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WWE NXT results: Bayley defends against Carmella; Alexa Bliss vs. Cameron

Bayley vs. Carmella

I want to start this week by wishing the best of luck to Daniel Bryan. It is not going to be the same knowing that I will never have the pleasure of watching you wrestle again, but I can't help but wish you all best in the future.

We are not live from Full Sail University, but instead from the University of Central Florida!

Baron Corbin pinned Johnny Gargano

The nicest thing I can say about Baron always is that I love his entrance. Johnny Gargano is back and it's always amazing to remember watching Gargano in Pro Wrestling Ohio almost 8 years ago, which used to air on Sports Time Ohio.

This was a really good big man-little man match. Baron has improved leaps and bounds, while Gargano is great. Baron wore down Gargano with a Cobra Clutch of sorts. Gargano made his comeback and hit a suicide dive, but it was a reverse suicide dive, where Corbin was in the ring, Gargano was on the apron and he dove through the ropes at Baron. Gargano got a near fall after a superkick, but Corbin picked up another win with End of Days.

- Sami Zayn was interviewed by Alex about his match with Samoa Joe next week. Sami was disappointed that Mr. Regal didn't name him the #1 contender after winning the triple threat match, but he plans on beating Joe next week. He also mentioned that this is the first ever one on one match between him and Joe.

- The EVIL Vaudevillians promo aired again.

Hype Bros defeated Corey Hollis and John Skylar

The obnoxious Corey Graves' least favorite tag team is back this week. Their foes are wearing matching gear, but finding out their names wasn't important for the first three minutes of the match. Hollis and Skylar got just enough offense so Ryder could make a hot tag. Rawley used the Pounce, which I don't recall him using in a while. Ryder used the Broski Boot and they pinned Hollis with the Hype Ryder.

- Alex interviewed Bayley and Carmella about their upcoming match with each other. If Bayley wasn't such an amazing babyface, I would think this was setting up a heel turn of some sort. Carmella said this is the biggest match of her career. They both expect to still be besties after the match.

Alexa Bliss (w/Blake & Murphy) pinned Cameron

Cameron is back for a heel vs. heel match. I was thinking Cameron may have secretly turned face, but she was calling the audience losers. A few weeks ago Alexa eliminated Cameron from the women's battle royal, so she wants revenge. This match would have been adequate way back when when NXT women's matches were a step down from WWE women's matches, but this match stuck out like a sore thumb -- just a horrible match featuring an unprepared woman who had no place in the ring. Alexa won with the Sparkle Splash.

- Enzo and Big Cass cut a promo on Dash & Dawson. American Alpha walked in and said they will be the 2016 NXT Tag Team of the Year. This was a weird promo because they were all looking off camera and weren't even looking at each other.

Elias Sampson pinned Jesse Sorensen

Sampson must be a babyface since Graves flipped out on him. Regardless of his affiliation, he still is not getting over. Some of the fans got a “Drift Away” chant going, but that was the only reaction. I am not sure if this gimmick is better or worse than when Sorensen used to carry a football to the ring in TNA as his gimmick. Sampson shushed the quiet crowd before winning with a running neckbreaker.

- Apollo Crews does not regret asking for a rematch with Finn Balor, even though it didn't turn out the best for him. He's not going to waste his time talking about what he's going to do, but promised a new Apollo Crews.

Carmella vs. Bayley

NXT Women's Champion Bayley pinned Carmella

Can Carmella go from hairdresser to champion? Am I the only one who remembers that angle? I know the answer is yes. Bayley had the entire arena clapping and chanting for her. By “the entire arena", I am also including Carmella who clapped for Bayley's entrance.

Bayley had control for the first three or four minutes, but Carmella took over during the commercial break. However, that did not last long. Bayley was on a roll until she went to the middle rope, but Carmella shoved her outside the ring, making her crash on the pretty black mats. Carmella hit two suicide dives, but that only got her a 2 count. The finish saw Carmella use a rollup, but Bayley rolled through and pinned Carmella!

The girls hugged after the match and they remain friends. As Carmella was walking away, she was attacked by Eva Marie and Nia Jax! Bayley ran in for the save, but she was laid out too. The evil girls dragged Carmella into the ring and laid her out. Asuka marched in for the save. Eva immediately hid behind Nia. Asuka stared down Nia and Eva until they left. After they left, Asuka turned and smiled at Bayley while the fans chanted “Yes!”.

- That's not all! We go backstage to Samoa Joe, who has a message for Sami Zayn. Joe reminded us that he saved Zayn's career last May at TakeOver. He vowed to be the next NXT Champion and plans on going through Sami Zayn.

That does it for this week. We have Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn to look forward to in 7 days and until then, make sure to say your vitamins and take your prayers!