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WWE Main Event results: Rhyno vs. Baron Corbin

Kane defeated Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks is scared. He tells Kane he doesn’t want to fight and tries to exit the ring. Kane grabs him and punches him. He throws him into the corner and runs in for the clothesline. Starks moves out of the way and punches Kane.

He regrets doing that when Kane kicks him in the head. Kane smashes Starks’ face into the turnbuckle. He kicks him to the ground and stomps him. Then, Kane whips Starks into the other corner and hits a sideslam. Kane whips him and goes for the back body drop, but Starks kicks Kane in the face. Kane throws Starks out of the ring.

Starks is crawling to make his way back into the ring to avoid the 10 count. He seems to think he has a chance. Kane reaches down from the ring and grabs Starks by the head, pulling him up back into the ring. But Starks reverses it into a neck breaker. Kane is dazed.

This is Starks’ moment. He climbs the ropes and jumps for a double axe handle, but Kane catches him with a strike to the throat. Kane calls for the chokeslam, and he hits a massive, powerful one and covers for the victory.

After the match, Kane makes the ring posts explode.

Baron Corbin defeated Rhyno

Big battle of the Midwestern greasy boys, Rhyno and Baron Corbin. A huge Rhyno chant breaks out, followed by an ECW chant.

The match starts with a series of headlocks, whips, strikes, arm twisting, and hugging. Corbin shoves Rhyno, Rhyno shoves Corbin, but Corbin kicks Rhyno and smashes his head into the turnbuckle. They trade strikes and Rhyno smashes Corbin’s head in the turnbuckle. He tackles Corbin and covers for two.

Tom Phillips tries to talk about the concept of karma in relation to two former competitors competing again, but it’s clear he doesn’t really understand exactly what karma is. Good try though. Rhyno beats Corbin down in the corner for a bit, and then beats him up in the other corner. Corbin pushes Rhyno out of the ring.

Back from commercial, Corbin whips Rhyno hard into the corner. He chokes Rhyno with his boot. The crowd is rooting hard for Rhyno. Corbin covers for two. Rhyno fights out of a headlock but Corbin takes him down again and covers for two.

Corbin locks him in a headlock, then yells at the crowd and the ref. The WWE Universe attempts to lift Rhyno to his feet and it works. Rhyno fights out and turn the tables, but Corbin hits the Deep Six and covers for two.

“Golly,” David Otunga says.

The crowd chants that Corbin sucks as he kicks Rhyno out of the ring. Corbin, to the floor, grabs Rhyno, punches him, and throws him in the ring. He covers for two. Corbin is frustrated. Rhyno is slow to his feet. Corbin charges, but Rhyno sends him into the turnbuckle.

Rhyno punches Corbin and hits a jumping lariat. He sends Corbin to the corner and tackles him. He whips Corbin to the other corner, but Corbin slides to the outside. Rhyno meets him there with a lariat and throws Corbin into the ring. He sets up for the Gore but misses. Rhyno hits a belly-to-belly suplex and covers for two.

Both men on their feet now, and Rhyno gets Corbin up in a Death Valley Driver. Corbin escapes, pushes Rhyno to the ropes, and hits the End of Days for the victory.