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WWE NXT results: Asuka vs Emma; Finn Balor battles Rich Swann

Emma vs. Asuka
  • The Big News: Asuka submitted Emma in a really good main event, a rematch of their really good match at Takeover: London.
  • The Medium News: Samoa Joe destroyed Bull Dempsey a week before their Loser Goes To WrestleCon Match on NXT.
  • The Little Beaver Sized News: Apollo Crews finally has a new storyline, even though it's with Elias Sampson

It's my last NXT before WrestleMania. Someone will be filling in for me next week and I will be back on April 6, a little depressed that it's all over. On a positive note I got my Bayley shirt, so at Takeover look for the fat guy in the bright purple shirt and it's probably me.

Johnny Gargano pinned Elias Sampson

The Drifter is back, as is Johnny Gargano. The crowd was completely dead for Sampson and came alive for the entrance of Gargano. Tom Phillips talked about how Sampson is undefeated. I guess we should ignore all those losses he had for years before he became a drifter.

Gargano was making his comeback and went for a Slingshot Maneuver, but Sampson caught him with a knee to the face. The finish saw Sampson go for a wacky move, but he got rolled up and pinned! Gargano beats Sampson!

Sampson was not happy with losing, so he attacked Gargano after the match, giving him his neck breaker and beating on him outside the ring. Sampson shoved him back-first into the ring post and seemed poised to do more damage, but Apollo Crews ran out for the save! At least Crews now has something to do.

NXT Champion Finn Balor defeated Rich Swann

The fans sang “All Night Long” for Swann. Finn has really started feeling like Neville did his last 6 months in NXT. He has the feeling like he has had his run and it's time to move on.

Swann got to look good. At one point Balor climbed to the middle rope for a WhatAManeuver and Swann, standing on the mat, lept up and snapped off a hurricarana, but this was a showcase for the champion. Balor won with the Coup de Grace and the Bloody Sunday DDT.

- Alex was with Emma and Dana Brooke who did a promo backstage about Emma's match with Asuka tonight. They seemed to tease tension as both talked about being injured by Asuka, but who was injured the longest and worst. Dana said she should be beating Asuka tonight, but Emma “will do the job”.

- They showed a video package with Shinsuke Nakamura meeting Triple H and Vince McMahon before arriving in Orlando at the Performance Center.

Alexa Bliss pinned Sara Dobson

It's been a while since Alexa has had a match here on NXT. The last one I remember was the horrible match with Cameron in January. Sara wrestles elsewhere as Crazy Mary Dobson. Bliss has been with Blake and Murphy for almost a year now, but it doesn't seem any of them have done anything of note since August.

Dobson did the Ric Flair flip over the top rope and came off with a flying body press, but due to poor positioning by Alexa, Dobson smashed her knees in Alexa's face. Blake and Murphy ran interference and Bliss won with the Sparkle Splash.

- Alex was now with Samoa Joe, who is facing Finn Balor in 9 days for the NXT Championship. Alex started to ask Joe a question, but Joe just walked away.

- Bull Dempsey came out for his second attempt at a Loser Leaves Town Match and instead he was jumped in the aisle by Samoa Joe! Joe choked him out, then got in the ring to destroy Bull's scheduled opponent Danny Birch.

Joe screamed into the camera that he is coming for Finn Balor and will take his championship.

- We got an in depth video package on American Alpha, which is literally the first time they gave Jason Jordan the chance to get over his background after being on NXT for 3 or 4 years.

They each talked about their successes and failures in amateur wrestling, specifically Gable talking about going to the 2012 Olympics and losing. This was excellent and those boys better win the straps.

- They did a video feature and kept saying “No Way Jose” over and over again.

- Next week: Apollo Crews vs Alex Riley and Samoa Joe vs Bull Dempsey in a Loser Goes To WrestleCon Match.

Asuka vs. Emma

Asuka submitted Emma

These two sports entertained at Takeover: London and stole the show that night. To be fair they don't have a very high bar to jump over the steal the show tonight.

Emma took another beating from the #1 Contender, which she is very good at. I don't know what it is about Emma, but she takes an Asuka beating better than anyone else. Asuka used a submission hold for every joint and limb. Kneebars, leglocks, hammerlocks, ankle locks, armbars and that was all during the shine.

Asuka and Emma threw their bodies into each other as this became a very good match. A series that started with an Asuka hip attack saw Emma knock Asuka down and shove her into the ropes with Asuka springing back with another hip attack. Asuka turned a standing Ankle Lock into a German Suplex and won with the Asuka Lock.

That does it for this week and that does it for me until I am back from Dallas. Next week is the go home show to TakeOver and until then remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!