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WWE NXT gets big viewership win over AEW Dynamite this week

Heading into big summer specials for both Wednesday night shows over the next two weeks, NXT had its biggest ratings success in over four months with last night's show on the USA Network averaging 786,000 viewers.

That number is up 5.4 percent from last week. 

In the 18-49 demo, NXT averaged a 0.19 rating, which was actually down five percent from last Wednesday. The show finished 26th on cable TV in that demo. 

Dynamite averaged 633,000 viewers, down 18 percent and the lowest number the show has ever done. Dynamite also had a series low with a 0.22 rating in 18-49, down 21.4 percent from last week and 17th for the night on cable. The .03 difference between the two shows in 18-49 is the closest they've been since December 18, the first and only time NXT ever beat Dynamite in 18-49.

The 153,000 difference in total viewers is the biggest win NXT has had to date. 

The individual demos were much more competitive this week as AEW usually beats NXT in every category except persons over 50. NXT had a huge advantage in that category again with a 0.42 rating to AEW's 0.26. NXT also won in females 12-34 and the shows tied in females 18-49.

Dynamite won every other demo, but they were much closer. AEW's best category was men 18-49, where they had a 0.29 rating to NXT's 0.23. 

The combined audience of 1.419 million was down seven percent from last week but still above the 10-week average. 

Here's a look at the last 10 weeks of viewership for both shows, along with the 18-49 demo numbers: