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WWE News: WWE files pre-emptory lawsuit against Mulligan, Koloff, Dynamite Kid and Ware

WWE filed a lawsuit on Monday in U.S. District Court in Connecticut against retired pro wrestlers Robert Windham (Blackjack Mulligan), Thomas Billington (Dynamite Kid), James Ware (Koko B. Ware) and Oreal Perras (Ivan Koloff) and possibly others to attempt to keep them from filing lawsuits against the company.

The lawsuit was based on 6/2 letters sent by attorney Konstantine Kyros to WWE General Counsel and Secretary Laura Brevetti.  Kyros is representing Billy Jack Haynes, Cassandra Frazier (wife of the late Nelson Frazier), Michelle James (girlfriend of the late Matt Osborne) and several others.

In the letters, Kyros noted he was now representing the four former wrestlers and claimed they were allegedly injured as a result of WWE's negligence and fraudulent conduct.