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WWE NXT 9-30 TV results: Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Tommaso Ciampa & the road to TakeOver: Respect

The show opened with Kyle Edwards in the WWE Studios to update us on the Dusty Rhodes Classic. This past weekend, Chad Gable & Jason Jordan defeated the Hype Bros to advance to Takeover, where they will face Baron Corbin & Rhyno in the semi-finals. Plus the winners of tonight's match will face Dash & Dawson at Takeover, with the winners facing off in the championship round.

Dusty Rhodes Classic Quarterfinal: Samoa Joe & Finn Balor defeated Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady

The show starts with the last quarterfinal Match in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic! Finn Balor has a new remixed theme and they also have put “Balor Club” front and center on his Titantron video.

This is such an odd match-up of 4 people you never expected to ever wrestle each other. Colin and Joe brawled outside the ring, so Enzo did a Suicide Dive to Joe and Finn did a plancha over the top on Colin, before facing off with each other. Finn Irish Whipped Enzo into the corner, but ate a boot from Enzo and then a beautiful jumping DDT from the middle rope. That used to be the finisher of The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea and never looked nearly as good.

Colin gave Joe a Black Hole Slam and had a look on his face like “I can't believe I did that either.” They did the Rocket Launcher on Joe, but Joe powered out of it and they hit a double team move where Joe used a Muscle Buster on Enzo and Finn came off with a Coup De Grace for the win!

- Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano cut a promo backstage saying they were very disappointed in only getting to the 2nd round of the Classic. They didn't reach their own expectations, even though they surpassed others expectations. They did promise this was only the beginning. Up walked Tyler Breeze who said any friend of Apollo Crews was an enemy of his and challenged Ciampa to a match tonight, since Crews is facing Gargano.

- An Asuka promo aired. They had footage of her in Japan, which was neat. 

Apollo Crews defeated Johnny Gargano

This is the singles match debut for Johnny Gargano and he does so against the former Uhaa Nation. Next week, live on the WWE Network, at NXT Takeover, Crews will go one on one with Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze.

These two men worked wonderfully together like two people who have wrestled each other before...which they have. It looked rehearsed at times, but it was still a fun little match. Gargano was on the ring apron when Crews went for a running Something Or Other, but Gargano dove through the middle ropes, like a suicide dive into the ring, onto his foe. Gargano followed that up with an Abdominal Stretch where he pulled Crews' free arm. Crews did his comeback and finished things off with the Gorilla Press Slam and Standing Moonsault.

- William Regal was backstage with Dana Brooke & Emma and he announced Dana will be wrestling Asuka next Wednesdaynight at Takeover.

Dana and Emma laughed, saying Asuka looked like a hyena walking away smiling last week. Mr. Regal showed them a video of Asuka doing something. We didn't see the video, but we did see Dana and Emma getting wide eyed and quite worried. Before leaving, Emma told Dana good luck.

- Another Nia Jax video aired. 7 weeks running and she is still coming soon. Maybe she went to that Florida promotion that made noise a few years ago and then never ran a show.

- We then saw the video Mr. Regal showed Dana Brooke: Asuka pounding a heavy bag.

Emma and Dana Brooke defeated Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

Kay and Royce were wearing matching gear, so it looks like they will be a new team. Kay and Royce looked good, but this was purely a showcase for Emma and Dana. They did that annoying thing Ascension used to do where they would frantically tag in and out, stomping their opponent in the corner.

Peyton got the hot tag and went wild. She went for a middle rope something, slipped and fell flat on her face. They tried to cover it up by shooting it at a wacky angle, but it was impossible not to notice. They seemed to have no idea what to do for about 30 seconds, but the match finally continued, but ended soon after with a sit out DVD.

- Jason Jordan now wanted to be called JJ and him and Chad Gable were backstage to plug their match next week vs Rhyno & Baron Corbin. Chad and JJ said they are not overcoming the odds, Baron & Rhyno are. Chad said they have won a lot of tournament finals and will be Ready, Willing & Gable. 

Dash & Dawson walked up and were offended that Chad & JJ did not think they had a chance against Enzo & Cass. They argued about who lost the 8-man tag a few weeks ago and broke down into them just talking all over each other and Devin leaving.

Tyler Breeze pinned Tommaso Ciampa

This match was wacky. We had some fine chain wrestling which culminated in Breeze mounting Ciampa, so Ciampa crawled around on his hands and knees like a horsey. Ciampa did a face wash, but with his knee, which was different, but cool.

Ciampa hit several running kicks to the mouth and a face buster where Breeze was hanging off the top rope. Ciampa went for a power bomb, but Breeze slipped out and hit a kick to the gut, but Ciampa cut him off and hit several more moves. Preparing for an upset Ciampa climbed the ropes, but got dropkicked when he dove off the top. 

Breeze actually won with the Unprettier, which one person in the crowd yelled. I always like the Beauty Shot, but if anyone is going to use a move called the Unprettier, it's Tyler.

- Rhyno and Baron Corbin laughed at the idea of anyone beating them. The only way I see them win is if they then run an angle with them against Cody and Dustin Rhodes afterwards.

- Next week at WWE TakeOver: Respect

  • Samoa Joe & Finn Balor vs Dash & Dawson in a Dusty Rhodes Classic semi-final match
  • Jason Jordan & Chad Gable vs Baron Corbin & Rhyno in the other Dusty Rhodes Classic semi-final match
  • The finals of the Dusty Rhodes Classic tag tournament
  • Dana Brooke vs Asuka
  • Apollo Crews vs Tyler Breeze
  • Sasha Banks vs Bayley in a 30-Minute Iron Woman Match for the Women's Championship

-The show ended with a wonderfully done video package for the main event. It showed some never before seen backstage footage before the match at TakeOver Brooklyn. They showed 2 full minutes of highlights, which I don't think they missed a single great moment. We saw backstage where everyone was watching and applauding them. That took us to Bayley returning to Full Sail as champion and the challenge for the Iron Man Match. The video feature ended with both girls training. Bayley heaved a medicine ball up over her head, which looked so impressive. That video package would have sold pay per view buys if this show was on ppv. That's how good it was.

That's it from Full Sail. Dave Meltzer will take care of live PBP duty of TakeOver: Respect, so until then, make sure to say your vitamins and take your prayers!