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WWE NXT News: Key notes from HHH conference call

By Dave Meltzer, WrestlingObserver.com

Here's a few key notes from today's NXT related conference call from Paul "HHH" Levesque.

The basic gist when it comes to the long term plan for NXT seems to be a year of trial and error, experimenting with live shows in different types of venues and seeing what works best. The goal is to do three shows a week as a touring brand around the world, similar to the tours WWE already does, but with a goal for talent to get them to the main roster.

Ultimately, and this may be down the line, the goal is for two NXT events per night on the weekend: one for the bigger stars and TV angles and the other working small venues in Florida with the younger talent that is less experienced.

The only major news related to tomorrow's Takeover show is the acknolwedgment that Hideo Itami is injured. Paul Levesque said he would be represented on tomorrow's show, but the indication was he wouldn't wrestle. Sami Zayn has been medically cleared and will perform in the main event against NXT Champion Kevin Owens in the main event.