a supermodel kick, dumping him off the ropes. He covers, using the ropes for leverage, for three.

Fandango brings Breeze back to his senses. Despite the victory, he took a beating from Uso. A woozy Breeze celebrates to close the show.