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WWE News: Total Divas TV report

Season 4, Episode 7

Recap by Ryan Pike (@RyanNPike)

-Eva Marie Wants A Finisher: Remember Eva Marie? She's still training. It's been months, and she's bugging her husband and Brian Kendrick about getting a sweet finisher. Her husband, voice of reason, advises to chill and keep training and get great at the basics. Instead, she goes to NXT, gets booed at by the crowd, and is inspired to learn Brian Kendrick's finisher, “The Kendrick” (or, Sliced Bread #2 to wrestling fans). I have a bad feeling about this.

-The Bellas Fight About Business: Nikki and Brie get the idea to start a bar studio, since it's super-trendy (or was at the time of the taping of this show). They try to recruit their brother, JJ, and he helpfully sets up meetings with realtors to check out potential studios. The girls get territorial and turn on J.J., then get mad at each other; Brie gets mad at Nikki for being unfocused with the idea, while Nikki gets mad at Brie for being mean to her. Anyway, their brother, voice of reason, advises them to chill and be nice to each other because they're sisters. Everyone hugs it out.

-Naomi Learns About Parenting: Finally, Naomi and Jon are moved into their new place and get to host Jon's kids (from his previous relationship). Naomi's stoked, and really wants to make sure the kids have fun – including bringing in a petting zoo and a bouncy house without telling him. He's super-chill about it, even when he gets chewed out on the phone by the mother, and she basically admits she wanted to spoil their kids (when they have some). Jon says they are their kids and it's super-cute. She probably won't keep feeding the kids candy all the time or anything, but they do seem like they have their act together.

No John Cena or Bryan Danielson on this episode, and barely any Nattie. The teaser for the remainder of the season teases Dolph Ziggler hitting on Nikki, Bryan vacating his Intercontinental Title and Nattie freaking out backstage when T.J. breaks his neck during a match.